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brianamcdougal March 26th, 2013 10:20 PM

I had my miscarriage at 5-8 weeks pregnant, march 22 2013. it lasted three days total from the 20th through the 22. On the 20th i had my first prenatal appointment at the obgyn clinic, with other women. :excited: It was great i was excited and chatty this was my 1st pregnancy, but later that day after the apt i had light brown spotting which turned into pink. On the 21st at 5:30 in the morning i had heavy red bleeding...i went to the ER where i continued to bleed,they took blood samples to see my HCG Qlevels (despite my loss of blood) and the doctors performed an ultrasound, couldn't see a gestational sac. They also did a pelvic exam i looked fine, i went home, they put me on bed rest and trying to nap was horrible i had intense cramping and i was shaking a bit. On the 22nd at 6:30 i passed a large amount of tissue about the length of my finger with a ball like shape on one side. :eek: I put it in a container to take with me to my apt in case someone wanted to examine it for fetal tissue. The obgyn clinic did not want to examine the tissue i passed ( in fact the docs would have wanted to examine it, i had talked to someone who was unaware of that...)my HCG lvs had dropped from 1300 at the ER to 660...it was confirmed.:(
My husband and i were devastated and to make it worse our 1 year wed anniversary was on the 23 and we had cancelled most plans due to the baby. So we got our ring tattoos that day:D and relaxed at home. The days after the 22nd were light spotting and barley noticeable cramping. On the 25th the obgyn checked blood lvs again they dropped to 115. Now they are going to check my blood lvs to see them go below 6 and to wait 2 months till i try again and when that happens they want to know immediately if i have any of the cramping/bleeding/spotting symptoms that i had before.
But thats that my husband and i made calls to family members and friends, im going to avoid facebook despite that they still think im pregnant im not an attention hog like my pregnant friend whos also on facebook. :rant: She previously fussed about how people are popping out babies and how they should have safe sex and contraceptives ect ect and then post every little detail/problem of her pregnancy now that shes pregnant, now shes rushing into marriage with her 4 month relationship, its kinda annoying but hopefully she has a healthy baby and a strong marriage :)

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