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iamkc April 25th, 2006 07:36 AM

Thank you ladies so much for all your thoughts/prayers/well wishes. It helped to know that even if you didn't think about my sister/me after you read the post, you thought about her/us right at that moment. Whatever you did, it helped. :smile: My sister is my lifeline. She's my sister/best friend/first child all rolled into one. We've followed each other around the country. She had the accident in the deadliest canyon in the world (what an honor) and very few people who have accidents there make it out. If she HAD to have an accident there, she did it perfectly. She has a broken collarbone that's giving her trouble and her knee is still hurting. She had a hole in her lung that required a stay in the hospital of 4 days, but it healed. Our concern was this: my mom died almost 3 years ago from pulmonary fibrosis (terminal lung disease) for which they found no cause. The final nail for her was the chest tube. It just never healed. Soooo, when my sister heard that she had to have a chest tube, she freaked. I ran out for the doc and caught him up and he and the surgeon handled her with the best hands. I couldn't have been more impressed. I'll be her caregiver for the next few weeks, but I WANT to be there with her. I am having nightmares and still playing "what if" in my head, but I do know that she'll be ok.

DH is looking for jobs because we're about to have a blow-up. His boss is my sister's BF and is a long-term family friend of DH's WHOLE family. I won't get into details, but someone has to say something to my sister about his behavior, their situation, and her future. I'm the lucky one. She won't take it well. We're pretty sure that after I talk to her, DH will lose his job very quickly and DH's siblings and my sister won't talk to us for a while. We talked to his parents, they're supportive, and DH may have found a job on his first day looking. It pays nothing, we'll undoubtedly have more financial issues, but it will be something. Even though I know my odds of finding a job while pregnant are slim, I continue to look. Wish us luck. I'm still having a go-around with Medicaid, too, so wish me luck that I can get this straightened out. No other insurance will take me and COBRA was just too ridiculous to continue with. (Seriously, I'm better off without insurance than having COBRA in our state!)

We're having trouble finding a place to move (landlord died and widow is selling the house) and have no idea what we're going to do. We have about a month to find a place and nothing is opening up. Eek.

My appointment after the u/s was ok. I had a colposcopy, there's something there on my cervix that IS a concern, but they're going to wait until after birth to do a biopsy because of concerns for me on carrying to term. My BP was very high, but since it was only the day after my sister's accident and I was spending ALL of my time in her hospital room, it was understandable. I lost more weight, but not sure how much. I think that my urine wasn't as spectacular as it should have been, either. They're going to assume that it's stress for now and check on me again in a month. The baby is great, though. Moving everywhere...the doc was even shocked. She'd find the HB for about a second, then it would move. She'd look in the area, then find it ALL the way on the other side, flipped, etc. She actually asked for confirmation that I wasn't having twins and that's why it was all over the place. :lol:

SOOOOOO, everyone is alive and kicking, but maybe not in the best of health. Hopefully, we're working on that. Everything else is, of course, a secondary concern...but still. I'm going to try to be on here more after this coming week, but in the meantime, know that I've been thinking about all of you and have been most appreciative of your thoughts and prayers!!! :wub:

Rina42308 April 25th, 2006 08:22 AM

What a relief to hear kc! I have been thinking of you, the baby, and your sister since i read your post yesterday!! Prayers do wrk. There is so much going on right now for you but I know, just know everything will be ok. You are going to have a baby!! Your sister will be there with you throughout the rest of the pregnancy, holding your hand in delivery, and so excited to meet her neice or nephew. I know breaking news to her about her DH will be difficult...my hope is that she recognizes that you are doing it out of love for her. Remind her that never in a million years would you intentionally hurt her and that breaking this news to her is hurtful to you to have to do, but that you love her more right now and so you are telling her. I wish you all the best.
I think the perfect home will pop up for you and DH too...one that you can start fresh in and bring the baby home to....
Love, Norina

soontobemommyto3 April 25th, 2006 10:12 AM

That's great news Jessica. I'm so glad to hear your sister is ok and that the baby is doing great.

I hope you find a new place to live soon. I imagine that isn't helping your blood pressure any. Are there just no places for rent right now?

I keep you and your family in my thoughts every day.

LeedaRenee April 25th, 2006 03:57 PM

I was going to post asking how things were going for you before I saw this post. I have been wondering about you and hoping you and your sister were alright. I hope things continue to go up and I will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

hopin4a4rth April 26th, 2006 06:39 AM

:dothug: Glad your sister is ok! Hope your DH can find a job soon!

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