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angelsailor288 October 11th, 2010 10:54 PM

My new body guard?
So my 4yr old springer spaniel Jasmine, has decided since before I knew I was pregnant to become my body guard. I work in a grooming shop so she comes everyday. We couldnt figure out why her, and my bosses dog Trinny, have been so grumpy with other dogs lately. Any dogs with an ounce of energy or jumping on me, are getting pinned down and yelled at. Then I find out I'm pregnant. Guess they are protecting me.

Then I am hiking with my friend and we are going up a steep hill. There is a family up top with a few kids waiting. Jasmine ran up the hill, planted herself in front of the youngest child, and as soon as I was getting to the top of the hill grabbed my sleeve with her mouth. Shes only 50lbs so she didnt pull me very well but she sure tried! I was a little shocked.

Not to mention she's my magnent and sneaks into bed with my boyfriend and I in the middle of the night lol.

Anyone else experience this during pregnancy?

SpazTaz October 12th, 2010 05:23 PM

Re: My new body guard?
No, but be careful. This isn't uncommon per se, but it isn't something you should allow to go on either. She needs to know that you're still in charge and nothing has changed or she can become very dangerous. 50 pounds is a decent sized dog and I'd hate for anyone to get hurt. Her pinning dogs down and such isn't acceptable behavior so make sure you are correcting this type of behavior otherwise as you progress in your pregnancy and once the baby is born she could become dangerous (not to you and yours but to others that approach you). So just make sure you solidify that head of the pack mentality (that you're it and not her) so that she knows you are still in control despite your condition.

angelsailor288 October 12th, 2010 07:26 PM

Re: My new body guard?
Well pinning down and yelling is common dog behavior when correcting other dogs, as long as they don't start eating eachother. She hasnt bit any other dog yet. Just slobber and noise.

I will definatly reassert that she isnt the pack leader though.

SpazTaz October 12th, 2010 07:39 PM

Re: My new body guard?
That's only common dog behavior if they don't feel like the pack leader has it under control. And it's the quickest way to start a fight. A well adjusted, stable dog will not do that. So I would definitely work on that especially if it's a new behavior.

angelsailor288 October 14th, 2010 05:39 PM

Re: My new body guard?
My dog is well adjusted and stable, all of them. I work with dogs everyday for last 5 years so I know what a well adjusted dog looks like. Dogs correct eachother all the time, doesnt make them unstable. Its called instinct.

I dont believe in Caesars ways either and pushing the pack leader thing all the time.

SpazTaz October 14th, 2010 05:54 PM

Re: My new body guard?
Pack leader is very important. No you don't need to pin your dog to the ground to get a result, but being the one they look to for their needs, their safety, etc is extremely important. Yes they correct each other when they're playing, for your dog to go after another dog because it's coming up to you for attention there's a problem. Your dogs may have been stable, but with your pregnancy it's thrown things out of whack due to your body chemistry, scent, behavior, etc changing. So you simply have to correct that behavior. A couple of times of you letting them know that is NOT okay should curb the issue permanently especially if they've never been that way before.

They absolutely shouldn't be allowed to go after (or correct) another dog simply because it comes up to you. But that's just my opinion. Yes, I too work with dogs, I train them, board them, pet sit them in other's homes, educate on canin nutrition, foster for a rescue, and have 3 of my own at the moment as well (all large breed). I'm around dogs 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year and train, pet sit, board, etc for a living as well.

The Lesha October 26th, 2010 02:27 AM

Re: My new body guard?
Well..I dont believe this is a pack leader behavior... Mine know whos in charge they just want to protect.

Casper my boxer/pointer acted the same way during my first pg. (and actually still does now) He's very agressive towards anyone who comes into the house even now, he'll growl at them but if I say its okay, then he's all tail waggin.

When I was pg, he was always on the couch with with me, layin his head on my belly in protectin like he just knew. Now, if someone comes by, like my grandmother or my MIL and they are playing with my boys, like tickling them, Casper gets upset and he'll start barking I have to tell him its okay and then he's fine. Casper is actually DH's dog but since I was pg with my first, its me he listens too and he watches my boys like they are his own.

However I do agree with meghan on that one point. If this is your first pregnancy, you will need to establish the head of the pack. She will need to know that baby is also her master. With my dogs, I did this by, allowing the nursery to be open to them, they were allowed in the room prior to my first sons birth.. to sniff and smell to become familar with it.

When we brought Stone home, DH entered with a baby blanket first (this is due to how protective Casper had gotten of me during my pregnancy, we wanted him to know things were okay) I brought Stone in a few mins later, we allowed him to sniff the baby momentarily and things went on as usual.

Heres a pic... Casper is the white dog on the right, Smokie (my beloved cocker may he RIP) is on the left and my baby black cat Tevye (may he RIP)


Thats the night I cam home with my first born.

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