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danielle123 September 1st, 2011 01:50 PM

I'm so sick of looking at..
STRETCHMARKS! I never had any untill about 4 weeks ago, and yep.. It all went downhill from there.
I'm only 21, and i've recently got them on my hips, my butt (like above it in my mid-section of my back), AND the weirdest place ever.. the TOP front of my thighs? and they just keep getting darker and uglier, bleh. Does anyone else have them like I do?

Obviously it's for a good cause BUT come one lol what a way to blow up someones self-esteem!

AZsnowflake September 1st, 2011 02:38 PM

Re: I'm so sick of looking at..
Oh yes, when I had my son (I was 21) it was quite shocking to me that I got so many stretchmarks. Call me naive, ok, but I was thinking "hey, I'm young and healthy, why would I get stretchmarks?!" LOL so wrong...I went 8 months without a single one and then in the very tail end of pregnancy they just popped up one after the other after the other. I would sit and cry for 20 minutes after every shower because it was horrible to have to look at my stomach. Yes, maybe I'm vain but the fact that I will never be able to wear a bikini again was quite heartbreaking and I know I'm not the only one that feels that way!

After I had my son I was participated in a laser study for free (the laser is already approved, they were just studying how these two separate treatments would work together on stretchmarks). And my stretchmarks faded so much, but they were so bad to begin with that they didn't fully disappear like some other lucky ones do! I'm just waiting and waiting for them to bust out in full red/purple form again. As of right now, they are still white but I know it's not over yet LOL

Anyways, my long winded post was meant to say YES I feel the same way, you are not alone! lol When I was pregnant with my son I felt like I was the only one who gets stretchmarks during pregnancy, my friends and SIL didn't get not a single one, or at least not in places you can see...but how can I hide the ones that cover my entire stomach?! ugh, so unlucky!!

danielle123 September 1st, 2011 03:22 PM

Re: I'm so sick of looking at..
The only thing i'm lucky about is not getting them on my stomach but on my hips instead, i'm not to worried about those ones. The one behind my back by my butt and my thighs are the ones i'm not liking to much. Lol it's so sad. I'm trying to use coco butter and bio oil but honestly lol the first thing on my mind isnt lathering my whale of a body in lotion LOL!

JessP September 1st, 2011 05:00 PM

Re: I'm so sick of looking at..
I got them all on the lower part of my belly and my hips. I have never had a bikini body so it wasn't to big of a deal. I did notice they faded a lot after pregnancy too. This pregnancy they decided to add to the collection and get some above my belly button which I never had before :(. Good thing I still don't plan to wear a bikini LOL.

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