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mamalamb May 7th, 2010 10:06 AM

Question about antidepressants
So it looks like I may be starting Zoloft for ppd/anxiety. Two things making me not want to take it....both of which are pretty stupid, I guess.....One, I don't want to gain weight and I have heard they cause weight gain......what has been your experience? Two....I like to enjoy cocktails/wine a few nights a week with DH....do you have to completely cut out alcohol while on an antidepressant? I know these are pretty dumb reasons to be wary of a drug that may make me happier, but I am just being honest.....

JessP May 9th, 2010 04:20 PM

Re: Question about antidepressants
I never completely cut out alcohol but I wouldn't probably get blitz either. Not saying you are just my opinion. I don't remember having a weight gain problem on Zoloft but I guess everyone is different. When they list warnings they have to put everything that happened to the test group even if they don't know for sure that the meds caused it. It could have been something totally unrelated but that one person gained weight so they have to list it as a side effect. Let us know how you do on it. I am so sorry no one replied earlier. Hopefully someone else comes by and adds in too.

andi2284 May 16th, 2010 07:26 PM

Re: Question about antidepressants
I am on Zoloft currently and still have an occasional drink. I also started exercising and becoming a little more proactive in losing weight around the same time I started taking the Zoloft. I did lose weight, probably not as much as I could have though. I did recently start watching what I eat, along with the exercise and I'm seeing a very steady weight lose (3lbs in a few weeks) so I'm very happy with that. I think some of my eating habits were preventing me from losing weight as quickly as I should have. Even though I typically eat healthy, I ahve a bad habit of snacking at night too, which seems to have been what was holding me back.

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