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Dhartanya January 9th, 2013 12:29 AM

What started your journey
On Natural childbirth?

Was it a bad experience?
Just a feeling?

daneeleigh January 9th, 2013 05:18 AM

Re: What started your journey
For me it was just a feeling that I knew it was the right thing to do. I wanted the experience of natural childbirth and I had no clue I was going to become addicted. I actually said that I wanted to have one natural childbirth just to have the experience and then I'd have an epidural with all my other ones :p. This was before I started doing all of my research into pit and csection rates.

Once I became pregnant I knew my doctors weren't taking care of me and I my experience was lacking. I figured if my care sucked now how would labor and delivery be? Plus my cousin had delivered at the same hospital and I was with her for her birth. She had planned a natural labor and they threw her birth plan out the window so I knew already I was fighting an up hill battle but I still really wasn't committed. I went to my 24 week apt with a list of questions I had because I knew I would need to fire them off quickly at my doctor to get them answered. I never made it to my third one she rushed in and out so fast. I was done. I wasn't so much sold on the natural route at that point as I was the care the midwives give. Once I went to the birth center though I was never going anywhere else.

GranolaMamaOf3 January 9th, 2013 08:51 AM

Re: What started your journey
My mom had natural births and spoke very openly and positively about birth. Natural birth was/is a passion of hers, and she instilled in each of my sisters and me a trust in ourselves and the birthing process. So I guess I've just always known I wanted natural births. It just seemed...normal! :)

jhmomofmany January 9th, 2013 09:00 AM

Re: What started your journey
For me it was my experiences with giving birth. My first four were hospital births. Only one (the third) was actually an outright horrible experience, the others were just vaguely disappointing somehow. I know many women manage to have natural births in the hospital, but I never did. The fourth time I was very well informed, well prepared, no complications, and I had an OB that (I thought) was 100% supportive of our wishes. I still ended up having my water broken artificially, confined to bed, cathed because I wasn't "allowed" to get up to the bathroom, constant fetal monitoring, pitocin, episiotomy. Yeah, he still let DH catch the baby, but that was just about the ONLY thing we had requested that he actually honored. So when I was pregnant with my 5th I finally convinced DH that homebirthing would be the way to go. :)

Kelllilee January 9th, 2013 10:05 AM

Re: What started your journey
when we were TTC #1 I was looking for someone to help us (we had been trying for over 2 years on our own). A friend recommended her midwife. Gave her a call and she helped us with getting pg. It made sense to keep her as our care provider for the pregnancy and of course, she was encouraging of NCB. She sent us to a birth class that really cemented that desire for me. I was a nervous first time mom so I chose to birth in the hospital and had a decent experience, but didn't really like it, even though I was able to have a drug-free birth. So the next was at a freestanding birth center, again, okay experience, but it felt unnecessary. So the third (and future) was born at home, which was awesome :)

ashj_1218 January 9th, 2013 12:21 PM

Re: What started your journey
I ended up having an "accidental" but wonderful NCB with my first son. I did pick a midwife on the recommendation of a friend (we don't have a lot of options where I live) and that probably helped matters. I birthed in a hospital, but was lucky enough to only be there for three hours before my son was born. Once I had that experience and knew I could have an intervention-free birth, it was what I desired for my other births.

CrunchyMommaTo2 January 9th, 2013 12:30 PM

For me it's just a personal decision as far as believing that a woman's body is designed to handle labor without interventions. I'm not one to take medications while not pregnant so I can't justify to myself numbing half of my body or being doped up. I also want to experience every pain and joy of this pregnancy in case I can never experience pregnancy again. My mom had NCB with me and while I know every pregnancy and labor is different, if she did it then I can definitely do it.

Memi January 9th, 2013 05:38 PM

With DS1 my body was doing what it needed to and the second I got to the hospital I was bombarded with unnecessary interventions that ultimately led me to a Csection and absolutely excruciating recovery. I am determined to not go through that again. Its made me an adament believer that our bodies do amazing things and most of the time if were left to do our thing our bodies can do this birth thing just perfectly fine.

KtKuKi January 9th, 2013 07:59 PM

Re: What started your journey
My mom also had all natural births and we were raised very openly about it. My mom always encouraged us to do everything naturally. I had a horrible experience in the hospital with uninformed (in my opinion) nurses and doctors, and ended up with an epidural. I know I didn't need it, but was made to feel like it was the only way to get my baby out. I'm still suffering from the epidural side affects, so this time we are doing it at home, with a midwife, and I feel so much better about it this time.

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