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Ame C August 8th, 2013 08:05 PM

My dilemma: "Cloth vs. Disposable"
With my first baby I planned on cloth diapering but didn't build a huge stash. I have 2 diaper covers in each size and bought tons of cute material to make some of my own... but of course never got around to it (My sewing machine has a bad wire somewhere and the machine turns on and off if the electrical cord wiggles at all). I have another 6-8 (can't remember exactly) cloth nappies that were given to me as gifts. They are really thick and say they don't need a cover at all, but I'm a little nervous about those. Other than that I have 2 dozen pre-folds. Basically my point is, I have a little stash that will get me by until I figure out what works and what doesn't.

My issue is, I was a lot more stuck up during my first pregnancy about the things I planned to do as a mother. Now that things are slightly different, and all I can imagine myself doing is holding this baby 24/7... I'm not sure if struggling with cloth diapers and all the extra (stinky) laundry is something I will even WANT to do now. Did I mention I'm not a fan of dirty laundry in the first place? Disposables seems so much easier. Baby needs a change? Okay!! Slap on a fresh new sposie, toss the old one in the trash and boom, back to snuggling with baby.

I don't know if I'm looking for motivation, or what, but I want the honest truth from you ladies. What would you do in my situation? Use disposables until baby is at the mobile age and is no longer wanting mommy snuggles then switch to my little cloth diaper stash? Switch between cloth and sposies from the beginning? OR, stick to disposables since it is easier?

I would appreciate any opinions, comments, experiences, etc.

geogeek August 8th, 2013 08:43 PM

Re: My dilemma: "Cloth vs. Disposable"
Well, I do cloth diaper, but I know it is definitely not for everyone. I hate laundry as well, but for some reason, diaper laundry isn't bad for me. You can always sell the stash that you have, or you can use it when baby comes and see if it will work. You can always sell them used if you decide that it isn't for you after you use them. I guess I am not the best person to try and sway you one way or the other.

EverydayJoy August 8th, 2013 09:34 PM

Re: My dilemma: "Cloth vs. Disposable"
I have done mostly disposable diapers with my kiddos and solely cloth for about 3 months. I think no matter what, disposable is going to be easier. Cloth however will be more cost effective, so if you have any financial worries, cloth might be best in that case.
What about just using disposable to start so you can just enjoy your little bundle, and then when you sort of come up for air, so to speak, and start thinking about something other than baby 24/7, give cloth a try? :)

PrincessCelestia August 8th, 2013 09:41 PM

Re: My dilemma: "Cloth vs. Disposable"
I like cloth simply because there is never an issue with running out that can't be solved by doing wash. Also I really loved folding the diapers (and I hate putting away laundry, hence my 5 million laundry baskets to accommodate the entire households clean clothes). And if you EBF then the early on diapers just get chucked into the washer without having to rinse, which cannot be said for diapers after you start any solid foods. I used the pack of diapers given to me at the hospital for meconium, but DD2 broke out in a rash so I moved to cloth fast. :P

Ame C August 8th, 2013 10:36 PM

Re: My dilemma: "Cloth vs. Disposable"
Isn't money an issue for everyone??? ;)
It probably is a good idea to use cloth as much as possible to save on the cost of diapers. I wish I knew someone who would make diaper covers for me with all my material. I have been dreading the idea of even trying to attempt making any. Unfortunately though, none of my girl friends or family members are crafty in that way. Boo! My FIL knows how to work a sewing machine, but there's the whole MIL issue. I don't want to deal with her. Lol. Plus I don't know if that's something he would be interested in doing for me. MIL complains about how lazy he is.

Do cloth diapers, covers, and inserts HAVE to be sun dried? I think I remember someone saying something about that at one point in my DDC/PR. I also remember someone saying something about dryer sheets messing with the diapers and so forth. Anyone know the rules? I'm pretty clueless.

PrincessCelestia August 8th, 2013 10:46 PM

Re: My dilemma: "Cloth vs. Disposable"
Fabric softener is a no-no, it creates a "barrier" and builds up. Eventually pee will roll off instead of absorbing. DD1 had FuzziBuns and I always tossed her inserts in the dryer. There is no line drying I the winter here anyhow. ;)

I used prefolds mostly with DD2, and cheapie covers (so if I needed to replace one it was less than a pack of 'sposies). Dry time was short. I've not even gotten a BFP yet and I've already plotted a whole stash :blush:

Sun drying helps to remove stains... I stopped caring after awhile because they were not $50 dipes I wanted to resell. ;)

Ame C August 8th, 2013 10:58 PM

Re: My dilemma: "Cloth vs. Disposable"
Thank you :smile:

Isn't there a rule about booty creams and cloth diapers too? I have completely forgotten all this information. I think either white creams... or was it clear ointments are a "No, no"?

EverydayJoy August 8th, 2013 11:01 PM

Re: My dilemma: "Cloth vs. Disposable"
If you are willing to pay someone to do the cloth diaper covers, what about contacting someone on Etsy? (www.etsy.com) it's a crafty website where people make stuff and sell it, and I bet you could find a zillion people who would be willing to do it for you. I'd just look for a seller who already makes and sells diaper covers in a style that you like the looks of, then contact them asking about their prices for doing it with your materials (you could ship it to them for not too much, I'd think, if you don't mind it going "slow boat").

As for sun drying, totally not necessary, the reason it can be helpful to do at times is that the sun bleaches out the stains on the fabric. But my method was just to wash (usually hot water is recommended, but I did cold water and bleach), give them an extra rinse to wash out ALL the bleach so it didn't burn the baby's bottom, and then dry as I would regular clothes, but without the fabric softener. I've seen articles that say if you put a ball of foil in the dryer it works to soften your clothes, etc. You could look up natural fabric softeners if you feel that the diapers aren't soft enough otherwise, but I just used cheap-ish cloth diapers (just the old Gerber prefolds) and they seemed just fine with no dryer sheets. You just don't want anything that leaves a residue on the cloth is all, otherwise over time it can block the weave of the fabric, making it less absorbent and prone to leaks.

As for your diapers that say they're extra thick and don't need a cover, I'd probably still do a cover anyway. With Kody sometimes he will hold his pee and then whoosh! let it all out, and it can overwhelm a diaper sometimes. Plus covers can be nice as a second "fail-safe" for poop blowouts, in case they go out the diaper, the cover is a second chance to catch the poop.

For sure invest in flushable liners, well at least once baby starts making a little more solid poops, because you diaper up the baby with the liner inside, and then when they poop you just pick up the liner, throw it in the toilet with the poop, and then wash the diaper--no rinsing off the poop beforehand needed. So slick! I did that with Ethan when I did CDing around the 2 year old mark, and it worked great.

If baby pees through diapers too quickly, you can just double them up. With Ethan (granted, he was a 2 year old at the time, so he had a lot of pee), I would put on 3 cloth diapers for bedtime and a plastic cover over top. Daytime was 2 cloth diapers. Worked well.

They have all sorts of neat helps you can buy, like a hose attachment that goes on your toilet for rinsing diapers, a "wet bag"...a bag you can toss diapers into while you're waiting to do laundry, so they don't stink, but honestly just a bucket and a place to stash it worked fine for me. You can put some water and a little baking soda in the bucket, then toss dirty diapers in there, then just wash the whole lot when you have enough accumulated to do a load. I actually would just leave a little water in the bottom of the washing machine, put a little laundry soap in, and toss dirty diapers there. Then, come wash day every 3 days or so, I'd drain the dirty water out, then toss in more soap & bleach and start the load. It worked out ok for us because I only needed to do regular laundry about once a week. So on that day I'd just put diapers in a bucket and do the clothes, then put the diapers back in the washing machine.

Plastic diaper covers you can reuse a few times if they're just a little wet with pee, or you can rinse them out, hang up to dry, and reuse the next day. I usually just washed them when they got poop on them or after they'd been reused a few times and/or if they started to stink.

Hope that's not too much info! I'm not sure about the diaper rash cream, but with Ethan, I used A&D ointment, and it wasn't a problem. I think normally you are supposed to get a special kind that's compatible with CD's, but if you use the flushable inserts, it protects the diaper from coming in contact with the cream.

Ame C August 8th, 2013 11:07 PM

Re: My dilemma: "Cloth vs. Disposable"
^^ Thank you!! I appreciate all the great info. :smile: I love the idea of disposable inserts! I wonder why I don't remember anyone mentioning those before. this is the first time I've heard about those. Or maybe I missed that conversation.

Ame C August 9th, 2013 12:27 AM

Re: My dilemma: "Cloth vs. Disposable"
Another question for y'all. What disposable diaper inserts do you use? The only one I see on Target's website is gdiapers but the reviews on those say they are kind of rough and scratchy on baby's bottom. Target : Expect More. Pay Less.
I also see some by Charlie Banana but you get 32ct for about $16 vs. gdiaper's 105ct for about $9

melissalaw August 9th, 2013 07:09 AM

Re: My dilemma: "Cloth vs. Disposable"
You've gotten some great advice. Personally for me I went with disposable but I work full time and my kids daycare wasn't really too keen on me using disposable diapers. Plus I didn't want to spend the time washing all those diapers. I have such limited time anyway, It just wasn't feasible for me to use cloths. Having said that if I didn't work full time, I probably would have given cloth a try. I think in the long run they would definitely be cheaper. Plus if you've already gotten some then you might want to give it a try. Worst thing that could happen is you hate them and have to switch to disposables.

AimeeD041727 August 9th, 2013 07:21 AM

Re: My dilemma: "Cloth vs. Disposable"
I use both. Cloth diapers when we are at home and when we go places I use disposable. I found a lady who makes them on Amazon.

I've actually used the gdiaper inserts. I don't think they are scratchy. They basically feel like a regular disposable diaper.

I have a ton of the gdiaper inserts left, if you are interested. They are all size small. (8-14lbs)

Ame C August 9th, 2013 07:25 AM

Re: My dilemma: "Cloth vs. Disposable"
Aww that's very kind of you to offer Aimee. Do you have paypal? I can transfer whatever amount you want for them. PM me.

humnck August 9th, 2013 09:13 AM

Re: My dilemma: "Cloth vs. Disposable"
Ame, there is a girl in my PR that can make the covers for you, I bet if you sent her the fabric she would do it, she is very reasonable too! She is great, if you are interested, send me a message and I will get you her info :)

I use sposies, I just don't have time to do extra laundry, I barely keep up with the regular stuff :) I don't have any advice, but you have gotten great info here already!

EverydayJoy August 9th, 2013 10:12 AM

Re: My dilemma: "Cloth vs. Disposable"
I'm not positive, but I think the brand I used with Ethan was GroVia BioLiners. They were great and I think you get a bunch for like $12. I also found that if he only peed on them, I could run them through the wash (but NOT dryer) and reuse them a couple times. Not really necessary, but it let me stretch my supply of them a lot longer than just single use.

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