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Husher December 7th, 2008 07:36 AM

If you could have the perfect birth, what would it be like? If everything goes exactly as you have planned it, how will it be? How do you envision it?

If the birth of this baby were to go exactly as I hope it will be like this: I will go into labor at home in the morning. I will wake up with contractions and know that this is going to be the day. I will labor at home for a long time and go in once the contractions are becoming difficult to handle. Then we will go to the birth center and I will labor in water and have a quick, easy delivery in the water with no tears. I would ecstatic if it were even anything close to this!

DoulaMama December 7th, 2008 09:35 AM

If I could have the perfect birth it would be very spiritual and calming. I would prefer to sleep well the night before labor, and start labor a little bit soffened and opened. I would have already had losso f MP/bloddy show, and labor would start gradually. I would like to work with my contractions, embracing them and moving freely, not working against them. I want my Doula nad Husband there, and my midwife. I want few checks- maybe I'll check myself- but only if my water is unbroken. I want to labor outside and give birth in the sun in my backyard. I want to eat freely and laugh a lot. I want lots of photos and maybe video. I may want a friend or some family- not sure. I want to catch the baby myself- or maybe have rob catch. I want a pool/tub if possible- but I'm not sure I want it. I would like to keep my perinium intact.

LadyLuck December 7th, 2008 10:07 AM

My contractions would start in the morning - slow and steady. I'd handle my contractions w/ ease and labor at home for as long as possible w/ my doula. We'd go to this hospital when the contractions start getting very close together. I'd get there, find out I was already atleast 7cm. Labor in the water, push w/ no real pain, and then my baby boy would be born. I'd catch him and bring him to my chest. All in all the labor would be manageable and not last very long. I'd handle everything w/ ease and meet my beautiful baby boy in the tub!

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