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Fallen2Love September 24th, 2009 05:49 PM

Help me understand!
I can't figure out my body! To put it simply!

My cycles are really crazy - after being on hormonal birth control to try to solve some problems and they ended up creating more, I went off of it about 6 months ago (spring break-ish, March?), My cycles are just SO irregualar. I started keeping up w/ my cycle on fertility friend (I know its not for preventing pregnancy - but it really helps to keep track of my cycles until we are ready to TTC). So far I've just been check CM and cervical position, and I'm just really really lost.

When you ovulate you should see egg white CM and your cervix should be low, soft, and open right? When your not ovualating (after O mainly) you should not see any CM correct and your cervix should be high firm and closed?

Any suggestions to keeping track of this? I'm so tired of my cycles being SOO irregualar and unpredicatable. But I'm trying to understand all the types of CM and in what order I should see them, etc.

benandali September 24th, 2009 06:04 PM

Re: Help me understand!
Hi! Well, everyone is different and every cycle is different. Some people will always have some sort of discharge, and never feel dry. I am one of them. By charting every day I have learned what is potentially fertile CM and what is just my infertile pattern. I HIGHLY recommend choosing an actual method and getting an instructor. If i went by the general do's and don'ts that are out there I would be SO confused!
I don't know about the cervical position and what not. It's actually not advised to check cervical position..you can change you discharge by doing that and it can be confusing as well. I use BOM and only chart sensation and CM.
Anyway, welcome and hope you find some answers here~! :)

OH and I am breastfeeding so I haven't even ovulated since my little girl was born. My chart is all over the place. So if you have very irregular cycles BOM would be perfect for you. You can do it online w/ an instructor, which is what I do.

ShawnaCAN September 24th, 2009 07:52 PM

Re: Help me understand!
Aw sorry you're dealing with this. Yeah, the BCP doesn't actually correct or fix anything - it just covers up the problem until you're ready to come off. Then the problem is still there plus your body has to recover from the effects of the synthetic hormones as well. It's very normal to experience irregularity while your body does that.

Ditto Mary - to get a solid understanding of what all your signs mean, having an instructor is really the easiest way to go. Every woman is different, so each type of CM can mean something different for each woman. Having the personalized
support of a teacher would help you make sense of what each type of CM means for you. Of course, we're always here to answer questions too!

LJD3Tdance September 24th, 2009 10:32 PM

Re: Help me understand!
I can't predict my cycles at all at this point, and well I think most people would say you shouldn't try to when TTA, because cycles can change at any time. However, I would like to add, that I still have cm after I ovulate, but it is different than my fertile cm.

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