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EverydayJoy June 15th, 2013 09:46 PM

Hey Melissa, I was wondering, do you have a first OB appointment lined up yet? If not, when do you plan to schedule one? What's the next step for you?
Hope you're feeling well!

melissalaw June 17th, 2013 07:05 AM

Re: Melissa
thanks Joy. My dr was out of town last week so I'm hoping to go in tomorrow and get blood work done and then hopefully set up my first ultrasound. Because of my previous loss when I was pregnant with Jacob my OB did ultrasounds every two weeks so I'm hoping that he will do that this time. The reassurance was so nice.

I believe their office opens at 9:00 so I'm going to call when they open. I'm feeling pretty good although it is still really early. I've been a bit queasy so I'm thinking the morning sickness will be starting soon.

thanks for thinking of me and I'll let you guys know after I call the dr and set up the appointment for the blood work.

melissalaw June 17th, 2013 08:13 AM

Re: Melissa
Just talked to my dr office. I go in Wednesday morning at 9:00 for bloodwork. Wish me luck. I'll let you know how it goes. I am most nervous because I am still breastfeeding Jacob. Just wondering how that will affect things. We are down to just 3 or 4 times a day but it still worries me.

EverydayJoy June 17th, 2013 08:56 AM

Re: Melissa
I wish you luck, Melissa! Let us know how it goes!

bcogoli June 17th, 2013 09:29 AM

Re: Melissa
I cant wait to here how it goes. Praying you get to have an ultrasound soon.

melissalaw June 17th, 2013 09:32 AM

Re: Melissa
Thanks Ladies!!

humnck June 17th, 2013 10:43 AM

Re: Melissa
Yay for getting an appointment! Can't wait to hear!

Pitridge June 17th, 2013 11:41 AM

Re: Melissa
Good luck!
About the BF and being pregnant, your supply will go down and probably Jacob will sop nursing.

melissalaw June 18th, 2013 07:12 AM

Re: Melissa

Originally Posted by Pitridge (Post 27454231)
Good luck!
About the BF and being pregnant, your supply will go down and probably Jacob will sop nursing.

That is what I have heard. I have also heard that it will change the taste and baby won't like the taste as much. We are almost done anyway. I think he mainly nurses now for comfort more that being hungry.

melissalaw June 19th, 2013 08:15 AM

Re: Melissa
Went this morning and gave some blood. they will check HCG and progesterone levels. I won't have my results until tomorrow morning. The waiting is always the hardest part for me.

they weren't worried at all that I was still breastfeeding. The nurse said the breastfeeding wouldn't hurt the baby at all. I would just need to eat more and drink lots and lots of water. Sometimes your progesterone can be lower but they will check that and we will deal with that if that happens to be the case. I do feel better after talking to her. now if tomorrow morning would be here quickly.

EverydayJoy June 19th, 2013 11:04 AM

Re: Melissa
I'm glad you got some reassurance about nursing. Hope you hear back soon about your blood!

Ame C June 19th, 2013 01:49 PM

Re: Melissa
I didn't think breast feeding while pregnant would be an issue but then again I don't know much about it, so I didn't chime in. But I can't wait to hear your updates tomorrow! I'm sure everything will be perfect but waiting is pretty torturous! You got this!!

doremi June 20th, 2013 12:42 AM

Re: Melissa
Best wishes! I was still bf-ing Josiah when I got pregnant with Jamison. He complained about the taste of my milk with all three of my pregnancies (2 losses then Jamison) at around the 5 week mark, and self weaned at the 5.5 week mark when I was pregnant with Jamison. However, I know others who nursed through pregnancy, so it just depends on the child!

Ame C June 20th, 2013 02:29 PM

Re: Melissa
Just checking on you :smile: Any updates today?

melissalaw June 20th, 2013 02:40 PM

Re: Melissa
Well my dr's office is driving me nuts. They said to call this morning at 9:30 for the results so I did and left a message for the nurse. She called back at 11:00 and said they didn't have the results yet and should have them after lunch. she said she would call me back. I called them back at 3:00 and left another message so now I'm just waiting. I do love my dr's office but they get so busy that they forget to return phone calls. That is my biggest complaint with them. They close at 5:30 so they should hopefully be calling soon so I'll let you know. I'm sure that everything is ok but I just want verification from them that it is.

melissalaw June 21st, 2013 06:53 AM

Re: Melissa
Well the nurse didn't call until around 6:00 last night. I was beginning to think that they weren't going to call back yesterday. She said they had been really busy.

My HCG was at 1400 which she said was great but my progesterone was at a 14.46 which she said was lower than my dr liked it to be. She called me in a prescription for progesterone supplements so I started that last night. I was freaked at first but thanks to some of you ladies on facebook you helped put my mind at ease. It still makes me nervous but I am believing that the supplements will do their job and this little baby is going to be healthy. she said I would take the supplements until 12 weeks when they would repeat my progesterone test to see where my levels where then.

I go back Monday morning at 8:30 for a repeat on my bloodwork and then on Tuesday she said we would set up my first ultrasound which should be a little after 6 weeks which would be week after next.

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