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Mum2three November 24th, 2008 05:25 AM

You Little ones Name?

What is the meaning behind their name/s?

Did you name them after anyone?

Makenna's name took us a while to find. we wanted something to remind us never to give up. So Makenna;s name stands for Beauty, and Gift from God. and she is! Makenna's middle name is after Lexi. and Lexis middle name is after my mom.

madmum_sarah November 24th, 2008 06:14 AM

ian was named after my step dad
ewan was a name i really liked and the only one we could agree on!
kyle was a name we didnt hear much of which i liked (he has john lewis as middle names after his grandads) but the day he was born, there were 4 kyles born in the same small hospital :rolleyes:
louie was named after his grandad. he never liked louis and always got called louie so we went for that
sadie is a variation of sarah. my nan was sarah patricia and the most important person in my life until she passed away and i always said if i had a girl i wanted her named after my nan. sarah would have been odd cos its my name but sadie was a pretty variation :D

ian - god is gracious
ewan - youth
kyle - fair and handsome
louie - famous warrior
sadie - princess

kalis November 24th, 2008 07:48 AM

we actually knew before we got pregnant that if we had a girl ever we would name her Thea Anne. when we got pregnant, we looked at other names, but still stuck with Thea.
Anne is my sister's middle name. Thea is a name i have always liked; older, uncommon but not strange or made-up. it means goddess or exceptional beauty and is of greek origin.

MamaTTx2 November 24th, 2008 08:08 AM

With DS: Ethan Lucas, I was dead-set on not naming my child after anyone!
For this one, Kaylee Rose: Rose is my DH mother's middle name. Kay is my nana's middle name and Lee is my mom's middle name. We just threw it all together!

Sabina November 24th, 2008 08:17 AM

As some of you know, we didn't name Benjamin until he was in my arms. We had a few names picked out but he just really looked like a Benjamin.

His middle name is my Grandfathers name - Angelo. I always knew when my Grandfather passed away that I would name my baby after him if it was a boy.

I never knew the meaning of his name so I looked it up just now and here is what it said:

Hebrew, Spanish: Son of the right hand; In the Bible, Benjamin was the patriarch Jacob's youngest son. His mother Rachel died giving birth to him and in her last moments of life named him Benoni, meaning "son of my sorrow." His father did not want him to have such an ominous moniker and renamed him Binyamin.

That is kind of a sad meaning :frown:

dee68 November 24th, 2008 10:21 AM

I was set on Katie Scarlett after the character Katie Scarlett in Gone with the Wind...my FAV movie!
..then I found out Mick's grandmother that passed away before he was born was named Kate...so I knew I would keep the name Katie...Mick was not thrilled about Scarlett..lol

when Mick's grandpa died in April, I thought using his name , Ray,(Rae) as Katie's middle name would be nice...and would make Mick happy..
Mick filled out the Birth certificate papers in the hospital and put Katie Rae Scarlett...so we all got what we wanted and this little girl has quite a story to tell about her name ! LOL

mom 2 haley & tyler November 24th, 2008 11:05 AM

We just loved the name Haley and well you know where I got Michelle from ;) (Haley Michelle)

Tyler is the only name we could both agree on. It has stuck since. His middle name will be James, which is Dh first name, but he goes by his middle name Scott. So, Tyler James.

Danica November 25th, 2008 08:17 AM

Naden's name was originally spelled Natin which is Filipino for "ours" but everyone was calling him Nathan or Nate which drove us crazy so we changed the spelling to match the phonetic sound. So now if you look up the meaning it doesn't have one, LOL. It is a surname but it is so similar to Aiden, and Caden, and Hayden that everyone knows how to pronounce it now. His middle name is River and we are trying to stick to nature middle names for our kiddos. Actually his initials are N.R.G. which sounds like "energy" when you say it. I always liked that about his name.

Aspen, Skyla, Keene, and Gabriel are all names that we really like but wouldn't use for an earth child's first name. Although if we have a boy we are considering using Aspen as a middle name. The problem is our last name begins with a G so we have to be careful with first names because the initials spell out works like B.A.G OR H.A.G and so on. LOL

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