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melissalaw June 26th, 2013 09:46 AM

Question about Labor and Delivery
For Mommies: Did you go into labor on your own or were you induced?
Was it C-Section?
Did you have drugs, ie epi or was it natural?

For Pregnant Ladies:
Will you be induced or try to go into labor on your own?
Will you have a C-Section?
Do you plan on having drugs or are you going natural?

With both of my boys I was induced. I did not have a c-section with either of them. I did have an epidural with both boys but had alot of complications from the epi with Jacob so I will never have another epi.

So with this baby I am planning on trying to go into labor on my own and I want a natural child birth. Just hoping I can do it because I am terrified to have another epi.

humnck June 26th, 2013 10:10 AM

Re: Question about Labor and Delivery
I was induced because I was overdue. I tried so hard with Addy to go on my own, but nothing was working. With Reagan, I actually was starting to go into labor when they admitted me, but I still needed the foley bulb because the contractions were NOT opening my cervix like they should have. I had it twice, because of the same reason with Addy. I didn't need as much pitocin with Addy, once my water was broken, bam, contractions started every 2 minutes.

I had an epi both times, no complications. With Reagan I also had Stadol, which I decided not to do again because I was way too groggy during labor and it made it really hard for me to put my all into pushing, so it took me almost 2 hours to push. With Addy, she came out in 10 minutes!

BeckyBozeman June 26th, 2013 11:30 AM

Re: Question about Labor and Delivery
I was induced because I was a week overdue and my blood pressure was slightly elevated. Legally at that point my midwife had to turn me over to the OB. So we did cervadil, then pitocin, then stripped my membranes, then broke my water. They kept checking me and I'm pretty sure that every time it made my body retract any progress that I'd made. After 36 hours I caved and got the epidural, which then failed. And then my blood pressure really spiked (this is when we think Regan aspirated the meconium). It took two hours to get a second epidural in, and between that and the meds that they'd given me for my bp, had to medicate me again when my bp plummeted. I did finally progress to 9 cm but stalled out there... the contractions just weren't doing anything anymore because after 40 hours my uterus and I were just plain exhausted. So we went to the OR.

Needless to say I'm hoping for a natural VBAC the second time around...

EverydayJoy June 26th, 2013 12:19 PM

Re: Question about Labor and Delivery
I was induced with Ethan for low amniotic fluid, and he was having some late decelerations in his heart rate, which makes them nervous. I didn't have any pain meds, just pitocin. It was rough but I made it through.

With Kody I didn't have anything, not induced and no pain meds. It went pretty well, still extremely painful during pushing but it was fast. I think I got him out after about 6 or 7 pushes.

momof8lopez June 26th, 2013 01:39 PM

Re: Question about Labor and Delivery
I had my first 4 all natural, no c-cec's, no drugs......it SUCKED, lol

My 5th was induced at 39wks, due to my high risk ob feeling like my age was a big factor for my placenta to just give out. He's more comfortable at my age to do all inductions at 39wks. Im cool with that. Her induction was ok, the epi worked like a miracle, and it was a wonderful birth.

My 6th was natural, much quicker than an induction, and the epi was wonderful again!

My 7th was natural, no induction again, and the epi failed to work, so it was all natural again......and it sucked, but being able to move my legs immediately after birth was a blessing. The get up and go was a lot quicker too without the epi working. No issues related to the epi with any of my last three. I will probably have the epi again this time, but at least I'm mentally prepared for it to not work again.

kaylakay June 26th, 2013 02:05 PM

Re: Question about Labor and Delivery
I went into labor on my own at 37.5. I had contractions all day and my water broke at home.

When I got to the hospital I was a 5 but my water had Mec in it. I got my epi (no complications) and then I started having issues. My heart rate rose to 140 my daughters heart rate 180 no variables. My temp rose to 103.9 and I was throwing up. I also wasn't progressing anymore.

After an hour of them trying to lower my temp and heart rate my daughters heart rate jumped to 220 then came off the monitor. I was rushed back to the OR for an emergency c section.

My daughter and I both obtained nasty infections.

We're obviously okay but I had to stay in the hospital for 5 days for IV antibiotics.

I can't decide if I want to try to VBAC or elective c section next baby.

I work in Labor and Delivery and I'd say 80% of VBACs work... But the ones who don't are really bad. I've seen babies die before.

So who knows.

Ame C June 27th, 2013 06:36 PM

Re: Question about Labor and Delivery
I was induced and labored/delivered with no epi. This time around there are plans to induce me around 38 weeks and If everything goes as I hope I will labor/deliver with no pain meds again.

MeggysMommy June 29th, 2013 11:33 PM

Re: Question about Labor and Delivery
I was induced with a c/section at 36wks and 6 days because of my bp and Megan was breech. My doc was all for a vbac this time if baby girl was head down. Found out last week she is breech too so I have a c/section scheduled for July 15th unless I go into labor beforehand.

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