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BoobyDutyAgainJen January 16th, 2012 12:00 AM

The Natural Water Birth of Mallory Abigail
I really wanted to write this RIGHT after the birth because it all went so fast. I am sorry it is sooooo long, but I do this more for myself than anyone else. ;) I like the details!

Early labor started several days before Christmas. I was certain many times that we were going to be making the 40 minute drive to the birth center in those weeks. However, always, as soon as I was ready to get us going the contractions would stall out. Christmas passed, then New Years, and then Baby Peach’s due date. All the while I had nearly daily LONG bouts of regular contractions making me constantly say this can’t go on much longer; she MUST be coming soon.

The morning of January 7th my son Owen and I made the eviction notice cake. I had made one for Owen when he was overdue…it was a way to feel proactive; like I was encouraging her that Momma wanted to see her. :smile: I enjoyed making and decorating it with Owen while big sister Leila was in preschool. I continued the day buzzing around, contractions continuing as per usual, and pulled together many of the last minute things I needed in order to be ready to go. Of course, by the evening things were changing. The contractions were drastically stronger…I really had to concentrate through them. I decided to go to Kohl’s to try to walk a bit and just enjoy myself while enduring the contractions. Of course, Kohl’s was closed so I had to make due with Walmart. I walked and contracted regularly, every 5 minutes throughout the store. I walked for nearly two hours just browsing, buying the kids some goodies for their “presents” for being such great big siblings, and contracting like crazy. I would put a foot up on the bar of the cart and sort of rock side to side into the contractions…it helped a lot! Also, walking through the contractions seemed to make them feel effective for me.

Eventually, Walmart closed on me so I had to head home. Once there I made Ryan aware that the contractions were still strong and telling me something was brewing. No need to rush off to the birth center right then, but we NEEDED to have everything ready to go in case it happened during the night. However, we kind of bickered…he was tired and grumpy and I was the intense Mama about to burst. We bitterly pulled things together and he went on to bed and I stayed up contracting. At about 2-3 AM I ended up taking a bath, which the contractions stayed steady at about every 4-5 mins and STRONG throughout the bath. I decided I needed to get to bed to see if I could rest through them. If I could then we didn’t need to get going, if I couldn’t we did. I couldn’t but I still was not ready to pull the plug. I knew Ryan was grumpy and overtired and did not feel like we should rush off. Of course, as soon as I came on here and “announced” labor it died down. I was really upset!

I went on back to bed and ended up getting to sleep in on the morning of the 8th. It wasn’t much, but assuredly helped. I woke to another full day of contractions, strong same as the day before. I bounced on my ball, squatted, got on my hands and knees and basically did EVERYTHING I could to keep things going. I had Ryan read some sections on being a good partner in birth and discussed with him about not attending the birth if he didn’t feel up to supporting. I finalized plans for kids if it were to happen that evening. Overall, I was making sure everything was in line.

I was really emotional that day, very testy, grumpy, etc. I gave myself space and went into the bedroom. I locked myself in there with my ball, the books Adventures in Natural Childbirth and Birth from Within, and plenty of drinks and tissues. I ended up laying down for a nap around 5-5:30 PM. I slept until around 7:30 when I was awoke by a STRONG contraction. I laid there playing on my phone and timed a couple. Sure enough they were progressing and seemingly FAST. I KNEW it was the real deal. I called my mom, who had been on standby for weeks, let Ryan know, and anyone else who needed alerted. I didn’t want to go wild, fearing that it would cause them to stop, but wanted to get the word out.

In any case, I ate some bites of my dinner(a steak tip salad from a local pizza place) and enjoyed what I wanted to eat of it. I called the midwife and was told to get there asap by the sound of where things were. I was contracting every 3-4 mins at this point but was beginning to vocalize. I decided I did too want a quick shower and ran up, instructing Ryan to pack the baby bag, my bag, Leila’s bag, and his bag, as well as our food for the birth center bag all into the car. I told him to get the car running and get Leila buckled in. At this point I am fuzzy on what time it was, but if I had to guess I would say 9-9:30. Once showered and dressed, I said goodbye to Owen, who was staying with Ryan’s mom. We ran over to my sister’s to pick up her camera and ran to pick up my Momma. She took FOREVER coming out and I seriously was going to lose it!! The contractions were so strong at this point and being stuck in a small, confined place was KILLING me. In her defense I had called on the ride over asking for some plastic bags and tums because I was worried I was going to puke up the food I had just ate.

We FINALLY got on the road around 9:40 PM to make the 40 minute drive to the birth center. At this point I was getting really concerned about making it. I was contracting about every 3 mins, with them lasting a LONG time. I wasn’t feeling in control of the pain at all!!! Usually, I am very good at visualizing in childbirth and taking myself to that calm place. I did not feel like that at all and in fact was trying to keep myself from thinking those “open, peaceful, secure” thoughts that normally help me relax and thus not be in pain. I think I KNEW that if I did that we would have a baby in the car! When we got close to the birth center I found myself kind of relaxing and even at one point felt a sudden drop. This was going FAST!!!

We got to the birth center with me losing it on more than one occasion at Ryan, all the while texting family and friends to alert the masses and getting on Facebook. When we got there I could barely get out of the car because she felt so low. I booked it into the birth center, contracting several times in the very short distance to the door. They were one on top of the other now that I was walking. I got a lecture from the midwife on duty :blush:(Karen who I had seen a couple of times this pregnancy but never with Owen) lol for taking a shower. When she checked me I was at a 9 with a bulging bag of water! No wonder I was so miserable!!! She hooked me up for their mandatory 20 minute monitoring and had me stand up. I had asked her to fill the tub when we got there because I KNEW this wasn’t going to be long before she even checked me. As the midwife Karen got the monitoring done, she ran about the room pulling everything together and calling the other midwife. I got in the tub as soon as she had the temp right and felt an immediate sense of relief. I had begun the involuntary pushing while standing getting monitored but at this point I realllllly felt the urge. I felt like it was all going TOOOOO fast though! I had really hoped to enjoy this last labor lol. Little Peach had other ideas!

I pushed one good push, which was more involuntary than anything since I was still not behind the idea of having her so quickly. With that push the bag of water came bulging out, which I reached down and felt(unreal crazy feeling to feel your little one’s “house” while still inside you yet outside you!). I was experiencing the “ring of fire” and felt very out of control. I insisted the midwife break the water, which I wish she or my mom had talked me out of. I just felt like IT was causing the pain and that I still had sooooo much longer to go before she was born. Little did I know, but she was RIGHT there. As soon as the midwife broke the water I pushed and Little Peach came BARRELING into the world! 11:05 PM with one of her Aunts missing the birth while walking in from the parking lot and the backup midwife (Eva) being one step behind her!

She was born naturally, in the same birthing tub her brother had been born in 2 and a half years before. She did have light meconium in her water so the midwives were concerned with that. We got out of the tub to deliver the placenta and get cleaned up some. Apparently, when delivering the placenta an issue arose. Apparently the cord pulled off of the placenta while it was still inside me, but the midwife was able to just grab ahold of it. I was instructed to push with all my might to get it out and it was delivered. Later the midwives discussed with me that her cord was a velamentous insertion, which means that it went through the membranes before travelling into the placenta margins. It has been known to lead to fetal death in utero before or during delivery when the cord falls off the placenta. Very scary to me but I am not allowing myself to go there right now.

I began hemorrhaging which apparently was far more severe than I was aware of at the time. I was given cytotec to stop the hemorrhage, which this time I was conferred with on the decision (with Owen I was just given it and it pissed me off!). I received a couple of stitches where I tore along the line of my previous tears/episiotomies, which were repaired once the bleeding was under control. I nursed my little Peach and reveled in her.
When it was time to weigh and measure her I was floored!!! I thought she looked soooo tiny!! One of my favorite midwives, Eva, weighed her and was laughing at all of us thinking she was tiny. She said there was no way this was an under 10 pound baby and we did not believe her! Sure enough, my little Peach weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds 10 ounces and is 21 inches long!!

All in all, we are doing great! She finally was named on day 3 of life. Her name is Mallory Abigail D-----. She is a joy of a baby so far! She is a CHAMPION nurser with an unbelievably strong and good latch. She is the kind of baby that EVERY first time mom should get blessed with for breastfeeding!

In any case, after my little book! Final stats:
Mallory Abigail D. born January 8th, 2012 weighing 10 pounds 10 ounces and 21 inches long at 11:05 PM. Actual labor from start to finish would be under 3 ˝ hours, but I will forever consider this labor to be a 3 week long process!

PICS to come tomorrow...my dear Mallory is awake!
Finally updating with pics!
Final belly shot...mid contraction!
On monitors, leaned over bed to get through the contractions
Leila...sooooooo excited!!
In tub...finally!! Leila and her dino helping!
INTENSE labor!!

The next couple are of the actual birth...blood and "gross" stuff included. No shots that photobucket would get rid of though.

And she is out!!! No joke...that fast!

Out of the water and Baby Peach and I getting checked out.
Mallory...aka Peach!
10 pounds 10 ounces!!!
21 inches...Leila helped:wub:
Leila sooooooo proud!
First cloth diaper:wub:
With Daddy
Going home outfit...12 hours after birth
Ready to go!!

HopeTea January 21st, 2012 08:04 PM

Re: The Natural Water Birth of Mallory Abigail
Congratulations! Sounds like an intense experience, but I'm glad everything went well! I love your idea of an eviction notice cake! :D

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