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L-SBB July 30th, 2013 10:22 AM

32 wks - high risk dr appt went weird
Yay for 32 weeks today!!!

High risk dr appt was seriously a rollercoaster this morning...first off I thought we were only doing u/s to check baby size, blood flow, etc. but first surprise was nurse telling me I now have to do about a 20 min NST each appt (now weekly) so they hook me up to the monitor...and...CANT FIND THE BABY'S HB! Yes I start to freak out - frantically trying to recall if i'd felt her move that morning (couldn't remember feeling her kick much), and the nurse is looking worried, calls for another nurse, they shut the door so now i'm literally about to break down when the 2nd nurse finds the HB (thank god!) and now my BP is probably through the roof but everything is otherwise fine.

Then I do the u/s...baby's good, still precisely 55% which makes high risk dr happy, and now 4lbs 6oz big :smile:. I find out that we won't do sizing every scan, even though I will have a weekly scan, so next appt will be just the NST & a quick scan to check blood flow through the UC, etc.

But then the bad news, after months (literally) of being head down...baby is now transverse :o and high risk dr is telling me to prepare myself for possibility of C-section (!!!) which he knows I want desperately to avoid...and he says there's still time for her to move back...but if she doesn't he won't let OB attempt an external version b/c it's too risky (I guess because of the blood thinners or possibly because of the prior SCH and potential to reopen bleeding?) SIGH, definitely wasn't what I was hoping to hear.

I know we have some smart mamas in here who know more about getting babies to turn than I do...any safe/natural things I can try to do to encourage her to go back to head down? Any idea when she'll be likely to big to move...i'm thinking I have literally until 36 weeks when OB plans to schedule induction (or now possibly C-section) but I think I want to fight the C-section literally until day I go to hospital :p

melissalaw July 30th, 2013 11:12 AM

Re: 32 wks - high risk dr appt went weird
What a morning you've had Lara. How scary that they couldn't find the heartbeat. That is my worst fear. My dr now does the u/s first before we do anything because of how stressed out I get from the fear of not finding the heartbeat. So glad that they found it.

I hate that she is no longer head down. I have insight into that but hopefully somebody else can give you some ideas of how to make her move. Glad her size is doing good though. I'm hoping that she turns head down so you don't have to have a c-section. I know I really don't want one of those either.

momof8lopez July 30th, 2013 11:17 AM

Re: 32 wks - high risk dr appt went weird
Wow, I think my blood pressure rose while reading about your appt!! Im happy all is well and she is measuring just perfect!

32wks is still really early, and being transverse is much better than being breach. My fifth was transverse until about 36wks, then went head down. She just like popping her head out and moving over to the side.....which is normal at this stage. You have plenty of time still for her to move back on her own, which Im sure she will!!

Sunrise July 30th, 2013 06:49 PM

Re: 32 wks - high risk dr appt went weird
I freaked out too reading your appt :) I'm sorry it was a mess. There are many things to move baby- lets research together. Best of luck

BeckyBozeman July 30th, 2013 11:06 PM

Re: 32 wks - high risk dr appt went weird
Glad everything is looking good Lara! Several of the mommas in my play room absolutely swore by the spinning babies exercises. Spinning Babies Home

Still others said the chiropractor was the way to go...

EverydayJoy July 31st, 2013 12:56 AM

Re: 32 wks - high risk dr appt went weird
OMG Lara, I would have freaked too about the heartbeat! I'm sooo glad they found it! I would have been seriously shaken.
I have heard about the spinning babies thing too, so hopefully that means there's something to it! I had my little Kody turn breech on me partway through the pregnancy when he'd been head down for some time (can't remember what week I was...30 maybe?). It scared me so I started reading up on stuff like that. Women did all sorts of things including putting an ice pack where baby's head was, trying to get the baby to turn away from the cold sensation! Yikes! Not sure I'd do that, but there are lots of things you can try for sure. Being on a hands and knees position frequently is supposed to be good for if baby is sunny side up. And so on and so forth...
Anyway, Kody was back where he should be by the next appointment. I think it's only close to the end, like 38 weeks where they get a bit too cramped to move around much. And then, there are those babies that turn around the right way right at the last minute...the same day Mom goes into labor. So you never know! I understand the concern though. I hope for your sake she turns!

AimeeD041727 July 31st, 2013 02:03 PM

Re: 32 wks - high risk dr appt went weird
I think you scared us all! I'm glad everything else went good. Like the other ladies said, you still have time!

L-SBB July 31st, 2013 02:51 PM

Re: 32 wks - high risk dr appt went weird
thanks ladies - I will definitely check out the spinning babies website!

I had reg OB apt today, told her about the scare and she said they probably assumed baby was still head down and when they go sideways (or I assume breach) then suddenly HB isn't where it should be...still scared the crud out of me, but at least i'm better prepared if it happens at next week's appt.

OB is still optimistic she'll turn - said she won't worry until about her position until 35-36 weeks but said she's had a few turn as late as 39 weeks, although since i'm to be induced at 38 I need baby to be more prompt than that :p I am lucky that my OB considers C-sections to be last resort sort of procedure too, so I am confident she'll do everything possible to try to avoid one especially knowing how much I don't want to have one unless there is truly no other option.

ohnicole July 31st, 2013 04:39 PM

Re: 32 wks - high risk dr appt went weird
Glad baby is doing well for you, but that is scary that they didn't find the heartbeat at first!

Our little one turned transverse around week 28 with this pregnancy. I totally second the Spinning Babies site! I was doing a couple Forward Inversions from that site every day, doing pelvic tilts whenever I could, and doing some of the releases, trying to get her to turn, and she was head down at 32 weeks and has remained head down since. I was going to start doing the Breech Tilt if she didn't turn by 32 weeks.

It is easier to get them to turn earlier, and Spinning Babies recommends going to a chiropractor at 34-36 weeks if they're not head down by then, so it couldn't hurt to start a few of the exercises. Doing them really makes me feel more comfortable, too. If I start getting a lot of round ligament pains or pelvic pain, I make sure to do a few exercises from the site, and it always helps!

I hope she turns for you!

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