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cspard2 February 27th, 2013 06:45 PM

anyone had a natural vbac w/twins?
i cannot have a c section again, but now that im having two, i fear i won't be able to or ill get too fat and the uterus will stretch too much and rupture, i am due in october and ds will be 3 in november.

GranolaMamaOf3 February 28th, 2013 08:22 AM

Re: anyone had a natural vbac w/twins?
Welcome and Congratulations on your twins! So exciting! I do not personally have any experience, but I know that with the right support it can be done safely! If you haven't already, I would suggest you check into your local ICAN chapter. I'm sure they will be able to recommend the best VBAC Dr and share encouragement with you along this journey.

daneeleigh February 28th, 2013 01:48 PM

Re: anyone had a natural vbac w/twins?
I think finding the right doctor to support your wishes would be a good step as well. I've seen a diary on youtube with a person who did this and her doctor was on her side the whole way. It was truly amazing to watch.

KMH February 28th, 2013 03:35 PM

Re: anyone had a natural vbac w/twins?
(Disclaimer...I didn't go completely natural...I ended up getting a hit of something when they broke out the forceps.)

Yes you can! I delivered the twins 26 months after my c-section, and my doctor wasn't the least bit concerned about me wanting a VBAC. As mentioned, finding the right doctor/hospital to support you is huge. You'll also need a little bit of cooperation from your babies...usually Baby A has to be head down for you to be allowed to attempt a twin vaginal delivery but it depends on the doctor and hospital.

There might be certain things they ask of you since it is a twin VBAC...my doc/hospital wanted to have everything ready to go in case it turned into an emergency c-section for any reason. I had to deliver in the OR with an OR team there and ready to jump into action. I had to have the epidural catheter in place once I got to 6cm even though they didn't put any meds into it...that way if they needed to do a csection they could have me numb almost immediately. It wasn't at all the calm, serene birth I dreamed of, but it was WAY better than a csection :)

Good luck! I hope you are able to have the birth you want!

therevslady February 28th, 2013 04:59 PM

Re: anyone had a natural vbac w/twins?
On the ICAN forums for Atlanta, there is a woman who had a VBAC with triplets, but not sure if it was natural (can't remember).

It's totally possible. Join your local ICAN chapter and research all possible options!

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