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babies November 8th, 2005 07:45 PM

Hey everyone, I know this board is not as busy as others but I still like to see how you guys are doing. :dothug:

Unlike other newly pregnant moms to be (and moms to be again) we have some mental baggage and possibly some real fears and concerns.

How are everyone's vitals? I know some of us are further along than others.

How are some of you dealing with the day to day routines. I try not to dwell on my lost angels but sometimes I can't help but wonder....and hope things will go ok, that I won't go in for an ultrasound one day and discover that something is wrong.....

all in all how is everyone getting along?

Babydoll November 8th, 2005 07:58 PM

You know how I'm doing, PARANOID! I'm just trying to get through these next few days without any mental breakdowns. I should have the results from my bloodwork from Monday tomorrow, and I'm just praying and praying that it has gone up since last week. Thursday is my first appointment, so hopefully after that I can calm down a little. I just can't shake this feeling that there's going to be something wrong. My mom says it's because I've never experienced anything other than a loss, so in my mind, carrying full term isn't possible. Hopefully she's right!

JennL November 9th, 2005 02:33 PM

Thanks for posting this, as I think it's really important for us all to hear how everyone else is dealing :)

Personally, I'm actually - finally - doing great :) I'll be 22 wks. on Friday, and still can't believe it, but i'm feeling him kick as I type this.

I can truly relate to being paranoid, as I still have my moments. I think that it's true when you've only experienced losses, and have never carried to term. Always time for a new experience though, and i'm certainly ready!

Hope that everyone else is doing great, too :)

apilotswife14 November 11th, 2005 10:41 AM

I'm doing ok. My 1st appt isn't until Dec 5th and that's just with the nurse for my history(I'll be 9wks). :angry2: No Dr, no U/S until much later. I'm pissed! You'd think with my history of preclampsia and 2 m/c's they might care. Nope. Even calling and yelling/pleading/crying didn't get me a sooner appt. So, I'm just trying to deal with each day as it comes. Next Thursday is my 1st milestone. I'm just concentrating on making it to that, then my 2nd milestone, then the nurse appt, then Christmas. I have ZERO symptoms and just POAS on my last HPT yesterday, because I seriously don't *feel* pg at all.

And, I'm trying not to stress too much!! :frown:

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