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MrsHoot June 27th, 2013 07:51 PM

Provider questions
So I'm really hoping for a natural birth, as well as a VBAC this time around. With DS, I went a week overdue, was naive enough to go in for an induction because I was already in labor and thinking I wouldn't need pitocin. I ended up stalling at a 5 for 8 hours or so and had a c section.

This time, I want a natural, vbac birth with limited interventions. I chose a different provider who said she would do VBACs, but the more questions I ask, the more I'm kind of on the fence about her? I feel like maybe its more tolerating vbacs than encouraging them. They prefer epidurals but she said she can't make me get one. She said its hospital policy to have internal monitoring of the scar when everything I've read says that external is better and less invasive.

I guess I'm extra nervous because my first birth was everything I didn't want, and this is like my do over! I'm also a totally non confrontational person who hates uncomfortable situations. But I feel like I'm going to have to fight to get what I want (like the monitoring). Is it like that with most providers?

I did find a practice that's further away that specifically says they work with their patients to create a birth plan and have a c section rate that's 10% and they welcome VBACs. Do you think it's worth looking into? I'm just afraid they'd have their own VBAC restrictions. And the hospital they use is 45 minutes away vs 5...

I'm also planning to labor at home for as long as possible, regardless of where I deliver. Not sure if that makes any difference... What would you do?

Memi June 27th, 2013 08:25 PM

I traveled an hour each way for my providers to get my natural VBAC and im soooooo glad that i did. I was in the exact situation as you. During pregnancy it was a pain but well worth all the time and effort in the end! I wanted providers who wouldnt switch bate on me when it really counted; I didnt want to bring my boxing gloves to the hospital with me; I wanted them to be my biggest cheerleaders. And I only found that with my midwife group that was an hours drive so that's what we did. Best experience and decision ever!!!!!

daneeleigh June 27th, 2013 11:12 PM

Re: Provider questions
I traveled 50 minutes to go to my birth center and it was absolutely worth it! The drive actually wasn't bad while in labor. I will say, internal monitoring looks super annoying / painful while in labor. My cousin had it and she ended up getting her epidural shortly after even though she wanted a natural birth. They only did it cause they couldn't get her belly monitors to stay right. It looked awful. I wanted nothing touching me or hooked up while in labor so that would be a big Ahhh for me.

GranolaMamaOf3 June 28th, 2013 09:57 AM

Re: Provider questions
It sounds like you have a lot of concerns with your current provider, so I would definitely recommend at least meeting with the other group and talking with them. I second the other ladies - I drive over an hour each way for a provider I'm comfortable with. I am not opposed to confrontation if need be, but as Memi said, I shouldn't have to bring my boxing gloves to be heard; That's just not how labor and birth should be! I want to be respected, not just tolerated, so it's worth it to me to travel :)

crunchywannabe June 28th, 2013 10:15 AM

Re: Provider questions
I drove over an hour for our appointments and to get to the hospital. We had very limited other options, but it was extremely important to me to be under midwifery care, and it was well worth it! Although not 100% natural, I did have a great delivery, and the use of the gas (the thing that revoked my 'natural birth card') was 110% my request, and I was never pressured into anything!

I feel strongly about being comfortable with who you deliver with. If you are seeing red flags I would suggest looking else where. If that's not an option, then consider a doula. That way you have someone in your corner!

UrbanMomma June 28th, 2013 11:19 AM

Re: Provider questions
I agree that you should definitely talk to someone else.

MrsHoot June 28th, 2013 07:37 PM

Re: Provider questions
Thanks for the insight! I do have a doula already, so I've got another body in my corner. We go on vacation for a week on Sunday, so I'll call the new practice and see if I can get a consultation to meet with them. I'm not super concerned about the hospital being far away, just the drs office mostly. I work 20ish min away from the potential new place, it's just hard being a teacher and making lots of dr appointments without having to take a half day of my limited remaining sick time. ;) May not be a big deal f I can get appts late enough!

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