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chen75 November 1st, 2011 04:43 PM

Hello all....
I haven't posted here in awhile, so I thought i give you ladies an update. I am now 14wks pregnant , on Lovenox injections once a day. It is a blood thinner, as due to some testings done before i got pregnant, they found i have a blood disorder that causes blood clots. So far so good. Ultrasound shows baby is growing at a normal rate, and placenta so far looks normal. Keeping my fingers cross it stays that way!!

My c-section is booked when i reach 37wks. My doctor feels with my history, we shouldn't risk the pregnancy by going farther then 37wks. I had my son who is now 3yrs old at 28wks, so i think making it to 37wks would be a blessing for me!!!

I think i know the answer to this, but thought i ask. Is 37wks baby considered a "preemie"?

SarahBethsMommy November 2nd, 2011 05:26 AM

Re: Hello all....
No, at 37 weeks the baby is full term! But, depending on how accurate your doctor's and your counts are, 37 weeks is the BEGINNING of full term, so sometimes (rarely though) you can face a few issues like breathing trouble and such. But that is SO rare I wouldn't even be concerned with it.


Seattlite November 2nd, 2011 09:13 AM

Re: Hello all....
Congrats, Chen!!! Ditto Beth, and I hope you make it to 37 weeks! How are you feeling so far?

lhug_nar November 2nd, 2011 04:14 PM

Re: Hello all....
Congrats Chen! Hoping for a happy and healthy 37 weeks!

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