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sjking August 5th, 2011 06:42 PM

Newbie here! TTC & Want a Home Water Birth -- I have ?'s

Hello fellow natural birthers!

I am 32 and TTC. My husband is almost 44 and has a 20 yr old son. We got married 1/1/11 and haven't prevented pregnancy so far. We said we officially started trying in June because I began charting my BBT. A test by my Dr in week 3 of my June cycle showed I have very low Progesterone levels -- so he assumed I didn't ovulate. We don't know if I never ov, sometimes ov or just not that month. So right away he offered me Clomid. I didn't feel ready to start medical intervention, so my hubby and I looked into natural and herbal supplements. I am taking Femtrol now to regulate my ovaries. It seems like last month I ovulated!! YAY! That's the start. So that's my story so far...

I am pro pro pro natural childbirth. This is what God created our bodies to do! And I'm tired of people thinking that giving birth is a medical emergency. I loved watching "The Business of Being Born" & "Pregnant In America". Both were very informative.

My husband is an EMT on the side, so he's got one foot in the medical world and the other foot in the real world. I have him pretty convinced that I will be ok to deliver at home -- preferably in a tub/pool. I am wondering... for those of you that have given birth at home, did you pay for your midwife yourself, or did your insurance company pay for it? What are some of the insurance hang ups you're running into? What should I ask them??

And for those who gave birth naturally in a hospital... how did you say or ask your doctor that helped convince them that natural childbirth was ok? How did you avoid and put off getting drugs in an environment that is so quick to stick you??

Thanks for welcoming me and answering some of my questions. I love researching things, so any info you have about your own experiences will be very greatly appreciated! :ttc1yc:

Kelllilee August 5th, 2011 08:28 PM

Re: Newbie here! TTC & Want a Home Water Birth -- I have ?'s
I've done all different ways. My first was in the hospital, second in a freestanding birth center, and third at home. All with midwives (different ones each time) and all completely intervention free other than late stage ARM with my first. The last 2 were waterbirths.

With my hospital birth I had a midwife so she was already pro natural. I did "have" to be on the monitors a few times during the 5 hours of my labor that was in the hospital, but I only remember 3 times of about 10-15 minutes on the monitors. Other than that my midwife essentially locked us all in the bathroom and I sat in the jacuzzi tub throughout most of it. I did have to get out to deliver

My home birth I did have to pay out of pocket (about $1500). There were other midwives in the area I could have chosen that insurance would have covered, but I was more comfortable with the one I went with. Some insurances will cover part or all of a homebirth, some will reimburse a portion after the fact, some you can convince and some are steadfastly against paying anything for an out of hospital birth.

All three of my birth stories are posted in the subforum if you want to read them

I am curious why you chose Femtrol over others. I have lots of reproductive issues and I'm always looking for ideas ;)

ashj_1218 August 5th, 2011 10:05 PM

Re: Newbie here! TTC & Want a Home Water Birth -- I have ?'s
Hi and welcome. Hopefully you will be outta the TTC mode and into "prep for baby" mode quickly :P

I have nothing to say about a home birth because we have not yet been lucky enough to have one. It is *possible* that we will go that route with our third child, if all goes according to plan with this second baby. I have a medical issue that we need to monitor and check how things go this time around. I do know that our insurance will cover a midwife and home birth as long as we have the plan that allows us to go out of state. Right now we are limited to in-state providers and we don't have any local in-state midwives who attend home births. But there is one out of the next state, only about an hour from here. So we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

But I did have a natural hospital childbirth and amazingly, I found I did not have to "fight" at all. I chose a midwife as my primary provider and she is associated with a local hospital (although not the closest one). That hospital has a much lower c-section rate and better rates of natural births. They have labor tubs and access to lactation consultants. That told me they were more likely to be birthing-friendly. Frankly, I never really planned a natural childbirth so that is why I said my hospital was really supportive of it. They never once offered me medication or acted like my birthing experience was out of the ordinary. I think having midwives on staff is a huge boon to any hospital because they do see the normalization of birth. And don't interfere a whole lot. So start doing your research and see which local hospitals might be more friendly toward it. This time around, we hired a doula so she is going to be my advocate and cheerleader for natural childbirth in a hospital setting. Due the medical issues, I know I will need to be more monitored (I have both a midwife and a high-risk OB attending my case). So I know I wil need her to remind me what is normal and what might be something we need more medical expertise for. There are so many fabulous books you can read about NCB and advocating for yourself too. Check out the reading list stickied at the top of the page. I think I read most of what was on there ;)

Angel.Eyes4351 August 8th, 2011 07:10 AM

Re: Newbie here! TTC & Want a Home Water Birth -- I have ?'s
Hi there! I haven't had a home birth... YET. But I've been researching it like mad for whenever we get pregnant again. I spoke with a midwife in TN (I live in AL where it's illegal for a midwife to attend an out of hospital birth) and she said it was important to find out what your insurance policy states about home birth. She said there are 3 scenarios.
1. Home birth is covered. In that case I would get an "in for out" exemption because there are no providers in my area to provide this service.
2. Home birth is NOT covered. This means your policy has wording that specifically states that home birth is not covered. She said that this would mean that they would only cover prenatal and postnatal costs and that a lot of time with out of network copays and deductibles it's just best to pay her out of pocket...
3. There is no specific wording about home birth. If you call and they say home birth is not covered, you need to ask for written documentation stating such in your. Policy. She said a lot of times they will put you on hold and get a supervisor... But that if there is no wording against home birth that they have to cover it (she said something about TN state law mandates this, so I don't know if that would be everywhere) but it would be covered as out of network. And you have to find out what exactly your oon deductible and copays are.

Whew... Hope that helped!

BobbityBoo August 8th, 2011 09:15 AM

Re: Newbie here! TTC & Want a Home Water Birth -- I have ?'s
Hi! :waves: Welcome! I think the ladies above gave some great advice already. I just had my first home birth last year and am planning another one with this baby! I have also had two natural births in the hospital. One I was young but I knew I was going to have to fight for it. My OB just kind of chuckled under HER (yes a woman and who was also pregnant with her third child!!) breath at my mention of a birth plan and natural birth. Whatever! I stayed home until it was almost too late. My DD could have EASILY been born at home in my bath tub.

My second hospital birth was easy! My OB was so crunchy it was kind of funny. Her first name is Cedar. I mean really! hehe She had flowy long gray hair and wore those leather sandals with her scrubs. (I totally forget the name of them, they were really popular in the 90's with puffy scrunchy socks. They were slip ons. Oh!!! Berkenstocks!!! Yes!) Anyway, point being... if you want to be in the hospital or you have to be for insurance/money reasons... just choose the right provider. It doesn't have to be a fight!

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