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mummy2angel&ray September 22nd, 2009 12:18 AM

Newbie to this board
Hello everyone

I just want to introduce myself to this board. I have some questions!

I just had my second daughter 4 weeks ago and I know that i have PPD.
I had it with my first daughter 2 years ago and was getting treatment but it didn't work very well. I think I was taking the wrong type of pills or the wrong dose. There was not much improvement and I went off the pills. A few months later, The morning before I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd I had a doctors appointment and we discussed the depression again and I was going to go on different anti-d's but wasn't able to take them while pregnant but I didn't know I was pregnant so I decided that I would go back on them. Than that night I found out that I was pg and I did not treat it.
Now I am really feeling that I need some help. I feel sad and ashamed but it's really been affecting my life in a bad way and my DH can see it and feel it and i'm tired of being a miserable b***h to him and everyone else. I feel ready for treatment and I just want to be back to somewhat "normal".
I don't have my post partum appointment until Oct.19 though so I hope I can hang in there until than.

I have a few questions.
Is it safe to take the medication while breastfeeding?
What medications were you taking? When did you start to notice a difference? Was it dramatic or small differences at a time?
Did you have any side effects?
How long have you been on them or how long were you on them? Wil I have to be on them forever? Both my Nana and my mom have depression :(
Is it safe to take with birth control?

I really hate knowing that I have it and it's come back full force. I feel so out of control and wish i could just make it go away. I can pretend to be happy everyday but I just feel miserable. My life is pretty much great and perfect but for some reason I just can't feel happy or motivated and I'm really just tired of being a grumpy cow who is angry all the time :( I just want to be better..

way2gomom September 22nd, 2009 06:11 AM

Re: Newbie to this board
First of all, welcome to our board! I'm sorry that you are having this difficulty, but I'm glad that you found us. Now to your questions.

There are some medications that are safer than others to take while breastfeeding. I am on Prozac and breastfeeding. Check out this link for safe while breastfeeding info: kellymom.com :: Using Antidepressants in Breastfeeding Mothers. This is also on our resource thread which is stuck to the top of the board.

I'm on Prozac, and I started noticing a difference within the first week. Most people notice within 2 weeks. I noticed small differences - being better able to handle problems, less crying, etc.

I have not had any side effects.

I have been on them since for a year, although there were about 4 months when I went off. I just started them back up recently. You don't have to take them for the rest of your life most times. That's up to you and your doctor, though.

As far as I know, there aren't any that interfere with birth control, but you can ask your doctor and pharmacist that question.

One important thing, especially with the problems with treatment that you had after your first LO is to remember that there are other things than medication that can also help. It's important to have a good support network. For me, joining moms groups (La Leche League and another group in our town) helped tremendously. Exercising at least 30 minutes a day helps a lot too. Making sure you have a good diet is also helpful. If you do these things in addition to taking the medication, you are much more likely to see improvement - and quicker!

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