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Pure Innocence May 3rd, 2007 04:57 PM

RHYOLITE (RAINFOREST) - A very good stone for animal guide attraction. Promotes and enhances natural beauty and longevity of life. Can increase wisdom and knowledge. Also use Rhyolite for diseases of the skin and rashes. It is a stone that promotes change, variety and progress, and it makes its wearer creative. Rhyolite's energies are suited for meditations.

ROSE QUARTZ - The definitive stone for love rituals. This stone can be used to open to heart chakra. It is extremely love attracting. It also promotes peace, happiness, and fidelity in established relationships. Heart chakra opener, love and self-acceptance healer for emotional wounds, dissipates anger and tension, love stones, unconditional love, healing and opening of heart, maturing, inner peace. Nurturance, self-love. Promotes skin rejuvenation.

ROYAL AZEL (SUGALITE or LUVALITE) - Left and right hemisphere balance, opens crown chakra, heart expression, increases altruism, visions and general understanding, protects against negative vibrations, helps one gain power to balance the physical body.

RUBY - Wealth drawing, Protection, Power, joy, anti-nightmare, offerings, courage, generates passion and energy increase. Also, due to its beautiful red color, Ruby is commonly used in love spells and to increase sexual energy. Heart chakra, balances love and all spiritual endeavors, self esteem. Wear for problems of the blood, lack of body warmth and poor circulation.

RUTILE - Alleviates blockages within the psyche from childhood pressures.

- Description: Clear to cloudy quartz with red (hematite), silver, gold, or copper colored needles. Excellent at lending extra energy to spells. Great for clearing and/or expanding the chakras. Not only will it increase over-all energy - it will MAGNIFY the positive energy. Among the strongest healing stones, strength, detoxification, Insight, awareness, communication with that beyond our physical realm. Can assist in identifying the root of a problem. Balance, leads you in a positive direction.

SAPPHIRE - Spiritual enlightenment, inner peace, mental illness, anti-depressant, aids psycho kinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance & astral projection, personal expression, also for pain.

SANDSTONE - assists one to maintain strength against the distractions of the mind, providing for balancing of ones reality, promotes clarity in thought and sight

SARD - associated with independence, protection, achievement, courage, freedom, spontaneity and creativity. Sard is also linked with material success, ambition and career success. This is a stone of accomplishment and fulfillment of duties.

SARDONYX - Mental self control, depression, anxiety & especially for grief.

SCAPOLITE - facilitates integration of the mind and the heart. Helps the overly emotional person become more analytical.

SCARAB - Various stones, Ancient Egyptian symbol of Sacredness, good luck, protection, but mostly eternal life.

SCEPTRE QUARTZ - Atlantian/Lemurian symbol of power, focuses energy within heart

SCHEELITE - "telepathic stone"; calms and clears troubled states of mind; increases sense of inner truth; stimulates brain activity and heightens mental awareness; advances mental powers; develops telepathic awareness; records information; useful for thought transference; stimulates crown chakra

SELENITE - Smoothes emotions. Holding crystal, visualize it bringing white light/energy (higher ideas/consciousness) from transpersonal point above head down through body, out through feet into earth/physical plane. Place on 3rd eye for stored info. May help physical and emotional letting go. Flexibility, decision-making, clarity, strengthens spinal column

SERAPHINITE - cleanses aura & chakras, helps contact Angels. Energy of cooperation

SERPENTINE -Very nice stone for emotional cleaning and love attracting. Also very useful for increasing psychism and drawing money / wealth and abundance, inspires respect for the elderly, longevity, retrieval of ancient wisdom and remembrance of past lives.

SHELL/TROPICAL - Sea energy,, emotions, spiral flow of life force energy, beauty,

SHELL/NIGERIAN - Vibrations of sea, bringing out emotion.

SHELL/ABALONE - Inner beauty, inspiration, security

SHARKS TEETH - worn for protection while in or near the water, or traveling over the water by boat or air, also worn for general protection, good luck and longevity.

SILICA - The highest, purest form of gem quality Chrysocolla. One of the highest evolved blue-green stones. (Also see: Chrysocolla)

SILVER - Silver influences the psychic mind increasing your chances for psychic dreams and enhancing intuition. Silver can be used for scrying. Take a piece of silver with you outside on a full moon and allow the silver to catch the reflection of the moon. Silver is also associated with the stones, Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Pearl and Emerald. When one of these stones are used together with silver as in a piece of jewelry it is used to attract love. Fosters hope, meditation, unconditional love, mothering, nurturance, grounding, appreciation of women and nature, mystic visions, spiritual and romantic love, tenderness, kindness, sensitivity and psychic abilities. Sacred to the Moon Goddess.

SMITHSONITE - Eases fear of interpersonal relationships, merges astral & emotional bodies, balances perspective.

SMOKY QUARTZ - Stimulates Kundalini energy, cleanses and protects the astral field, draws out distortion on all levels, good for hyperactivity & excess energy, help to relieve depression and also helps us to manifest our dreams, "settling," calming. A wonderful stone to use for grounding and centering. This stone can also be used to help overcome sadness and other negative emotions. It is also an excellent mood elevator.

SNOW QUARTZ - Description: Pure white quartz. Enhances spirituality while calming and balancing. Use also for purification and where white can be used for protection. Can be programmed with the powers of any other stone.

SODALITE - A wonderful stone to draw wisdom. It can be held in the hand to help still the mind and relax the body. A wonderful meditation stone, and superb at healing emotionally related disorders (those caused by stress, anger, fear, or nervousness). Useful in dispelling guilt and fear. Over sensitivity, helps intellectual understanding of a situation, awakens 3rd eye, cleanses the mind, heals stress, anxiety, nervousness, anger and fear, helps mind to release guilt, and brings peaceful sleep.

SPECTROLITE - is associated with renewal, invigoration, energy, health and regeneration.

SPESSARITE - helps us attract land or a home. Helps us then be content with our home and put down roots. Also associated with self love

SPHAEROCOBALTITE - most loving stone, deeply relaxing and balancing.

SPHALERITE - is said to enhance relaxation, rest, ease, gentleness and caring.

SPHENE - offers solace, comfort, consolation, encouragement and balance.

SPINEL - Work on solar plexus, powerful general healer, detoxification aid. Speaking, seeing, and hearing only the truth

SPODUMENE (green) - enhances the ability of healers.

SPODUMENE (yellow) - promotes spirituality and connects us with our higher self.

STAUROLITE - tears of fairies, good luck, helps transition, makes oneself at ease.

STEEL - Since it is a projective metal it is used today for defensive magick to deflect negative energies away. Steel knives are used either through visualization or physically held while visualizing negative impulses and all negative energies away from yourself.

STILBITE - This is especially helpful with loving, creative energy, accepting, allowing, letting go, manifesting. May heighten physical senses, esp. taste. Detoxifies. Gentle self-expression

STRAWBERRY QUARTZ - recalls past lives. eases tension in a relationship.

STROMBOLITE - Uplifting ones spirit, enjoyment of life.

STILBITE - an Indian mineral that emanate a quiet and unceasing joy. Love vibration used for the heart chakra. Helps maintain openness and emotional vulnerability. Bring you a calming sleep at night. Inner peace.

SUGILITE - Excellent for Psychic Awareness, magickal powers, and healing. Increases spiritual awareness and connection while creating a balance between physical well-being and spiritual well-being. Perfects spiritual love. Enhances forgiveness while reminding us why we are in the physical plane. Creates a sense of freedom for the owner while protecting and removing despair. A Great stone!! Aids physical healing, reduces stress, strengthens heart, emotional balancer

SULFER - Sulfur is excellent for protection, purification and healing. When sick try placing some in a red bag and wear around your neck. A great item to place around the house (or on the altar) for all forms of protection. Can be burned for the same effects! Sulfur may also come crystallized as small yellow crystals on a matrix stone ... but it is most commonly found as a solid "rock" structure

SUNSTONE - Stimulates sexual arousal and increases sexual energy. A very protective stone. Sunstone is also used to increase physical energy when ill. If you want to strengthen the energy of any healing herb, place a sunstone in with the herb. NOTE: There are 2 different types of Sunstone on the market. "True" sunstone comes from India and looks much like golden moonstone and has gold/copper flashes. The other sunstone comes from Oregon/Washington state and looks like lemony quartz. For magickal purposes, the India sunstone is highly recommended, but it may be hard to find. Dissipates fearfulness, increases vitality, spiritual growth.

TABULAR QUARTZ- these flat crystals help to create an energetic bridge between where you are and where you want to be.

TANTALITE - promotes love, intensity, desire, passion and excitement. It builds energy, enthusiasm and love for life.

TANZANITE - Great for increasing psychic abilities, promoting wisdom, and producing clear communication. Helpful in communicating with spirit and animal guides. Good for inner journey work. Useful in work involving the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. Stone of magic, facilitates spiritual awareness, stimulates insight

TEKTITE - wisdom through life experience, prevents emotional scars.

THULITE - teaches us to be enthusiastic and passionate in a grounded, realistic way. Excellent for perspective during the "in love" phase of a relationship. It is an excellent stone for children. It protects young children and teenagers against infections, the flu and head colds. Thulite strengthens the immune system and the heart as well. This pretty reddish pink stone aids in overcoming examination fright and strengthens the insight. It is a loving stone, and of course it is also suited for adults.

TIGERS EYE - Description: Brown / tan with golden flashes, banding, and cat's eyes caused by its fibrous nature. Great for increasing psychic abilities and money, promoting wisdom, and producing clear communication. Helpful in communicating with spirit and animal guides. Good for inner journey work. Useful in work involving the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. Mind focuser, psychic visions, grounding, combination of earth and sun for practical decision making and creativity, inner strength, self confidence, courage, worn for protection from danger...energy

TIGERS EYE/BLUE (hawks eye) - Has the same properties as above accept more psychism, divination, and spirituality qualities. Seeing things from a different perspective, with unusual insight, strength, self confidence, courage, creativity.

TIGERS EYE/RED - Typically heat treated to cause it to turn to red ... but can be found naturally in very rare circumstances. Has the same properties as above except more courage inducing, confidence building, and protective qualities.

TIGER IRON - enhances creativity through meditation, good for motivation on all levels

TIN - Money and Luck. Made into money attracting talismans.

TOPAZ - Balances emotions, calms passions, spiritual rejuvenation, releases tension, feelings of joy. Contains spiritual potential and wisdom of all humankind. Banishing nightmares and curing insomnia.

TOPAZ/BLUE - Calming, peaceful, distressing, protection when on or near the water, protects against envy, disease and injury

TOPAZ/IMPERIAL - Golden light, warmth, manifestation, abundance. Release of the fear of prosperity and success, strengthening of the will.

TOURMALINE - Dispels fear and negativity and grief, calms nerves, concentration and eloquence improved, raises vibrations, charisma, universal law, tranquil sleep.

TOURMALINE/BLACK - Simply excellent at repelling negativity. Can protect a person from the negativity of another person. Increases vitality, energy, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity. Protects against negative spells. Excellent for grounding. Can be used as an energy deflector - good for excessive amounts of radiation (i.e.: cancer treatment) Tourmaline can point you in the direction of things that will bring "good". Considered a "teller" stone ... can tell you who or what is causing you problems. Anxiety, disorientationís, raises altruism, deflects negativity, neutralizes distorted energies, (i.e. resentment) protection, weaving light into aura

TOURMALINE/MULTICOLOR - Some colors are green, ruby red, black, pale gold, clear, teal. < Check properties of individual colored tourmalines above > Multi colored tourmalines can provide agate to the inner self and the higher self. Good for mediation and Good for multiple chakra work and may be good for grounding and mediation. Tourmaline can point you in the direction of things that will bring "good". Considered a "teller" stone ... can tell you who or what is causing you problems. Creativity, fertility, balances passive or aggressive nature

TOURMALINE/GREEN - Creativity,, opens heart chakra, psychological problems with the father, blood pressure, asthma, balances, eliminates conflict within. Opens the Heart chakra - can help you see with your heart. Good for visualization practices (IE: rituals requiring visualization) Brings about creativity, success and prosperity. Good for weight loss and healing the eyes. Great for gardening and healing plants. Transforms negative energy into positive energy.

TOURMALINE/BLUE - Wonderful for aligning with higher self for deep insight, vision, intuition, mental peace, patience, nerve system. Parasympathetic nerves, high spiritual energy, creativity.

TOURMALINE/PINK - Heart Chakras healer, imparts sense of humor to those who need it, balances, eliminates guilt, nervous system, integration, security and self-containment.

TOURMALINE/RUBELLITE - this crystal activates the base chakra, awakening the courage to succeed at difficult and daunting endeavors. Helps to transcend fears and can teach one to love. Carries a deep life force vibration. Use when you suffer from insomnia. Will give you a positive outlook and against behavioral problems, dejection, over-sensitivity. Diminishes irritability, shyness and memory problems. Rubellite gives one more power, especially in the morning when one has to get up and doesn't feel like it.

TOURMALINE/WATERMELON - Contains booth projective and receptive energies along with both fire and water energies. Used to balance all energies. Will create a balance of Male and Female energies with-in a person. Great for love attraction - A super activator of the heart chakra. Helps one "look past" a situation to find a benefit. Helps the user to experience and enhance the beauty of nature.

TURQUOISE - Master healer, protects against environmental pollutants, subtle body alignment and strengthening, opening throat chakra, creative expression, communication spirit. Used by Native Americans for protection against danger, accidents and evil. A wonderful all-around stone, useful in drawing love, money, health and beauty. A very protective stone. Use in rituals to attract new friends or lovers. Promotes joy. A wonderful gift, as it is said to grant the receiver wealth and happiness. For protection while traveling, attracts abundance and prosperity, promotes harmony between friends and lovers. Helps to relax the body.

TIBETAN TURQUOISE - Grounding, expression, communication, friendship.

TRILOBITE - Imprint of time, wisdom

TURRITELLA - eases domestic relations and group interaction.

ULEXITE - teaches us to see through the superficial into the soul within. Helps us gain inner depth and develop spiritual values

UNAKITE -Animal guide attraction, gardening and "green" energies, slight love and friendship attraction, moderate magickal power increase. Combination of pink feldspar which attracts love or a more grounded earthy type, and green epidote, which helps heal past emotional troubles, helps those seeking love the second time around.

VANADINITE - is used to promote order into ones life. Use it to help define your goals. Can also be used in the treatment of exhaustion

VARISCITE - Brings peace, tranquility, prosperity, very soothing. Benefits the nervous system, the eyes, and those who wish to investigate past-life experiences. Healers can use this stone to fully understand the energies of those they are working with.

VEATCHITE - helps us develop a sense of humor, lightness and fun. Also encourages communication with nature.

VESUVIANITE - is associated with passion, enthusiasm, warmth and devotion.
VIOLANE - helps us develop a feeling of gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation. Teaches us to count our blessings.

WILLEMITE - is associated with caring and tenderness. Helps us to be kind and empathic to all beings.

WITHERITE - helps us too be modest without being too humble.

WULFENITE - teaches us to be stewards and caretakers of all the wild and beautiful places of nature. Encourages us to get outdoors and enjoy nature. Fosters creativity and devotion.

YELLOW JASPER - Heightens visualization and communication abilities. Great for use in writing or public speaking. Travel related spells are enhanced by the presence of yellow carnelian. A protective stone, and good for healing, especially disorders of the stomach, nervous system, and skin

ZEBRA MARBLE - keep in the home to protect the household, wear for personal protection.

ZINCITE - removal of energy blockage, cathartic, brings together those of a similar mind

ZIRCON - Strengthens the mind. Aids bowel problems. Balances pituitary and pineal glands. Aligns subtle bodies. Emotional balance, self-esteem. Aids sleep. Similar properties as diamond and quartz crystal. All around healer.

ZIRCON/BLUE - Communication with Spirit. Stone of virtue, union, Spirit.

ZOISITE - Green with red streaks of ruby. For trust in the universe, releasing fears. Strengthens heart, energy/adrenals and reproductive CTR. General Health

ZOIZITE - enhances self-control, temperance, self-esteem, healing, harmony, dream recall and relaxation. Teaches us to follow the laws of nature and to act responsibility towards others and ourselves. Good for insomniacs.

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