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Husher December 9th, 2008 05:55 AM

When you had your baby(ies) how did you go into labor? Did your water break first or did you have gradual contractions? Were you induced?

With Bryson I was leaking water and had a little bloody show but by the time I got to my OB's office to be checked I was no longer leaking. They could tell I had been though so they told me my water was broken and to go to the hospital. I waited there until 12 hours had passed since the leaking started then agreed to pitocin. About three hours later I had intense contractions that didn't stop until he was born.

sillyp December 9th, 2008 06:14 AM

With 1st DS I was induced and it was a terrible, long process. They had me check in Wednesday evening and did Cervidil overnight. Thursday morning they started me on pitocin and slowly bumped it up all day long. My cervix didn't make much progress that day even after a day full of horrible contractions. So Thurs night they did cervidil again. Friday morning it was right back on pitocin and I was finally making progress and dilating. My contractions were just terrible for the 2nd day on pitocin and I got an epidural at 3 cm. Then I stopped I dilating but was till on th pitocin all Fri. Fri afternoon they broke my water and I made a little more progress with dilating but I was so worn out and my contractions were still just taking so much out of me because I had a crappy epidural. They tried to redo they epi and my entire body up to my neck went numb at this point. I was freaking out! My OB wanted to schedule me for c section and said it would be done when she got back from dinner. Luckily right after she left I fully dilated to 10 cm and DS head was crowning and I was able to have a vaginal delivery, but this was just a horrible 2 days for me.

With 2nd, DD, I was almost 2 full week overdue! I was walking everyday in the freezing cold January Wisconsin weather and trying everything else I could to help my body. It was a Friday afternoon and I was vacuuming the living room when my water broke. I was SO EXCITED! :lol: I went to the hospital at about 4 pm and was able to walk and use a birth ball and sit in a glider for a while while working through contractions. Finally at about midnight it was time, but my doctor was stuck in the dang blizzard trying to get there! He showed up just minutes after 1 am, I pushed twice and out came my precious little girl. I did it with no drugs, no epi, all natural and it was amazing! Especially in comparison with DS delivery.

I'm hoping this 3rd is as easy as my 2nd and I'm really excited about our water birth!

ETA: I was induced 12 days before my EDD with my 1st due to horrible PUPPS rash that was making me miserable and they were worried DS was going to be "too big" to deliver...he was 9 lb 3 oz.

andi2284 December 9th, 2008 06:24 AM

With Abigail, I had 2 contractions, while I was laying in bed. I wasn't sure if they were BH or not, but then I felt a pop and I knew it was my water breaking. After soaking the floor between my bed and the bathroom, there was no doubt that was it! It took 20-30 minutes to start getting regular contractions, but by the time I was in the car on the way to the hospital, the were 4-5 minutes apart and my labor progressed easily from there. Abigail was born 8 hours after my first contraction, let's hope this one is just as easy!

New_England_Girl December 9th, 2008 07:06 AM

I was 37 weeks 3 days pregnant. Just after dinner all of a sudden my water broke. We went to the hospital (I was GBS positive, so they wanted to give me penicillin while I labored). After 17 hours of back labor including 3 hours of pushing (owie!) Cassidy was born perfectly healthy and hungry.

kellyanne December 9th, 2008 09:39 AM

I was the same as Cindy, my water started leaking slowly. It took the docs hours to even figure out that it was leaking and I walked and walked trying to get labor to start. 16 hours later it still hadn't started so I was induced with pitocin (because of concern about infection). Even at full strength, the pitocin seemed like it was doing nothing but it did move me enough that doc could break my water all the way. From that point the intensity of contractions increased. I had about 5 hours of "mild" labor (not too painful, but I could certainly feel them), followed by 6 hours of very intense labor. She was born after 4 pushes.

Kelllilee December 9th, 2008 09:40 AM

Courtney I had obvious labor contractions on my way to bed one night. there was NO mistaking it. Water never broke with her until it was manually broken at 10cm to put an internal monitor on. My midwife said she would have been born in the caul had they not had to do that.

Nola was a little more complicated. I'm 90% positive my water broke Monday morning, but it was just a constant mini trickle, not a big gush. Went in Monday night to be checked and midwife could still feel the bag over her head (so I think it must have broken off to the side or something). She did the exam before thinking of doing the strip test, and it was too late at that point cause of the gel used for exams.

Continued to trickle all of the rest of Monday and Tuesday (had to wear a pad or keep a towel between my legs). 1am Wednesday morning labor finally started, though I didn't think it was labor until close to 4, I thought I was just constipated cause it felt like those kind of cramps. I will say I'm very grateful I wasn't planning a hospital birth, cause if they'd determined my water had broken and labor didn't start for almost 48 hours, I for SURE would have had pitocin or something.

The Purple Butterfly December 9th, 2008 09:45 AM

With DD I woke up at 8am with contrax. I had an OB appt that morning at 10, but I called them and said come right in. He checked me and I was 3cm with 75% effaced so they admitted me. After a few hours they didn't think I was contracting regular enough and put me on pit. :rolleyes: With DS, I woke up at 6am (apparently my labors start in the am :lol: ) and my water broke, big gush. I don't imagine I'll need to be induced to start labor this time. :blush:

moon~maiden December 9th, 2008 12:39 PM

I had had some early labor signs a few days earlier that stopped. When things picked up again it was pretty intense right from the start. Started around 7pm. Water broke at 1am and contractions went from 7 minutes apart to 3. After my water broke I couldn't even breathe through the contractions.

Katty85 December 9th, 2008 01:31 PM

with Ethan I went into the hospital twice thinking I was in labor only to be told I was having BH's and be sent back home. When I went into labor properly all I felt was back pain, I didn't know about back labor so I had no idea I was in labor. After 2 days of this back pain and not being able to sleep my mom got mad and told me to go into the hospital, I realy didn't want to cause I had already been in there twice and sent back home, but when I got in there they checked me and I was 7 cm dilated, I was realy supprised and had Ethan 9 hours later.

With Maddy I went into labor, stayed in the hospital over night only to slip out of labor during the night and go home the next day, this happened twice. The third time they kept me in cause I was at 4 cm and they were going to break my water to put me into labor. Madison was postirior and that is why they said that I was slipping in and out of labor. so they broke my water and I had her about 3 hours later.

LadyLuck December 9th, 2008 05:58 PM

My contractions started at 9am, slow and steady, labored at home til 3pm, got to the birth center and I was 6cm, got in the tub, labored some more, the midwife broke my water at 9cm and said it was the strongest bag of water she'd ever broken!! LOL! I pushed for a good 3 hours before Irelyn was born at 9pm, so my labor was 12 hours total.

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