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AIK112018 September 2nd, 2013 08:18 AM

HI - Can I join? :D
I was posting in the Homebirth forum - but its not really that busy there.
Can I join you? I am planning on having a natural home waterbirth very shortly... and would like to be a part of a group who feels as strongly about natural childbirth as i do.

I have been researching it a lot and have gone over it for the past year or so and I am strongly considering becoming a birth doula and eventually a midwife after my Daughter is born.

So heres some background on me... :)
My Name is Elizabeth. I am due with my fifth child this month.
My first child was born prematurely at the hospital at 23 weeks with Triploidy XXY and did not survive.
My second child was born at 39 weeks in the hospital with an epidural. I had gone into labor naturally.
My third child was induced at 39 weeks due to an infected tooth that concerned the dr about affecting him. No pain medication with him.
My fourth pregnancy ended in a m/c but I still include him/her in how many children I have.

The experience in labor that I had with my last child completely traumatized me and has influenced my decision to do things much differently this time around. I am very hopeful it will all work out wonderfully. But I am prepared for that to change as well....

Any thoughts/opinion/advice for me?

daneeleigh September 2nd, 2013 01:45 PM

Re: HI - Can I join? :D
Welcome! I recommend a doula and a midwife you trust and love. What birth plans do you have set already?

AIK112018 September 3rd, 2013 08:51 AM

Re: HI - Can I join? :D
I have a midwife already that I absolutely love :) No doula for the homebirth but if we end up having a hospital birth for any reason my midwife would then transfer over as our doula.

Plans for birth, (sorry if its all jumbled... gave my mw my birth plan to look over so thinking of this at the top of my head)

once I know I am in labor first thing I will do is call support people to arrange their times to come. bring down my birth kit that is currently in the babies room to our dining room. Blow up birth pool and then go for a walk with DH while my mother fills the pool.... eat and drink as i please, move around as i please... I will be attempting to listen to my hypnobabies track but i am unsure if i will have the patience for it lol.
Delayed cord clamping. no eye gel but i am unsure about other procedures... if anyone has any opinions on those i am open to hearing your thoughts.

is there anything specific you wanted to know about my birth plan? is there anything i have forgotten? My mind is all over the place lately no sleep I feel like I will be going into labor very soon...

daneeleigh September 3rd, 2013 01:20 PM

Re: HI - Can I join? :D
Sounds like you're ready to go. I couldn't tell from your intro if you were looking for info on homebirth or if you're already set and planning one.

NinjaCakes September 3rd, 2013 09:57 PM

Re: HI - Can I join? :D
It is great do see someone else joining :) Welcome! I really hope you get the birth you want. I soooo wanted a home birth! You've found a great place for support and information. Good luck!

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