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forgivenbygracee September 10th, 2013 11:03 AM

Need Advice on LMP and Due Date
Hi Ladies,

A little back story, I had a period on Jan. 26th which put my due date around November 2nd, but that period was only 2 days long and it was just spotting. My period before that which was a normal length was January 6th. The doctors are going off of the last time I bled even though I told them it was only 2 days long and spotty. I had a 6.6 week ultrasound done to measure baby to see if the Jan. 26th LMP was correct and baby was measuring 1.5 weeks ahead and since it wasn't over 2 weeks ahead they kept the November 2nd due date instead of October 14th which is the date I think it is. I thought that at that early of an ultrasound, they would go by the date that was given? Which would ave put me at 8 something weeks instead of 6? At every ultrasound, baby measures at least 1 week if not more ahead, but they aren't changing anything. I am actually good with that because I want to avoid induction as much as possible, but I would feel better know I am 2 weeks ahead because it would mean my weight gain is good. Baby at 18 weeks was in 94% in weight!! But, again, if you check that weight with being 2 weeks ahead, it would be correct. Then at my 25 week ultrasound baby was measuring 2 weeks ahead especially in weight. also, my first was always under what he should be and was born at only 5.14 lb. They are saying this baby is just very big which I guess it could be, but if he is anything like his brother, I can't see him being larger than 7 pounds. Thoughts? Midwife says she won't change DD unless it's over two weeks (again, great with that because that means less chance of induction and just the possibility of baby coming two weeks "early."). any thoughts? If I'm ahead, then everything is golden. Baby's weight is on track, my weight is on track, everything else looks wonderful. Also, baby did everything early, but because it is the second pregnancy I just assumed it was because of that. Of course I would love to have the baby sooner than expected, but I also don't want to get my hopes up. lol Currently I am 33 weeks by their calculations and baby is already engaged. I am dilated, but I know that doesn't mean anything, though the engagement surprised me as this is my second child and I thought they typically didn't engage until right before labor. Hoping this is another sign I will go earlier than they thing.

If you spotted or weren't sure when your LMP was, did you end up being further along? Is there hope?! lol :)

ashj_1218 September 10th, 2013 07:23 PM

Re: Need Advice on LMP and Due Date
For your own records, I would base your EDD off the date given at the first sonogram. Generally they do them to date a pregnancy when there is a question about LMP. They are an accurate way to determine due date. I vote your official EDD is within a day or two of that first sonogram dating. Ultimately, it just means baby will not be forced out by an induction. Everything is pointing to a mid-October 40-week point, versus November.

NinjaCakes September 12th, 2013 05:00 AM

Re: Need Advice on LMP and Due Date
It certainly seems like everything is indicating your Edd is off. Ultrasounds are not infallible but you have other factors too, which just makes stronger evidence. There was no question at all about mine so I have no advice to offer. Trust the facts :)

daneeleigh September 12th, 2013 10:48 PM

Re: Need Advice on LMP and Due Date
In your case, with an unknown lmp, I'm surprised they didn't go with your ultrasound date.

I'm actually opposite. I KNOW what day I conceived!! But my baby measured 10 days ahead so they moved it. They said anything over 9 they move. I just hit that. I asked them to remeasure and they did and it still came out way ahead. So my edd got moved to Oct 23rd. What's bad is if I end up going "over" by their dates I'm goin to have to fight them on it.

ashj_1218 September 13th, 2013 12:28 PM

Re: Need Advice on LMP and Due Date
^^i had to fight with my docs not to move my second child's DD as well. I knew conception and the first sono matched up. But by 30 weeks he was measuring 2 weeks ahead. They did ultimately move the date, but I told them I wasn't following it. And it was null and void because he came early like my other two did. I never understand why they don't "get" that you can have an 8lber at 37 weeks who isn't developed properly (aka: lungs aren't mature, kid is genetically big). Hopefully yours won't become an issue either!

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