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baabaamilker August 10th, 2012 11:48 PM

I'm so excited!!!!
The beginning of my cycle came on with nice steady temps. I managed to get seven undisturbed temps before we went on a camping trip.

I never sleep well somewhere else until I get used to it. So I didn't get much sleep the first night. I did take my temp on CD 8 the following morning but discarded it. It was a little higher than my previous steady temps as you can see on my chart.

The next night I had a little guy with a sprained wrist and it was hurting him even in his sleep. I felt like it took the entire night just to find a position that was comfortable for him, when I finally did our dogs set up a barking about something. I didn't even bother taking a temp the next morning on CD9. We got home that night and I wasn't feeling so well so I went to bed pretty early.

Since I had gone to bed so early on CD 9 I didn't bother making sure that my thermometer was back in its usual place, so I didn't temp CD 10 either. Throughout the day on CD 10 I did notice feeling a little slippery and I noticed having spurts/gushes of CM. When I observed it both on finger and toilet paper it was snotty in color but quite stretchy. Also, at one check I had a very small spot of red blood and brown mingled with CM on toilet paper.

I wasn't sure what to expect this morning since I hadn't gotten any reliable temps during the last three days and I wasn't 100% by CM that I had ovulated. So this morning I was somewhat shocked to see that my temp had risen .6 over my highest previous temps. I certainly don't feel like I have a fever and I know I slept very well last night so I'm taking this as a good sign.

I know I need two more to confirm ovulation, but I'm so excited to see that rise. My struggle has been with not having a rise until 10-15 days after ovulation. I have no idea how successful we were at avoiding pregnancy as the method we were using is certainly very risking and we did have intercourse on the day I suspect could be the only day I ovulated. However, with having a "normal" temp shift I would certainly feel much better about the prospect of getting to keep a little one in my womb should one be conceived.

Either way I'm super duper excited that my body is kicking back into gear. I've been taking Maca, multi vitamins, vitex, royal jelly, and B-6 all of last cycle and all of this cycle as well.

Just had to share and will keep everyone updated on how everything goes.

baabaamilker August 10th, 2012 11:53 PM

Re: I'm so excited!!!!
One thing I forgot to mention is that on CD10 along with the snotty but stretchy CM and spotting I also had very watery CM, I'm guessing that was what was causing the gushing/spurting sensation.

Should I record that as watery instead of creamy on my chart? What about the stretchy CM, it certainly wasn't egg white in appearance but did stretch like it. Should I record my CM as egg white then?

rlh27 August 11th, 2012 01:21 PM

Re: I'm so excited!!!!
Which method are you using to chart? I hate to mention this because I know you're excited, and I just double checked to make sure I had the rule right, but in the charting system I used, temps during AF can't be relied on when determining a thermal shift. You have to go by peak day rules instead. I had one chart where I had 3 temps above the previous 6, but two of the temps used were AF temps. My CM didn't clear peak day rules for a few more days, and I ended up seeing another thermal shift. So unless your charting system is okay with using AF temps to determine a thermal shift, you should consider yourself fertile until you experience peak day plus four (or whatever your charting system's rule is).

baabaamilker August 11th, 2012 03:16 PM

Re: I'm so excited!!!!
I'm not really using any particular charting system. I'm just trying to use what works best for me in helping to determine when I'm fertile and trying to determine what exactly isn't working so well at the moment.

I've kind of crossed over and through FAM and NFP systems to use the things that work best in my particular circumstance.

So I guess you could say that "my system" allows AF temps. :-)

Thanks for letting me know though. I'll keep that in mind if these temps go back down as that being something that doesn't work for me.

baabaamilker August 11th, 2012 03:25 PM

Re: I'm so excited!!!!
I decided to go and double check what Peak Day Rule is. This is what I found as the basic rule for that.

infertile phase begins eve of 4th consecutive day of sticky, pasty, crumbly mucus and/or dry days after the Peak day.

That would not work for me as I may have maybe 2 days of sticky mucus but I never know where it will land, it could be before ovulation or it could be afterwards. I'm a creamy kind of gal!

plan4fate August 11th, 2012 07:04 PM

Re: I'm so excited!!!!
I let my chart do the math, all I know is there wasn't enough days between my last day of spotting and my fertile CM showing up for it to calculate if I'd have tempted this month. LOL

And I believe the rule is you always use the MOST fertile type of mucus you see in a day. ff is not good for that kind of charting as it doesn't have the sensation.

ShawnaCAN August 12th, 2012 09:47 AM

Re: I'm so excited!!!!
I think it sounds like you've got a lot of fertility information from a variety of places and it's all mixing together in a way that's actually making it harder for you to interpret your times of fertility and infertility. I still highly recommend learning one type of charting (any kind!) very well from an instructor. I think things would be much more straight forward that way.

Different methods also have different ways of identifying Peak. The rule you found is only one way.

baabaamilker August 13th, 2012 02:31 PM

Re: I'm so excited!!!!
I see. I would feel more comfortable I think waiting till we get state side to learn a particular method well. I'd much rather do it in person than online, and it is very unlikely that any are held in English outside of the military base, and that I know of none are taught on post.

I had a crazy dip yesterday, and than another temp today that I guess would be considered above coverline. Maybe a fall back rise? We'll see I guess. I have been very busy over the last week even up until today so I haven't paid as much attention to sensation or CM as I would like to. I know I haven't as of yet seen EWCM but I have had some watery. I just haven't been very good with recording it because I've been so busy.

rlh27 August 14th, 2012 01:31 PM

Re: I'm so excited!!!!
It looks like it was just a fluke high temp :(

baabaamilker August 15th, 2012 02:40 PM

Re: I'm so excited!!!!
I think you may be right about that, although that drop was really interesting. I was very excited today to see some EWCM. I was getting a little nervous as a few days ago I was experiencing similar symptoms to those I get while pregnant. However, I did have some sinus sickness going on and I think that may have been the cause of it. Yesterday I began feeling a bit better, and today I didn't have any of those symptoms.

An ovulation right now would be great as my husband is working late hours for a day or so and then there will be some period of time that he is not even home. Looks like I might actually manage to avoid a pregnancy this month. That will be great as I'm really anxious to see what these temps will do now.

LJD3Tdance August 17th, 2012 03:24 AM

Re: I'm so excited!!!!
Hope you do o soon then!

baabaamilker August 17th, 2012 06:42 AM

Re: I'm so excited!!!!
I don't think that EWCM was ovulation, I had a pretty dry sensation all day. Last night I had more EWCM and it was even less than the night before, but again accompanied by a dry sensation. I'm still heavily learning toward having ovulated on CD 10 as I had watery mucus accompanied by a very wet lube sensation. I feel pretty certain that we managed to not get pregnant this cycle.

Should CD 10 have been ovulation day my temps are still doing the same thing they did with the miscarriages. We are planning on trying to avoid getting pregnant next cycle as well, and that one should give me a better idea what my body is doing. However, this cycle we should know something by CD 26 or so if I actually did ovulate on CD 10.

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