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.:Shortcake:. July 31st, 2012 08:51 AM

Who I am (GTKM)
Okay ladies with everyone's busy lives it's always nice to have somewhere you can come when you need support. Some of you ladies don't have as much time here and so this is for you and everyone else. Post here telling us about you.

Your name, DH Name
And anything else you want to share! Maybe how your journey brought you here. :)

I will have this stickied at the top so then if you see a post and want to know more about that person you can look right here. If things are changing in your life you can always come edit your post and change it :)

Leanne78 July 31st, 2012 09:33 AM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
Your name, DH Name - Amber & Bryan
Children/Angels - DD Akadia (2 yrs.), Angels 5/2011, 8/2011, 10/2011, 12/2011
And anything else you want to share! After 4 unexplained first trimester losses, I'm now almost 27 weeks along with my second little girlie due Nov. 2nd. I don't post here a lot since I'm usually busy hosting over at the Nov DDC, but I do keep up with how everyone is doing here. :)

Drakesmommy July 31st, 2012 09:56 AM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
Your name, DH Name Rachel & Casey
Children/Angels- Harmony & Cooper (4/18/2012) Angels-Drake 2/1/06-2/5/06 & 4 m/c's
And anything else you want to share! Maybe how your journey brought you here. - After almost 10 years with my ex-husband and 5 devastating losses I moved back to GA and met back up with Casey (long time friend of the family) and we hit it off and after only 3 months of dating I ended up pregnant. To our suprise it was twins ( they don't run on either side) and now here we are with two precious babies.

melissalaw July 31st, 2012 01:49 PM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
Your name, DH Name Melissa and Stephen
Children/Angels I have Jackson who just turned 3; Jacob who is 3 months and one sweet angel in heaven who I lost June 3, 2011.
And anything else you want to share! Maybe how your journey brought you here. My first pregnancy was uneventful so I expected my second to be also; but at 11 weeks I went in for a u/s and discovered the baby had passed away. I was so heartbroken but just after a few more months of trying we got pregnant with Jacob who was born April 25, 2012 and I could not be more blessed to have my two sweet boys. We are hoping to add one more baby to our family sometime next year. I'll keep everyone updated when we start trying. But for right now we are just enjoying our time with our newest addition.

Belita July 31st, 2012 04:54 PM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
Your name, DH Name Robyn & Bert
Children/Angels Angel-Gabriel 12/11 and currently pregnant with a baby boy we're naming Sean Jackson, due November 18th.
And anything else you want to share! Maybe how your journey brought you here. :) DH and I got married in October 2011 and started TTC in the beginning of December. I got pregnant our first try, but had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. After taking off one cycle and one failed cycle, we got pregnant with our rainbow baby!

BeckyBozeman July 31st, 2012 05:49 PM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
Your name, DH Name Becky and Adam
Children/Angels Regan Page, EDD 12/5 Two angels - 7/11 and 11/11
And anything else you want to share! Maybe how your journey brought you here. DH and I had only been living together a few months when we unexpectedly got pregnant. After the initial shock we were both really excited. When we lost the baby with a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks we were both heartbroken. We knew that we were going to be together and, being a little older, we decided to try again right away. The second time I started bleeding at 9 weeks and we found that we'd lost our second bean at about the same development as the first. So we had our OB do some testing and the bloodwork and HSG all came back normal. I'd always had a very short cycle and so we all agreed that we'd try supplemental progesterone the next time I got pregnant. It only took three months and we were back on the horse! The progesterone seems to have worked and we're now 22 weeks pregnant with Regan Page, who appears to be perfect in every way!

geogeek July 31st, 2012 08:52 PM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
Your name, DH Name: Rachel and E...
Children/Angels Marsela born in October 2011 following 5 early losses.
And anything else you want to share! Maybe how your journey brought you here. I got off of Depo for a variety of reasons in 2007 and during the learning phase of FAM we suffered our first loss. we were not at a time in our life to have a child so it was bittersweet. I got my first teaching job after graduation and found out I was pregnant within the first month of teaching. That was also a surprise, but we were excited about it because it was only 3 months before we were planning on TTC anyway. We lost that baby too. We decided that we wanted to move up the date of our TTC and suffered another loss the first cycle officially TTC. I came here and the RPL board and was advised to talk to my dr. about taking baby aspirin. I started taking it the LP of my second cycle TTC which was too late to save that baby as well. We also lost our next pregnancy after starting the aspirin, but they suggest 3 cycles of aspirin before TTC. Knowing this DH and I waited a couple of cycles and now we have Marsi.

kaylakay July 31st, 2012 10:09 PM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
I'm Kayla! My husband is David.

We have had 3 losses and now we have our perfect rainbow baby Avalynn June. :)

DH and I surprinsngly got pregnant out of the blue something just told me to stay home from work and take a test well it was positive. I was freaking out cause I didn't expect to be pregnant so in the moment I called everyone and told them. Well about a week later I started bleeding went to the ER and the baby did pass away and I miscarried that night. We were obviously devastated. We then decided to have a baby and started TTC the next month which ended in a chemical... We TTC 2 months after that and it was ectopic treated with MTX shot. We were so heart broken we said we would stop for a while so stopped for about 7 months and the first month we tried again I got pregnant with my lovely daughter Ava which is sleeping next to me right now :) I was on progesterone until 10 weeks and baby aspirin my whole pregnancy with her. :)

silverlife August 1st, 2012 02:02 PM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
I had two children and then two losses and now one rainbow baby. My losses were both unexplained missed miscarriages in the first trimester. My rainbow baby was conceived the first cycle after my 2nd miscarriage and was my easiest pregnancy of the five (as far as symptoms go).

mspkids August 1st, 2012 02:24 PM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
Your name, DH Name
Katrina and Pat
4 DD, 2 DS and expect another one in 19 weeks. Angels between #5 and #6 (Twins and a single), and then again 2 weeks before conceiving this latest addition.
And anything else you want to share! Maybe how your journey brought you here.
We both knew we wanted a big family. We went through the first 5 pgs without major issues (either conceiving or carrying). Never even concern about m/cing. I got pg with #6 (twins) and I was floored. I went in for the 7w u/s and thought the HBs were a little slow I didn't think anything about it. I lost them less than 2 weeks later. My heart sunk but I knew I wanted to try again. We waited a cycle and I got pg on Valentine's night. This one looked perfect. My BIL died 7 weeks later and as I was getting ready for his wake, I realized I was spotting again. There were no warning signs that there was anything wrong. We opted for testing since we lost 2 back to back without any real signs. All tests came back normal. After 4 months, we decided take the kids to Disney and brought home a permanent souvenir (our second from Disney). DD#4 was born 38 weeks later. I figured we were done until last Feb. No clue how but I ended pg again on Valentine's day. 6 weeks later, I noticed spotting. I went in for u/s and realized I was losing another pg. I told DH, I was done and we both agreed. This little surprise was a whoops. We are thrilled and can't wait. This one will be our last pg. I can't handle the stress of another 1st trimester again.

ohnicole August 1st, 2012 05:23 PM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
Your name, DH Name Nicole and Chris
Children/Angels Eleanor Rose born 11/8/11 and one angel lost on 9/18/09
And anything else you want to share! Maybe how your journey brought you here. DH and I started TTC right after getting married and got pregnant pretty quickly with our angel, who we lost in a missed miscarriage in September 2009. After our loss, we TTCed for a year without another pregnancy, so we ended up at the RE's office for fertility treatments. Six months (and one clotting disorder, one thyroid disorder, and one borderline sperm count) later, we were able to finally conceive our rainbow using Femara and IUI. I was on Lovenox and baby aspirin throughout my pregnancy. At 35 weeks, I was hospitalized with gestational hypertension, and finally was allowed to go home on bedrest until my induction (due to the hypertension) at 38 weeks. Eleanor Rose was born after a crazy fast <5 hour labor, during which I was on a Mg drip and confined to the bed because of my blood pressure. Now she is crawling all over the place, pulling up on the furniture (and the dogs!) and smiling like crazy! :wub:

chickadee August 1st, 2012 08:01 PM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
Your name, DH Name Rebecca and Peter
Children/Angels One ectopic and another first trimester loss; currently 13w1d pregnant
And anything else you want to share! Maybe how your journey brought you here. After TTC for 1.5 years we found out we were pregnant in June 2011, but within a few days I began bleeding. Over the course of 2.5 weeks I first had a D&C (initial dx was incomplete mc) and then methotrexate before finally having an emergency lapartomy to resolve an ectopic. With that surgery I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis, and told IVF would be our only option for a pregnancy. We began IVF in November 2011, and that's what brought me to JM (TTCMA forum). Our fresh cycle and first FET both failed (I had a very brief chemical with the first FET), but after our second FET in May we learned we were pregnant with twins. We lost one of them at 8w1d. At 8w0d there were two heartbeats on ultrasound, and the next day there was only one. It was heartbreaking. I'm relieved to have made it past 12w with this baby and I'm doing better now than I was, but I am still struggling with the loss.

~Tanya~ August 7th, 2012 08:39 AM

Your name - Tanya
Children/Angels - DS Christian (16 years), DD Bethany (14 years), Angels: Daniel who was born sleeping at 19 weeks and 2 days due to IC on 11/9/2010, Missed m/c at 16 weeks no known cause 12/2009 - then I have 10 other angels in heaven ranging from 1994-2008 - varied times from chemical pregnancies to 14 weeks.
And anything else you want to share! This pregnancy has been a rough road with lots of medications and procedures to ensure all is being done that can be, but I'm nearing the "safe zone" my OB wants me to get to.

mom2moose August 7th, 2012 08:53 AM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
I'm Jenny, married to Joe. We have Moose who is almost 4 and Finnegan who almost ONE!!! I had a m/c in between at 10 weeks. I was also told I would never get pregnant, so my babies are a blessing and joy to me. (Even when they make me crazy. LOL)

K.A.T August 7th, 2012 01:21 PM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
Your name, DH Name: Liz and Kev
Children/Angels DD Tiana 16, DSD Doni 13, DS Kev 7, DS Ethan 7/23/12 (Rainbow Baby) Roo early loss 10/11
And anything else you want to share! Maybe how your journey brought you here. On our 9th anniversary last July, we decided to try for one more baby. By Oct we conceived. I was thrilled and never even suspected that there would be any issues. About a week after finding out, I started bleeding. I went to the er and they couldn't find anything. When they ran my numbers, they were super low and explained why nothing was seen on the u/s. They kept monitoring my numbers to make sure they dropped, and they did. OB considered it a chemical, but I don't like label. IMO, I lost a baby and you can't convince me otherwise. He advised us to wait a cycle or two, but life had other plans and I got pregnant with Ethan before I even had a chance to have my first menstrual cycle after losing Roo. Doc put me on progesterone and I had Ethan at 38 weeks via inductions due to the development of pre-e. Now, I feel like my family is truly complete and I'll be talking to the doc about permanent bc.

martilynne August 14th, 2012 08:34 AM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
Your name, DH Name Marti and Kyle
Children/Angels Jax 20 months and I'm 14 weeks pregnant with #2. angels- 2 1st tri losses and Lilly Marie
And anything else you want to share! Maybe how your journey brought you here. 1st pregnancy was a missed m/c, we found out at 11 weeks that there was no heartbeat and baby was measuring around 7 weeks. I had a D&C and the pathology report showed it was a partial molar pregnancy. 2nd pregnancy we saw a beautiful heartbeat at 7 weeks, one week later u/s showed no heartbeat. I miscarried at home a few days later after stopping my progesterone supplement. 3rd pregnancy was our sweet Lilly. Everything was looking great until we got the results from the 1st trimester screen. We were given 1 in less than 5 chance that our baby had trisomy 13 or 18. CVS confirmed that I was carrying a baby girl with full trisomy 18. She passed at 15 weeks.

We conceived Jax or first cycle trying after we lost Lilly. He is the most amazing boy in the world and we are so blessed to have him in our life. We started trying for #2 after I got my 1st AF a year after he was born. We got pregnant on cycle 6 with this little miracle. Everything is looking great so far and I will be 15 weeks on sat :)

1InSummerland August 14th, 2012 08:54 AM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
I'm Laura and DH is Gabriel.

We have one second trimester loss and one chemical pregnancy. I was 16 weeks into my pregnancy when my loss (missed miscarriage) was diagnosed. It took some time for DH and me to feel comfortable trying again and the first cycle we tried resulted in a chemical pregnancy. Thankfully, two cycles later I got my sticky BFP and I am now 7-10 weeks from holding our baby boy, Jude, in my arms.

humnck November 6th, 2012 07:54 AM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
Your name, DH Name: Cary & Scott

Children/Angels: Angels 4/2008 and 8/2011 Rainbows: Reagan 3/3/09 and Addy 6/28/2012

When we decided to TTC after a couple of years of marriage, we never expected it to happen so quickly, I had done research, met with my doc and knew that it could take upwards of 1 year to get pregnant. We were surprised and excited to find out that we got pregnant on the 1st try. However, at about 6 weeks, I started spotting and went in for an u/s, they only saw a sac, but decided to wait another week since it was still a little early, I went for 2 more u/s's each a week later than the other and at 8 weeks, it was determined that I had a blighted ovum and I scheduled a D&E for the next day. After my first post loss AF, we started TTC right away and were again surprised that we got pregnant right away with our rainbow baby Reagan - she gave us quite a fright at 8 weeks when I started heavily bleeding, turned out to be a clot that was right by my cervix. When Reagan was about 2, we decided to NTNP and within about 3 months, I was pregnant again. We saw a seemingly healthy baby at about 6.5 weeks, strong hb and everything. At about 11.5 weeks I started spotting and with my history, my doc had me come in for an u/s. We found out that the baby had stopped growing and the hb had stopped at about 8.5 weeks. I had a D&E and we found out that that baby had a chromosomal abnormality (Turners Syndrome). Again, after my 1st post loss AF, we started TTC again and got lucky again and we were pregnant right away with our 2nd rainbow baby, Addyson!

lindsey2000k November 27th, 2012 05:30 AM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
Your name, DH Name: Lindsey & John
Children/Angels Madison (5) Bryson (6mo) 8-1-06, 10-6-10, 3-17-2011, 5-8-11
And anything else you want to share! Maybe how your journey brought you here.
My first miscarriage happened in 2006 I was 7 weeks along and started bleeding heavy. I went to the DR and they said I was having a miscarriage. March 2007 DH& I decided to TTC and I got pregnant with Madison and had a easy pregnancy with no problems. In August 2010 I had a suprize, I felt like crap and was getting ready to go to the DR and realized I was almost 2 weeks late so I took a pregnancy test and it was a huge bfp. The dr scheduled me for my first appointment at 10 weeks. They did a ultrasound to date the pregnancy and there was no heartbeat and the baby has stopped growing the week before. I was talked into a D&C the next morning. In December 2012 I got pregnant once again. I went in and had HCG draws done and everything was looking perfect. 6 weeks we had a ultrasound and there was a heart beat. I lost all my symptoms and had my 10 week check up and I told them before we do any paper work I want to make sure we still have a heart beat because I just have this gut feeling something is wrong. The midwife got the Doppler out and could not find a heart beat so they had the DR give me a ultrasound and I was right the baby had stopped growing a couple days earlier. I opted to not do another D&C and waited 5 weeks and finally with the help of cytotec I miscarried the baby March 17th 2011. This was a pretty hard miscarriage because I was not expecting to actually see a baby the size of my thumb :( I went on to get pregnant again with out having a period. They did HCG draws and I was told it was not looking very good. I woke up with extreme pain and they had me come in right away for a ultrasound. I should have been 6-7 weeks along but they could not find anything. The Dr could see something in my tube so I had to go to the hospital and get the metheltroxate shot. I managed to keep my tube. August 2011 I got pregnant once again. They ran tests on me and found out I have MTHFR & a light case of PCOS so I was put on Metformin and to take Lovenox injections next pregnant. In Aug 2011 I got pregnant again and we did the blood draws and weekly ultrasounds. This pregnancy resulted in my second rainbow baby Bryson.

..Michelle.. December 29th, 2013 09:04 PM

Re: Who I am (GTKM)
Hi, I'm Michelle and DH is Brad.
Our angel is our son, Roman Bradley. He was born at 30 weeks, 2 days gestation on July 1, 2008. He grew wings on July 6, 2008 from prematurity problems, hydrocephaly, cerebral palsy and spinal meningitis.
I just got my BFP on Dec. 27 and see the doctor on Jan. 2, 2014 to confirm and get blood work done :wub:

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