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mariahpoo2 March 7th, 2014 10:04 PM

I had to switch from my Dr to a midwife last minute
So one of the 15 doctors that deliver (I get whomever is on call when I am in labor) Read my birth plan and sent it to risk management. We went over in detail the specifics of what I want and do not want. Even tho the policies of the hospital go along with all of my wishes the clinic that I am a part of does not. For example if they wish to do an episiotomy they just tell you they are doing it right before they do it. She said they would not respect my wishes on that point and several other of my wishes. Like the IV. All tho I do not want one unless medically necessary and the hospital is okay with that they are not. I HAVE to have one according to their policy. They are NOT willing to let me labor at my own pace within reason. They are NOT willing to give us a choice at all whatsoever if they wish to assist delivery to turn down or choose between forceps or vacuum. And I HAVE to deliver on my back. Basically everything I am against they MUST have me do and I have no choice and little warning if they decide to do something to me. I am so fed up and pissed off. This would basically be my worst nightmare. I understand medical intervention when needed. I understand that I may have need for it. What I don't want or like is their attitude that something will definitely go wrong. She flat out said their was such a dramatic increased risk of still birth at or after 42 weeks that I would have to be induced at 41.5 if I had not going into labor before then, and that goes for everyone and does not have to do with GD. I told her I am well aware that the risk doubles... FROM 1 to 2%. Still birth is such a rare occurrence at that point they really do not know much about it. And she said well it is important that you are not that 2%. I find this scare tactic sick and wrong. OMG... I don't think I will even get to 42 weeks. But I am willing to get induced at 42 weeks. Seriously the risk of major complications from pitocin induced labor are WAY higher the 2% form stillbirth. And that is a quantifiable fact.

I am so sick of the mentality of doctors in this country. I am sure that if you want to be induced, or need to be... fine. But why the hell are they wanting forcing their B S on me when it is unwanted and the math or risk does NOT add up.

She kept saying "routine care", and "our policy dictates".... "ACOG regulation and guidelines"... All that is such B S and most of those guidelines are out dated and had little change over the past 40 years. I want EVIDENCE based care. I want real science. Not just "oh well we do this for everyone". I know there is a very good reason for all interventions. I am prepared to use them if and when medically deemed necessary.

It also turns out they use the drug Cytotec regularly. And were against me stating that I do not want it for any reason beside after labor to save my life in case of hemorrhage. Even then... I looked into it and that is NOT an approved use of this drug. Cytotec is being used WITHOUT FDA permission or approval in labor and delivery. Because it has such high risks involved it is advised to NEVER use it on pregnant woman or post delivery bleeds. Because it has very real and very dangerous side effects like DEATH. But ACOG still permits it. And so she was very aggressive in her "persuasion" about me being willing to use it for cervix softening. I told her I would NEVER consent to that drug. Why is she so pushy! She actually said "so you would rather die and leave you child motherless then use that drug?" SERIOUSLY! ***... that is abuse of power and position. I don't care who you are you should never emotionally traumatize a pregnant woman to get what you want. They like using the drug because it is cheep and fast acting. They don't care about risks and dangers.

This all really upset me. There was much more to it. But this left me little time to find a replacement. I did end up finding a midwife that would take me short notice, and I still get to deliver at the very awesome "certified baby friendly"hospital birthing suit that we have picked out. :)

I am super happy with my new Midwife. She read my plan and has no problems with it whatsoever. She also looked over my sugar levels and said they were so good that she is going to treat me as tho I don't have GD at all. :) I am super controlled with just diet. YAY!

Earthy.Mama March 8th, 2014 07:20 AM

Re: I had to switch from my Dr to a midwife last minute
Wow, that place sounds jacked. I'd never ever ever use their care. Glad you found a MW to use, happy birthing! :)

mariahpoo2 March 8th, 2014 08:35 AM

Re: I had to switch from my Dr to a midwife last minute
I know it! You know the really sad thing... they said they advocate natural birth. From the very beginning I would bring up things like pushing position to see if they were right for me. And they said no problem. I tried to give them my birth plan and they said they didn't need it. And then as we got closer the OB's started arguing with me. So I brought in all my research including the biggest and most in depth study on GD and birth ever done, which concluded no relation between GD and stillbirth. And that is when they realized that they could no longer just tell me I can have the birth I want. I did put in my birth plan that I would pursue legal measures if they intentionally and without medical reason or consultation went against my birth wishes. And I guess that scared them because they are use to just pushing woman around to get what they want and what is easiest for them. When they see someone that is truly dedicated to it and not willing to go along with routine care they use aggressive scare tactics. She made me cry. She said that I had an unrealistic view of birth. And that we had to do what was easiest for the doctors. EASIEST FOR THE DOCTORS! I am sorry... but that is absurd. I made a complaint to the higher ups. He had no clue about the cytotec use (or so he said) and the abusive scare tactics they were using on pregnant woman. He said he would have a talk with them and it did not sound like the type of care that facility wishes to provide. I was and am truly outraged. I don't know how anyone would ever be okay with just doing stuff to them during birth. Not giving them a heads up or any sort of option or decision in the matter. And based on 40 year old practices to boot. And what really and I mean really makes my blood boil, is the aggressive pressure to use a drug in an unproved matter that was never even intended for that use to begin with deadly consequences. You think that if a patient says they are not okay taking a deadly drug for an unintended use it should be okay.

pr1madona March 8th, 2014 12:21 PM

Re: I had to switch from my Dr to a midwife last minute
Wow, I would have run away too! I left my OB at 28wks when pregnant with #2 when he said he would induce me or do a CS since I was due on a holiday (Labor Day). My 1st was a vaginal birth with no complications so I freaked out and never went back. Luckily I found my current OB who is just like a midwife. Truly. She let me labor for 18hrs with #3 (labor with #1 was 12hrs, #2 was 8hrs), and never mentioned Pitocin or anything except breaking my water. And she was right about the water holding up labor because I would not get past 8cm until she broke it. Then baby was here in 20min lol. ACOG has recently changed their recommendations on certain things and it sounds like that practice hasn't read the new recommendations. I personally won't allow Pitocin in my room. I caught a nurse trying to hang it for after the delivery last time and I freaked out. My birth plan clearly states NO Pitocin unless I am hemorrhaging, which has never happened. My OB is fine with that, and everything else I want. She doesn't mind eating in labor, no IV, intermittent monitoring, progressing at your own pace. She is even the one who had me pushing standing up and in other positions with #4, to see if it would thin out the rim of cervix I had left. I'm glad you had time to find a midwife you like!

mariahpoo2 March 8th, 2014 12:47 PM

Re: I had to switch from my Dr to a midwife last minute
Your new OB sounds excellent! :) I would have freaked if they said they were going to induce of section over a holiday!

Earthy.Mama March 8th, 2014 01:59 PM

Re: I had to switch from my Dr to a midwife last minute
They don't care, it's all $$ for them. This is why I homebirth, my body, my choice. Screw ppl like that! UGH!

Keakie March 9th, 2014 06:04 PM

Re: I had to switch from my Dr to a midwife last minute
That's appalling! :( Good for you for being informed and being confident in your choices. :heart: I'm so glad that you've found a care provider whose birth ideals jive better with yours.

SCMomma March 10th, 2014 09:49 PM

Re: I had to switch from my Dr to a midwife last minute
Wow. That is...insane... Stories like that make me want to go stand at their door and yell at pregnant women to RUN AWAY AND SAVE YOURSELVES. I'm glad you found a better, safer option. And you're FABULOUS for standing strong and not allowing them to bully you with misinformation.

Kalia20 March 12th, 2014 12:12 PM

Re: I had to switch from my Dr to a midwife last minute
I would have walked the second they said they use Cytotec.

Doctors know best right? I had midwives with my second birth, night and day. I'm done having kids but I would never see an OB again unless absolutely necessary

michelleH March 31st, 2014 02:00 PM

Re: I had to switch from my Dr to a midwife last minute
All of this is crazy, and I hope you write this up for some of the online review websites. Use provider names, dates, hospital names, etc.

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