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RayneElizabeth January 13th, 2014 10:42 PM

New Here :)
Hello Mamas! I am a biological mom to one DS and a un-biological mom to one DD.

I was a single 17 yr old when I had DS. I had him all naturally in a hospital. (I was in the June 2010 DDC under the username Hey There Elizabeth).

I am married now, and pregnant with DS2 or DD2!!!! :) :D Just found out. Approx. 5weeks. My EDD based on LMP is 9/16 give or take a few days.


I live near Greenville, OH. I cannot find a midwife for homebirth any closer than Columbus...(2.5 hours away...)

I am growing so hopeless...(I began my search WAY before I TTC)

Please help if you can....if you can even point me in the direction of a nearby mama I could talk to...greatly appreciated...

I'm exhausting every option before I settle....I am half tempted to go unassisted if I have to...but I would rather not...

I tried the homebirth thread...mod asked if I googled it....:mellow: why did i not think of that...:glare:

I live in TINY town. We are not even on a map really...which is why I said NEAR greenville, OH. LOL

Earthy.Mama January 14th, 2014 03:56 AM

Re: New Here :)
ETA: There are lots of women who choose MWs 2-3hrs away for their birth so it's not totally unheard of, but it all depends on your comfort level and how fast you birth :) I might be switching MWs to one that is 2hrs away and I feel ok with that b/c I'm very hands-off this pregnancy/birth, I just want MW there as backup.

2.5hrs away
Homebirth Certified Professional Midwife - D. Livery Services - Jackson, OH

45min away
Heart2HeartBirthMatters.com - About Me

Look at this list:

Also, you can contact a doula and I'm sure they'd have some recommendations :)

Congratz and good luck!

neon January 14th, 2014 10:27 AM

Re: New Here :)
Find a Midwife or Find Midwives - Mothers Naturally

The first one listed looks like it's about 90 minutes from you. I don't think that's too far. I live over an hour from the hospital and was able to get there in plenty of time.

Also I would contact doulas near you - they may know of other midwives in the area.

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