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roving_gypsy September 22nd, 2010 04:18 PM

So I've decided to go ahead and (in my free time) start learning a bit about Runes, and as far as I know we don't have much info on the board so I thought I'd start from the beginning. Please add any info you may have

Magical symbols that explain the story of creation, life, destruction, rebirth, and personal transformation.

started as sounds used in chants/spells, and body postures used to communicate with the divine and nature
*later the symbols and signals were created, becoming concepts that
could be written down

The term Rune means
* In the old Norse language the term 'run' means 'mystery'
* In old Irish & Scotch Gaelic the term 'run' means 'secret' or 'mysterium'
* In Middle Welsh the term 'rhin' means 'secret' or 'mysterium'

Runes are not an alphabet/abecedary, because unlike the Greek, Hebrew, Roman, and Gaelic it doesn't start with an Alpha and Beta (A, B, etc.) or their equivalents. And since the Runes do not start in that order, their letter row technically isn't an alphabet. The letter row of the Runes is called Futhark Because the 6 letter rows that make up the Runes start with 'F' - row one, 'U' - row two, 'TH' - row three, 'A' - row four, 'R' - row five, & 'K' row six. The most ancient of the Futhark is the Elder Futhark which has 24 letters (4 letters per row)

When writing first came about (starting with cave drawings, the drawings were literal but the spirit shown in the additional shapes the drawings slowly included were spiritual and magical), writing was used as a magical element (think Egyptian Hieroglyphs too). Over the years with people traveling the world and traders traveling between new countries, writing slowing became more literal and less magical. However Runes are one of the few early forms of writing that has stayed magical (connect with your mind, body, spirit and environment. Connecting your unconscious and conscious).

Runes are universal and nondenominational, anyone can use them!

There is a lot of debate on the history of where/when Runes originated. But there is no debate that they've been used to pass on information from one generation to the next, first spoken and then later written in symbols that eventually became the Futhark. It's been recorded that tribes all across Northern Europe used Runes, including very isolated tribes, which is why Runes have lasted the test of time.

Runes have no curved lines because they were typically carved into wood or stone, and they have no horizontal lines because when carving a Rune into wood, the grain of the wood ran horizontal.

The written Rune dates all the way back to the 5th and 6th centuries, where anywhere from a partial row to the whole 24 Elder Futhark were found carved into things all across Northern Europe (vast distances between the items). The first full Runic manuscript dates back to the 9th century. In the 15th and 18th centuries Runes were used as monograms and house markers, and in the 17th century the Swedish forces used Runes to confuse the Austrian intelligence in the Thirty Years' War.

Here in North America (and still highly debated on their authenticity) in 1898 a 200 lb Rune stone was found in Minnesota and in 1952 a horn with Runic inscriptions was found in Illinois. The debates are over the fact that age of the artifacts does not match the migration of the Norse people thought to have carved them items. However the Stone was found under the roots of a huge tree that had naturally fallen over, and evidence does exist, that points to their authenticity.

Ok that is enough for today, but I do plan to add more.

Earthy.Mama September 22nd, 2010 07:44 PM

Re: Runes
Very cool :)

Right now I'm reading Taking Up the Runes (Elder Furthark). I did a very powerful spell w/ the first three runes a cpl months ago. I look forward to working with them more!

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