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Twhylite21 May 11th, 2012 09:53 AM

Grant Joseph's birth story (very long!)
Grant Joseph
Birthday: 5/9/2012 at 7pm (Pacific)
Stats: 9 pounds, 12 ounces
21 inches long
14.5 inch head circumference

I had been having contractions on/off for a few weeks, but nothing too major. Around 12:30pm on 5/9, I decided to lie down for a bit since I had been having a lot of early labor contractions and they were finally fading away Around 2:30pm, I woke up with a very strong contraction and four minutes later had another one. I jumped in the shower and they started coming every 1 to 3 minutes, with each lasting for well over a minute. DH started getting super anxious since my previous labors were somewhat short, so we made the decision to go to L&D right then.

We arrived at the hospital right around 3pm. The admitting nurse took one look at me breathing through a contraction and told the staff to get a room ready. They checked me quickly and I was at 6 centimeters, 100% effaced and -1 station. At about 5pm, I started to feel a ton of pressure with each contraction and I started focusing on really breathing through them and visualizing Grant moving down. Right around this time, my water broke and it was tinted with meconium. The CNM on duty came in and we discussed 2 issues.

The first issue was the meconium. It wasn't a lot, but it was enough where she wanted a pediatrician in the room when I delivered and she went over how I may not be able to hold Grant for long if he was having issues, etc.

The second issue was that I had a growth scan done at 37w4d (exactly 2 weeks before labor started) due to my fundal height being over 4cm higher than EDD. The scan estimated Grant to be 10lbs, 2oz at that point and everyone was concerned about the possibility of him getting stuck (either due to head size or shoulder issue). So, the decision was made that the CNM, a family physician that did deliveries, a pediatrician and 3-4 nurses would all be in the room when I delivered, just in case.

We finished talking and I kept telling everyone that I was still having a ton of pressure. I had the CNM check me and I was at 9cm. This was at about 630pm. This is where I started to get anxious. I had definitely hit transition and I was jittery/shaky and started to panic a bit. I kept flashing back on my daughter, Violet's, birth and how she got stuck and I pushed for 3 hours before getting her out. I heard the CNM asking DH questions about Vi's birth and I remember really trying to fight any urge to push right then and just focus on breathing Grant down. I did not want to push with cervix still around, since that had been an issue with Vi getting stuck. I kept telling DH to shut up about Vi's birth because I did not want to even think about having to push for 3 hours again LOL

Then, at 6:55pm a contraction hit and I screamed I have to push NOW!!!. There were 2 nurses in the room at that point and I was on my hands and knees breathing before that. I flipped onto my left side and made my body into a C shape with each nurse grabbing a leg and pulling them a bit apart (they told me later that they grabbed on because they wanted to help open me further in case there was still cervix that he needed to get around) and pushed. I know one nurse was yelling for help (the CNM and other physicians were not in the room) and then his head and part of his left shoulder were out with that first push. His right shoulder was stuck and not coming out, and one nurse grabbed my leg and pushed my knee into my chest. I pushed again (2nd push in the same contraction) and his shoulder popped out and so did the rest of his body. That poor nurse got soaked with amniotic fluid and other stuff LOL Grant's body had sealed some water behind him, which didn't come out earlier when my water broke. The nurse was literally covered in it.

The CNM and family doc ran in right when his shoulder was stuck. The CNM didn't panic, but she said to get me on my hands/knees (easiest way usually to get shoulders unstuck), but he popped free before I had to move. The pediatrician did not make it into the room in time, but Grant started crying immediately and he looked good. I held him skin to skin while we waited for his cord to stop pulsating and then DH cut it. At this point, I started getting extremely cold and shaky and I was gushing blood. The pediatrician finally got to the room and took Grant over to the baby warmer (in the room still) and the OB came in to check me out. The OB stitched me up since I had a partial 3rd degree tear from him zooming out so quickly. It only required a handful of stitches though and it wasn't that bad. The bleeding also slowed down at this point and the nurses changed the bed sheets and my gown. Then, they covered me in warm blankets and I was good to go. Grant needed a bit of oxygen, although his Agpar score was 8 at 1 minute and 8 at 5 minutes. He has a lot of facial bruising from coming down the birth canal so quickly.

This was my 3rd NCB and the most intense one yet. I was super anxious right before feeling the urge to push, and I never had the anxiety in previous labors. I think the combination of nerves over his size coupled with lingering fears from Vi's birth just made me panic a bit. Labor was just over 4 hours from first true contraction to delivery.

daneeleigh June 6th, 2012 01:22 PM

Re: Grant Joseph's birth story (very long!)
Wow, I remember your other birth stories and how intense they were. This one was more? Way to go momma! Congratulations on your boy and your experience.

Carwen*Angel July 15th, 2012 11:11 AM

Re: Grant Joseph's birth story (very long!)
Congrats, it sounds like you did so well!

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