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tripleMchelsea October 11th, 2011 10:05 AM

af 10 days late, help!
My hubby and I don't really use protection. We had unprotected sex 1 or 2 times around August 20. My breast began to hurt me not too long after. On Sept 4th, my period came which i found perfectly normal. It left on Sept 10th but my breasts never stopped hurting which was a little unusual. Some time later I experienced mild cramps specially where my right ovary is and then just mild cramping. Then, I had two days of brown spotting. I also noticed that I'm peeing a lot more often than usual, one day by 12 pm i had already gone 4 times. My period was due to come oct 2, and still hasn't arrived and today is the 11th. Every day for the past two weeks, I've been waking up with mild headaches and having dizzy spells throughout the day. sometimes i also feel a bit nauseous. All HPTs have come back negative though. Could pregnancy even be possible with my situation?

LisanAndy October 11th, 2011 12:42 PM

Re: af 10 days late, help!
The only way to know for sure is a blood test! :)

Spyctre October 11th, 2011 12:53 PM

Re: af 10 days late, help!
I've had cycles where my breasts would hurt from AF to ovulation. It's frustrating knowing that you can get your "period" and might still be pregnant when stuff like that happens. :P The spotting could be from ovulation, and all the signs you have that might point to pregnancy can be the result of hormones during the TWW. Hard to tell what's what without a chart.

My cycles give me sore breasts and sometimes spotting leading up to O. Three days after that I am exhausted and dizzy, pregnant or not. My breasts will start to hurt again between 3-6 days after O till AF. I will get headaches around O, that estrogen surge at 6-7 dpo, and right before AF. I almost always have nausea the entire TWW.

Pregnancy could be possible. With DD, I didn't get my first BFP till 8 weeks. One pregnancy I had I never got a BFP for. Just was really late, and had a rough miscarriage. When my cycles would play with my head, my doctor would normally say, "Wait a week or two, if things don't change, we'll get you looked at."

Ovulation can be really delayed for almost any reason; a day of extreme happiness, a few hours of being totally ticked off, or hormonal imbalance. Spotting can occur through your cycle for seemingly no reason at all. Though I know no less than 4 other ladies to have problems with pregnancy tests not showing up, it's very likely that you just ovulated late. Try waiting a few days, and if AF doesn't show or you don't get a BFP, call up your doc to see what he or she has to say. HTH!

Morgans Mommy October 11th, 2011 04:12 PM

Re: af 10 days late, help!
Try a digital test. If that comes back negative, then maybe just have your doctor check you out. If you are pregnant, a digi would definitley let you know. Good luck!

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