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MaggieLizer August 12th, 2013 04:58 AM

I get to do it again!
I had a drug-free hospital birth with my son in July 2010. Since then I have gotten divorced and there were times I thought I would never meet the right person and have more children. Well, in April I met my amazing boyfriend and we are on track to get married and now we are pregnant as well! We are both so thrilled! I am only 4 weeks so it is still early but I am already starting to think about my birth. I am excited that I get to try for another natural birth and I'm starting to consider my options.

Last time I prepared with Hypnobabies home study and the birth itself went pretty well, but I didn't use the self-hypnosis much at all except in early labor at home. So I think I'd like to approach this one a little differently. After my son was born I found a great OB/GYN who told me she is able to practice more of a midwifery model of care, so that is good, but she's in a university practice so she may not be on call to deliver when I go in. Using a midwife isn't an option due to insurance.

I think I would like to have a doula this time (already have a friend in mind) but my BF isn't sure how he would feel about that and how it would affect his role but is open to discussing it. And I didn't have one last time so I'm not entirely sure I need one. I'm not even sure if I want to take any kind of classes. The expenses will probably be a consideration and the one think I know I definitely want to spend money on, if nothing else, is placenta encapsulation. I had such a hard time with breastfeeding and it didn't work out and I am praying this will help and help me emotionally this time.

I'm just rambling now, but any thoughts/advice on how to approach or plan for your second natural birth?

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