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hannahhaileyandheathersmom March 17th, 2013 03:31 PM

So here's my rant for today.
I've been off my bc pills since first of January . Never has took me long to get pregnant. Lol y now . Last time was one cycle. Now what . Ever since I had my c-section 15 months ago my periods are wonky. One month I might have a 23 day cycle and the next might be 30+ day cycle this month. I'm 2 days late and I'm not pregnant took a test on Friday :(. Any one have fertility problems after a c section?

Kivett12 March 18th, 2013 05:03 PM

Re: So here's my rant for today.
I was reading a post on here the other day somewhere, maybe TTC board where it was taking someone a long time to get pg with #2. You are extremely lucky to have gotten pg on the 1st cycle with your other pg. Most are NOT that fortunate. I would say give it a couple of months for your cycle to regulate, esp if you are just getting off BC. It can take some time to get back to normal. Sorry I don't have any words of wisdom for you, keep your head up!

Spyctre March 18th, 2013 11:30 PM

Re: So here's my rant for today.

Yeah, most women take several cycles. It took me two years to the day to conceive my first child. It took a mess of miscarriages and another two years to conceive my second. This one is a surprise, but was conceived a miscarriage cycle.

Are you breastfeeding? That can make your cycles weird. Since the birth of my last, I have had 28 day cycles, 22 day ones, 30+ day cycles, and a couple that were over 70 days. If you aren't nursing, I would get some Vitex. I swear by that stuff! If you are, wait for the fertile mucus. It'll happen sooner or later if you do it then. Hth!

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