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Emma and Avas mommy August 29th, 2013 11:42 AM

Anyone out there?
Is there anyone on this board? Lurking?

LvMyLaxKid September 16th, 2013 01:39 PM

Re: Anyone out there?
I JUST came to check this section out. I'm a photographer, but barely. LOL I do it professionally, but only through word of mouth and FB. I mostly do sports photography and portraits. (outdoor) I feel I do a good job, but I know there are others out there that do MUCH better than I do. But, all of my customers have been very pleased. But, I feel it's a hard market to get into. We have a lot of other local Moms trying to do the same thing. So, I'm basically competing against other Moms who are the same level as I am, and people just have somebody they know take their pics. They don't really call around, or research. There is a lady I know through baseball, and her pics are just ok. Not bad, but not something I'd pay for. I'd say just one step up from snapshots. Her lighting is always off, composition strange, lots of unfocused shots, etc. But yet she is SO BUSY! Her FB page has over a 1000 likes, she's always doing a shoot of some kind, and people love her. But, she's not good.......so it's frustrating when the general public doesn't even know the good from bad, and the "bad" gets all of the business.

Again, not saying I'm the best, because thats not the case. I know a lot of people around here that do better than me. But, I just feel like there is just too much competition, and it's discouraging when somebody who's not that great gets all of the business........

wishing October 2nd, 2013 10:07 AM

Re: Anyone out there?
I am kinda the same. I am a photographer by profession but it is a hard market to get into. I do some weddings, family shoots, babies, outdoor and in home. I am getting fairly steady work as I only do a little advertising and only take so many a month because of the baby but I am not jam packed all the time. I think with so many great amature cameras and software its really hard to make a living as a photographer.

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