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EverydayJoy August 30th, 2013 12:24 AM

Got the Prevacid filled today, and it's probably too soon to tell, but Kody had a great evening! He actually fell asleep by himself on the floor while I was reading bedtime stories to Ethan. He just seems less fussy since a few hours after I gave it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Doctors (and pharmacists, apparently) are really annoying me right now. The doc was saying how his gut feeling was that this wouldn't work (nice, huh?). Well, so I refilled Kody's Zantac as well when I got the Prevacid filled, because in case it didn't work, I wanted to be able to go back to the Zantac. So the pharmacist was not too happy with that decision, because she was so worried that I was taking matters into my own hands and not consulting with my doctor before I decided to switch Kody back to the Zantac. I don't think she wanted to give me the Zantac at all, because she was worried I might give it at the same time as the Prevacid. It's not rocket science, lady! Sheesh. People must think we're idiots, you know? I don't see a need to contact the doctor to just have them tell me to do what I already know to do.
If it doesn't work, I figure we've tried everything as far as meds go, and just make do the best I can. I have no faith in my doctors! Ugh. It's annoying when you're more educated than they are in certain topics.

OK, rant over, now I'm going to bed!

Ame C August 30th, 2013 01:29 AM

Re: Prevacid
It's kind of unfair that people automatically assume we are all airheads. We aren't doctors or work in a pharmacy, therefore we must know nothing about whats wrong with our children and how to safely medicate them. Even the tiny-est stupid things Doctors will disagree with you on.. for example when I mentioned at one of my appointments that I had been feeling baby movement as early as 13 weeks. My Dr was like "No, it's too early. Maybe in another couple weeks." -- Errrm, noooo. But your a doctor so you MUST know everything, right? Gah!!!

Well at least you got both meds and it's fantastic that it's already working so well!! I hope it continues to help. Sometimes you just gotta roll your eyes at people and know that your NOT an idiot, whether they think you are or not. When you go back to the doctor again (whenever that may be) you should rub it in their face that the prevacid has made the fussies go away and you wish they would have suggested it. I know it's not true for EVER doctor, but I feel like we are just a patient number and paycheck for them. It seems like most of them don't go out of their way to work with us (or at least me) and try to figure out how they can help. They just brush it off and say "Oh, well.. it's normal." or "There's not much we can do."

Okay my rant is over now too, hahah! :p

EverydayJoy August 30th, 2013 09:06 AM

Re: Prevacid
LOL Amy, you totally get it too huh! Isn't it maddening?

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