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Jessghetti June 14th, 2012 05:47 PM

28week Appointment - U/S and Update! (x-posted)
Today I went in for my 28week checkup, I had to drink some super-sugary orange drink for a diabetes test.

Went in to do my 4D u/s, we had a different tech today who was very much against us taking any sort of photos or videos during the u/s, even though the other tech and Doctor had okay'd it in the past. My husband sneakily recorded anyways.

First thing they checked my cervix and placenta and I am happy to say the placenta-previa is not longer an issue as the placenta has stretched away from the cervix like we had hoped.

It was kind of hard to tell what we were looking at - at first, the tech was really zoomed in checking the tummy and head - we were reassured she is still a girl of course. Finally we got to the 4D part, she was snuggled up against the placenta and we only got to see her profile but oh my goodness was it amazing. She had the cutest chubbiest cheeks and was even practicing swallowing and suckling during the u/s. She also had her feet up by her head and I swore in one picture it looked like she was opening her eyes just a little bit.

It was the most awesome thing ever to finally see her face clearly - or well about as clearly as she would let us. She is measuring normal and weighs 2lbs 14 oz! She also doesn't have a cleft-lip, something we didn't know for sure until this checkup.

My OB assured me as long as my diabetes test comes back normal (i will know tomorrow) and my blood pressure stays in check I should be okay for a vaginal-birth, at least I have my fingers crossed for that. I also found out I don't weigh as much as I was thinking I did so I think overall I have gained about 13 lbs.

Sorry about the pictures being a bit shiny, we had to take pictures of the pictures with our camera instead of the scanner.


Pitridge June 15th, 2012 09:01 AM

Re: 28week Appointment - U/S and Update! (x-posted)
First, I can't believe how far along you are :eek:
It seems like you had a good appointment other than having a bad u/s tech :(
Happy to hear about the placenta!

Jessghetti June 15th, 2012 09:16 AM

Re: 28week Appointment - U/S and Update! (x-posted)

Originally Posted by Pitridge (Post 26168643)
First, I can't believe how far along you are :eek:
It seems like you had a good appointment other than having a bad u/s tech :(
Happy to hear about the placenta!

Yeah me neither! I believed I joined here when I was 6 or 8 weeks along, I saw so many other ladies farther along and wondered if I would ever get as far into my pregnancy.

ashj_1218 June 15th, 2012 10:05 AM

Re: 28week Appointment - U/S and Update! (x-posted)
^^I think everyone thinks that! Lol.

Cute, cute pictures. And it sounds like great news all around. Don't worry too much about the glucose test. I know lots of people fail the first one and than sail thru the second one. So I hope you get good news about it regardless.

And very cool about seeing her opening her eyes. She is certainly doing it now. I saw Kieran do it once on a sonogram. It was a little creepy, but still cool! Lol.

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