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constanceschofield July 7th, 2012 09:00 AM

Birth healing?
Ok not sure if this is the right spot. Nothing really matched.
I believe my daughters birth was very traumatic for her. A whole day of labour only to be attempted to be ripped out with vacuum extraction. The first one broke snapping her back into the birth canal. The second one sent her flying into the doctors arms. A very rude entrance I am sure.
And the first 7 months spent with next to no milk and always feeling hungry stressed her out.
Well now she has hit two. Things are hard. Yes every two yo has tantrums. But hers are so full of unimaginable rage. It seems so disproportionate to her personality and the rest of her life. She is a beautiful person who lites up all who meet her. But the melt downs are crazy! She can go for an hour of screaming and her volume is LOUD! She shakes and screams and writhes. She wrings her feet together and has ripped both of her big toe nails in half.
OK so you get the idea. They are BAD.
I believe she needs some sort of healing. I am taking her to a Bowen therapist but not really feeling that is helping. I dont want to leave this too long so it gets deep set. But who do I seek out to help? It seems so wierd but I am certain she is affected by the whole experience.
Please help
Neither of us are coping

Jessghetti July 7th, 2012 10:13 AM

Re: Birth healing?
It certainly sounds like she could be having some sort of problem. Do you think it could be about her not being able to express herself the way she likes? Because it sounds like she has quite a bit of frustration and anger.

A therapist would be the best idea, but I'd also see a normal doctor to rule out anything physical too.

I am not sure the birthing process has anything to do with her behavior now though.

silverlife July 7th, 2012 11:54 AM

Re: Birth healing?
When I hear about toddlers that throw huge tantrums my first question to myself is how are they sleeping? A toddler needs at least 12 hours a day of sleep between nap and night time sleep--some (like my daughter) need more. If my daughter hasn't slept well she will have an inconsolable melt down over random little things, like not being able to pull a zipper 100% closed or her shoes not being right in front of her when she decides she wants them.

Hopefully it's something "simple" like that rather than a reaction to birth trauma. I say "simple" because we moms know it's not simple to get our children to sleep more when they fight it.

TreeTog July 7th, 2012 12:28 PM

Re: Birth healing?
Do you mean spiritual or psychological healing? Has she been tested my any issues?


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