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megal40 July 12th, 2009 08:06 PM

Having a "moment"-- nerves!
Just a short back story: m/c in '06 DD born in '06 m/c in '09 and currently 6 weeks pg.

Well, pregnancy hormones do mean things. I have been doing really well lately about being optimistic and keeping small goals in mind. Well today my mind just went crazy and I just started having these feelings of doom. Like, "well of corse it is going to happen again." I don't know if it is just a coping thing or what. I want to be excited. I want to feel great about this. I guess I just have to stick it out and get past my other two m/c milestones. (7 weeks and 9 weeks).

We haven't shared our news with anyone so I don't really have anyone to go to and vent. Plus I am the type that doesn't really like to show weakness. Silly I know. But I don't like to put my issues on others--- except you ladies! :D Thanks so much for your words of wisdom. One more day down means one more day closer to the end of the 1st trimester!

klt July 12th, 2009 08:19 PM

Re: Having a "moment"-- nerves!
You can always vent here. And, what you're "saying" sounds just like I did...for months. I think we try to protect ourselves from the hurt that we've experienced. And, the doom and worry helps us suppress our hopes and beliefs that everything's going to be OK. I wish I could say that there is some quick cure for the worry. But, you're right. Hormones do some pretty wild things. I always felt better coming here and seeing all of the grads and their babies. It was a way for me to say to myself, "See it doesn't always end in the way I'm feeling..." Please vent and worry here, especially if you haven't told many people about your PG, yet. You'll continue to find that you are not alone. Heck, I still worry. Please take care. Thinking of you :)

L-SBB July 13th, 2009 08:27 AM

Re: Having a "moment"-- nerves!
it's really normal to have those moments after a loss...i had a really hard time being positive/excited about this pregnancy early on...felt like i'd just get attached and then the worst would happen again. Focusing on the small goals really does help - i went week by week and each little milestone (first u/s w/ a good hb, NT scan, first time heard hb on doppler) all helped...and even now at 20 weeks i'm STILL really nervous for my next u/s. But it does get easier...just take it day by day. HUGS

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