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Urchin May 23rd, 2013 08:54 AM

Was your second birth easier?
When I was pregnant with my DD, I wanted to do everything naturally. Unfortunately I had a slew of complications with my kidney which required surgery. The stress caused my DD to be IUGR and I was induced at 38w4d (luckily all I needed was 2 doses of cervical gel and I went into labour on my own).

I really wanted to avoid an epi. My labour was intense and I was told I was only 3cm. I figured that I needed pain relief because if I was in that much pain then, there's no way I could stay composed to 10cm. I thought I had so much longer to go..so I got the epi.

Unfortunately, they didn't check me before putting in the epi and I didn't know I was 10cm..:/ It only took 6 hours for me to get from water breaking to 10.

Having know what I know now, and felt what actual contractions are like, I figure that the second time around, I will have more knowledge of what my body is doing.

So my question is this, did you find that once you had the experience of one labour behind you, that it made you more prepared for the second time around? I really want to be able to go completely natural with baby number two!

Heidijens1 May 23rd, 2013 12:14 PM

Re: Was your second birth easier?
The second time around was WAY easier! 1st time was 8 hours with 3 hours pushing, and an epidural that all it did was make it so I couldn't feel to push, but the contraction pain was there. Also I didn't realize my options , such as at least moving around by the bed, or at least moving around in bed. The nurse for that one was older and terrible, she made me feel like I had to lay right there and hardly move at all so the monitor wouldn't mess up.
My second birth was 2 1/2 hours total, the nurses there where great and let me move around and work though the contractions. They also have a mobile monitor at this hospital (NOT the same hospital as baby #1) that allowed me to move around , use a birth ball and even use the shower to help with the pain. I had to be monitored because I was induced both times as baby's where huge and over a week late
I have had 4 births so far and the last 3 have been so much better then my first.

One thing that really helped between me prepare after my first was to read A LOT about labor and deliver, I read several books about natural deliver, I can't remember the title of it but one was wonderful for pointing out that you CAN tell the nurses when you do or don't want something, that the hospital can try to make you follow there 'rules" but they can't actually force you to have an IV or be continuously monitored if you don't want it.

4 boys May 23rd, 2013 12:16 PM

Re: Was your second birth easier?
I think you will do very well the second time. You pretty much had a natural labor with your first, aside from the unnecessary epi. Too bad they didn't check you first because you did do it all on your own!

Generally speaking, second births are shorter and maybe somewhat easier than firsts, but I will say that being interested in doing it natural and arming yourself with the information you need in order to get the birth you want is a bigger factor.

My second was easier and shorter than my first, but I was still in "do what the doctor says" mode so I accepted some interventions that I shouldn't have (or at least could have done without). It was only after my second that I really began researching birth options and all the natural stuff. So if you are already doing that, I say you are doing a great job and will be well prepared.

daneeleigh May 23rd, 2013 01:50 PM

Re: Was your second birth easier?
I'm hoping so!!!!!!!! My biggest fear is feeling that first hard contraction and saying "nope! I don't want to do this again" lol.

keekopeeko May 23rd, 2013 01:52 PM

Re: Was your second birth easier?
Us the second time I felt MUCH more prepared for what things felt like and how I would handle myself through each stage.. And it was faster.. Sounds like your first labor was fast! Your second labor will be a natural breeze ;)

ladyluck87 May 24th, 2013 07:38 AM

Re: Was your second birth easier?
Second was WAY easier!! I totally stalled going to the hospital though. I went into labor around 11am and didn't go to the hospital til 9pm! When I got there I was already 8cm, and my little PJ was born 2 hours later. First time I had cervical gel as well because I was overdue. I also had back labor with my first, so that totally prepared me for the 2nd lol!

Remember, you can do this. Every woman can. The mental portion of this is KEY. If you can keep it together mentally and not succumb to the pain, you WILL get through it. Just whatever you do, don't tell yourself it hurts. Sounds logical, but once you tell yourself it hurts too much and you give in to the pain, it's really difficult to come back from it. Stay strong mentally and you can do it!

Kelllilee May 24th, 2013 09:38 AM

Re: Was your second birth easier?
Second was shorter, but I don't know that I would say "easier" as it was much more intense and I had a harder tie not wanting drugs. Thankfully, I had put myself in a position of not being able to get them (freestanding birth center). Had I been in the hospital I may have asked. So, in some ways it was easier and in some ways harder....

ashj_1218 May 24th, 2013 11:11 AM

Re: Was your second birth easier?
Truthfully, no. My second was harder. Labor was not nearly as wrapped in an easy package (more complications) and therefore it ended up being harder and more intense. But I was augmented with my second and I think that made a world of difference since I wasn't expecting how different it would feel. I was also augmented with my third, but was more able to prepare for how I would cope and that made it much easier.

So in some ways, I think if you are going in with lots of skills to handle the contractions and you are aware of what it might feel like, you may have an easier birth with number two. But I would certainly not count on it. For fear that getting "too confident" in it being easier will cause its own problems. KWIM?

therevslady May 24th, 2013 11:24 AM

Re: Was your second birth easier?
I've gotta be honest and say that my second was the hardest out of all four. He was also my largest, almost 9 lbs. He's the reason I will never have an epidural again. But he is also the one that I had with no pushing- he just came out. I just remember having the hardest contractions with him, and I wasn't prepared for it.

GranolaMamaOf3 May 24th, 2013 03:13 PM

Re: Was your second birth easier?
I wouldn't say my second labor was any easier, but it was a lot shorter! (12 hours from the first contraction to birth, compared to 25 with my first) So I felt a lot better afterwords! My second was a lot bigger than my first, so pushing took more concentration and hurt a little more, but it didn't take any longer and I didn't tear with my second (I did with my first).

mindyjean May 25th, 2013 08:58 PM

Re: Was your second birth easier?
Both were very hard, but mentally the 2nd one was easier because I was prepared for the pain and had more tricks up my sleeve. I also felt empowered with the 2nd because I had done it before, and I KNEW my body could do it. It was convincing the nurses and OB that no, I didn't not want any interventions or drugs that was hardest with the 2nd one!

I hope things go well with you 2nd! I bet he/she will pop right out! :)

ChicaChels May 26th, 2013 11:42 PM

Re: Was your second birth easier?
it was way more mental, my first was really physical - but they're not comparable since i was induced the first time

UrbanMomma May 27th, 2013 06:48 AM

Re: Was your second birth easier?
My second was longer, by six hours. He had shoulder dystocia (probably could have delivered him much easier if I had been allowed to move from on my back), he was also 10lb 5oz. He was a natural delivery, but he wasn't breathing when he was born and was turning blue.

The birth was awful, long, hard, scary......and in a MAJOR teaching hospital where they screwed up at every turn, including losing my chart and the doctor who was supposed to deliver me leaving minutes before I gave birth, so a random doc in the hall assisted.

They went on and on telling me how all the problems were from him being so large.

Amazingly I went on years later to have an 11lb 8oz baby AT HOME with no issues whatsoever.

That was 17 years ago, and one of the main reasons I either have homebirths now or if I must do the hospital thing I walk in at 10cm.

MyFantasticFour May 27th, 2013 08:53 AM

Yes. So far it's gotten easier with each baby for me.

Urchin May 27th, 2013 10:01 AM

Re: Was your second birth easier?
Wow! I love all of the experiences you've shared so far. It's very interesting to see how different each birth can be, even with the same woman! I'll be so much better prepared knowing this!

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