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melissalaw December 5th, 2013 07:32 AM

Christmas Presents
Do you and your SO/DH buy each other Christmas presents? What are you hoping to get this year?

We don't normally buy each other Christmas presents. DH is so hard to buy for and there is never anything that he wants so I doubt that I will get him anything this year. I have been wanting a Keurig coffee maker so I am thinking that DH is going to get us one of those so it will be a present for both of us even though I tend to drink more coffee than him when I'm not pregnant.

we are also adding another bedroom onto our house so we have joked that the remodel will be our Christmas present

Schofield06 December 5th, 2013 02:55 PM

Re: Christmas Presents
We usually don't do much. Just little cheap things that I know my DH will like. It usually ends up being food stuff. My hubby sometimes will take me shopping and have me pick something out, but that's as much as we do. I just like having something for him to open on Christmas morning. It's just fun.

MelChicago December 5th, 2013 03:09 PM

Re: Christmas Presents
I usually get lots of gifts from my mom and other family/friends, so I like for my DH to have stuff to open too. DH's family does not give him (or me) gifts. (My mom always sends him a sweater- she has good taste- but I want him to have as much fun as me). He doesn't do any clothes shopping, so I'll get him some clothes, and then something bigger or special. Last year I gave him a new Kindle. One year it was a new fancy alarm clock and iPod dock. One year it was a new coffee grinder. Maybe a video game.

He hates shopping, and recently said something about how weird it felt for him to buy me a gift from "our" money when it would probably be something I'd buy myself anyway. I told him to suck it up :) I asked for a new iPod. Mine is on its last legs, and sure, I could buy a new one myself, and sure, it's "our" money. But I think gift giving is a nice gesture.

Boos Moo December 5th, 2013 06:23 PM

Re: Christmas Presents
Now that we've been together for a long time we just decide one or two things we need/want and then get it (like a new vacuum or new gaming system). We always buy little things though for each others stockings.

AnnaBonana December 5th, 2013 11:01 PM

Re: Christmas Presents
Can I just say I am SO EXCITED this year to get my DH his present. Last year I thought we were not doing 'big' gifts. I bought him a number of trinket type things and some clothing -- he got me an iPad mini, the one with huge storage on it. It was just such a thoughtful surprise gift and I felt guilty for not giving him the same.

This year I've worked enough before now that I have enough money to buy him a Nintendo Wii U! It's going to be a complete surprise and I know he will love it! I can't wait till he opens it!

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