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andrewNdereksmom September 11th, 2005 07:35 PM

hello everyone i am 18 and pregnant (smiles) been trying for about seven months anyways i grad from high school looking for a job now...my fiancee and i are planning to get married after the baby is born...or later next year..cant wait... :wub:
anyways i am a plus size teen girl and ive always been this way :( nothing wrong with meat on us rite)lol
i was wondering if there is anything that i should be aware of while oversize and pregnant? my first OB appt is SEPT 19TH cant wait....

talk later


thejunebug September 11th, 2005 08:24 PM

The risk of gestational diabetes is higher. They usually don't test until 28 weeks though because that's when it is most likely to occur. The risk of high blood pressure is also a bit higher but they monitor that everytime you go in anyway. The thing that I had the most problem with was the pressure on my ankles and feet with the added weight of pregnancy, but that didn't occur until the last couple of months. I had a lot of swelling in my feet and legs those last two months. I did have gestational diabetes but didn't have to take insulin. It was controlled with diet (it's basically carb counting- you can still eat as many calories, fats, etc as you want as long as you limit your carbs). There shouldn't be too manyweight-related issues this early in your pregnancy.


andrewNdereksmom September 12th, 2005 07:04 PM

thank you...this pregnant countdown things says i am 12 weeks 5days but i get 15 weeks when i count on my calender...my last period was june 15...do you count the two weeks after your period or what....thats what i do i dont think these things do..:( talk later


syncere September 12th, 2005 07:16 PM

I used this website to compare with my own and found out I was wrong and it was accurate with my doc..
Just enter your LMP and it will tell you your due date and how far along you are.. when I entered your info I got almost 13 weeks.. Im 22 weeks and some odd days and I have yet to gain a single pound matter of fact Im still negative some weight.. Some overweight moms dont gain much weight while others do.. As long as you eat healthy either way you will be fine.. Like junebug posted the risk for diabetes is higher but honestly not much else changes for overweight women.. I mean sure people might think that because of your weight you are destined to have problems in your pregnancy but, honestly that isnt true.. Everyone is different and some thin moms have more problems than a woman who is 50 pounds or more overweight.. Congrats on your pregnancy and I hope everything goes well for you.. Welcome to the boards..

andrewNdereksmom September 14th, 2005 05:31 PM

thank you ....i used that site and it says i am 13 weeks

talk to you later


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