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Just_Marie March 7th, 2006 07:24 PM

I had an appt with my obgyn today-said uterus is definitely growing-and he doesn't think I should get another u/s until 18 weeks unless problems. We were really counting on one at twelve weeks-I'd feel better if I saw another little heartbeat-I mean, I can't even draw a reliable hcg at this point. But he said to come back in three weeks and he'll find a hb with the doppler-so I have that to look forward too. I'm feeling a little more hopeful, but am scared when I read of all the recent m/c in my Oct DDC-its all way too close to home. (Of course I keep thinking this could be me). I was counting on an u/s to ensure the baby is still alive. Most of my symptoms are gone, except for the rapidly-growing belly-and it feels scary to actually feel good. I know I'm going to worry every step of the way, and I have to accept that it isn't in my hands. I can't believe I've made it this far-I first posted here at 4 weeks-its hard to believe I've been obsessing about this six weeks already!

koakoba March 8th, 2006 05:33 AM

Hey. I'm in the Oct DDC too. And also upset by the number of m/c. I lost a baby at 12 weeks and often wonder if it will get better after I reach/pass that mark. Have you told your doctor you want an u/s to ease fears? I got one from my doc at 6 weeks for that reason. I have another one on the 20th. I wish you all the best in your pregnancy - and don't worry - you have someone freaking out every step of the way with you. Some days I feel like I won't look forward to this baby until I am holding it. It is a struggle that can't be understood unless someone has been there.

LeedaRenee March 8th, 2006 06:58 AM

Gosh I can't imagine having to wait that long. My doc did one at my first appointment, 9 weeks. Couldn't you just beg him for one? I was worried about waiting for 9 weeks and went tothe ER to get an U/S and levels drawn. It was 350 dollars, but it put my mind at ease. I hope everything goes well for both of you ladies.

Just_Marie March 8th, 2006 07:39 AM

I had an u/s at 7 1/2 weeks, and everything looked good, so maybe he's right-it would just put my mind at ease for a minute! I suppose settling for a doppler hb at 13 weeks should be good enough-he said if I want another u/s I could pay $100 cdn for it-but is it really going to make me feel better for long?

anissa March 8th, 2006 08:28 AM

Go and rent a doppler of you own. That is the only way I was able to keep peace with my pregnancy. I found the heartbeat at 9 weeks with this one. With my last I found it at 10 weeks.

Blessings B March 8th, 2006 12:15 PM

:ditto: and Blessings B

babies March 8th, 2006 12:56 PM

My DDC went through that as well, it was quite scary and sad, had to really pull through with it all. You doc sounds confident and you will be so happy to hear the heartbeat on the doppler :smile:

You could also look into renting one yourself if you think it will be a comfort until the 18 week scan, it seems far off but hopefully time will fly by :smile:

Scout54 March 9th, 2006 12:58 PM

Hi ladies. I read the posts here a lot, but don't often
post here myself. I am pregnant again after a m/c in
August. It is super scary, but you will make it through all
this. My DH and I have been a wreck, but it gets better
every week. We are now 21 weeks preggo with a healthy
baby girl and can not wait until July. My doctor was able to
pick up this baby's heartbeat at 9 weeks, so maybe you guys will
be the same! Just wanted to offer some encouragement and to
let you guys know that I'm thinking about all of you.

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