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MrsHopeful January 30th, 2014 06:40 PM

Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
Hi ladies!
So I am now at 12dpo. On 10 dpo, I got my BFP!! And they have gotten darker since then :)

But then today, this morning, I had some light brown tinted CM. I've also been having some dull cramps and twinges. These are both things that I had with my first pregnancy...but with that one, it did not alarm me at all..I was so naive and innocent ..I knew that brown spotting could be very, very normal. But this time...it's FREAKING ME OUT!

Every little feeling I have and every time I go to the bathroom I'm expecting red blood. I know that, last time, it may not even have been related to the m/c..maybe that was still just my normal pregnancy symptoms...who knows...

Have any of you had brown CM and/or cramping? What is the severity of yours?

When I went to the bathroom this morning it was the majority of it that I saw for today (Not enough to be in my panties, but still quite a bit), then the few other times I've gone it's been much, much lighter..but still freaking me out..

I'm just waiting for these cramps to get much worse and it to all go down hill

I took a couple more wondfos when I got home and they're definitely a little darker than they were yesterday so I'm trying to hold on to that.. :/

geogeek January 30th, 2014 07:01 PM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
:dothug:PAL is so hard. With Marsi, I had brown spotting like you are talking about as well as some red spotting at 11 weeks. In my mind, it is reassuring to think "brown blood is old blood" it could be from baby implanting. It can take a while for implantation spotting to occur, if it does.
As far as the cramping, I hate early pregnancy with that. I have SO many cramps while my uterus grows. Until I reach viability, I am a constant TP checker. I feel AF type cramps and run to the bathroom to check the TP.
I hope that you stay here through your whole pregnancy! I love these ladies and they have gotten me through 2 full term pregnancies.

Boos Moo January 30th, 2014 07:03 PM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
Hugs Cassie. Spotting is so hard and unfortunately it's common in early pregnancy. Doesn't always mean something is wrong. I think a few of us on here have had spotting or brown cm and/or cramping early on. Sometimes it's a sensitive cervix. For me my spotting this time early on was caused from SCH which has since gone away.
I don't know how early they start testing betas and such (I've never had all that done myself), but I know a lot of women get their numbers checked to help ease their minds early on.
Maybe someone will have better advice, but I just wanted to say hang in there.

MrsHopeful January 30th, 2014 07:44 PM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
Thank you so much, ladies. You have helped to ease my mind a little. I'm kind of in a difficult place because technically I don't have a true doctor yet, as I have really disliked every single one I've been to so I have an appointment with a new one next Friday. I did tell the woman that I have had miscarriages and that is why she put me in earlier..normally they won't make you an appointment until 7 weeks.

My sister had brown spotting with both of her pregnancies...and from what she's said, her cramps were very similar to mine as well..almost like AF is still on her way sort of thing..and I have heard these things from other people as well I think, including geogeek now. So I think maybe I am just overreacting..(I hope) it really wasn't much at all. A decent amount this morning and now it's pretty much gone as of now *knock on wood* I am sure if it wasn't for the losses, I would still think nothing of it...

This is so much harder right now than I ever imagined it would be...I am so, so scared!! I am trying to stay as calm as I can though and remember that there's a great chance this pregnancy will result with a beautiful baby without a hitch.

I find myself wanting to call in to work JUST IN CASE I start bleeding because I can't imagine being there and that happening. I am just so paranoid. I want this so bad. But I know I am not alone in that at all..and you all, out of anyone, truly understand that.

Thank you for being gentle with your word choice and reassuring. That's what I needed right now! :heart:
I think if I have a lot more tomorrow I will probably call the doctor that I made the appointment with...do you ladies think I NEED to get in before Friday, or would it be more for my peace of mind?

geogeek January 30th, 2014 08:51 PM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
The only thing that would get you in early is if you want Betas. I will say, they are a double edged sword. With the first one, it means nothing as long as it is in the normal range, but you still analyze it. Is it too high? Is it too low? Then you wait for a second one hoping it doubled properly. Ultrasounds don't tell much until after 6 weeks. The first few weeks are the hardest for me. I don't mean to paint a terrible picture, but there is only so much that can be analyzed this early. :(

MelChicago January 30th, 2014 09:20 PM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
Welcome and giant hugs to you! Congratulations on your bfp!

I don't have any experience with the spotting (other than some light pink spotting I had at 17 weeks- I am nearly 25 weeks now and baby is fine) but I know many women have, and it's very common. You're so right, pregnancy after loss is really challenging. You could call your new dr and ask for betas to be drawn- but as geogeek said, sometimes that just adds new levels of worry. And the difficult thing is, if they don't give you good news, there's nothing that could be done anyway, in the next week (AND might not be conclusive either). Really, there's nothing that will make you feel 100% at this point. I'm sorry, that sounds so depressing! But In a way, it can be a way to help yourself just acknowledge the uncertainty and accept that you're doing your best, you love your baby, and you'll just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Hang in there, mama!

AnnaBonana January 31st, 2014 02:44 AM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
((Hugs)) and welcome

I had loads of cramps and spotting with this pregnancy. With my loss, I felt great until the day before my m/c. At six weeks with this pregnancy, I fully believed I had lost the baby because of the amount of blood and clots I passed. She stayed in and we were supervised with lots of ultrasounds until fifteen weeks. That's when my last episode of bleeding was. I also had cramps.

I hope that this s a normal part of pregnancy for you, and that you are able to pass the time. I don't think you ever stop worrying, necessarily, but you will learn how to occupy yourself so its off your mind a bit more. We'd all go crazy if we didn't!

Good luck and keep us posted. ((Hugs))

CLS2616 January 31st, 2014 06:33 AM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
I had brown spotting/light bleeding at 2 1/2 weeks pregnant and it lasted until 4 weeks. (got my BFP about 3 weeks 5 days) Dr. said it was implantation. I do remember some crampiness as well.

I've also had some spotting a couple times a week up until week 18ish, Dr said I have a sensitive cervix (i'm 19 weeks today) I had a loss at 9 weeks last year (started spotting/bleeding at week 6 and it never stopped) It's very stressful and I hope it stops for you soon!

melissalaw January 31st, 2014 07:04 AM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
Welcome and Congrats on your BFP. I had lots of cramping and it felt like I was going to be starting my period very soon. I know alot of women who have had spotting and gone on to have healthy babies.

Let us know how your appointment goes next week. I am hoping that this is your rainbow baby.

Schofield06 January 31st, 2014 09:36 AM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
:hug: It's so stressful when you spot in pregnancy. It's often completely normal, but something that still makes you worry. Sorry you're dealing with it. I hope everything turns out great for you!

MrsHopeful January 31st, 2014 07:37 PM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
Thank you so, so much everyone. Everything you're saying is making me feel much better! Today I had 0 brown CM, but the cramps are still around. They were much better throughout the day today but then just about maybe an hour or so ago they started up again off and on. How strong are the cramps that you all have had??
Although, I may (TMI) need to go to the bathroom. I've kind of been avoiding it because when I had my first loss it felt like I had to use the bathroom because of the pressure and then that's when it happened pretty much. :( I also feel like I haven't had the urgency to pee as much today and that's kind of been worrying me...but my sister said that it's normal for symptoms to come and go the whole time? Would you ladies agree?

This really is so hard. I am so, so, so HAPPY that I got my BFP and I feel so incredibly lucky..but it really is so difficult to just relax and not read into every little thing my body is or isn't doing!! I think/hope that maybe it'll get better after I have my appointment on Friday as long as everything goes well.

Do you ladies think I should use the progesterone cream I have and maybe start on a baby aspirin a day?

Boos Moo January 31st, 2014 07:52 PM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
Don't avoid going to the bathroom, that can make your cramping worse. My cramping was pretty much like period cramping. And your sister is right, symptoms can come and go. And just because you do or do not have them doesn't always mean anything.
As for the cream and baby asprin I really don't know. I know a lot of women do take them, but I never have and personally would call the doctor to ask. But like I said I've never used either.
Hugs, the first months are so hard.

Danielle80 January 31st, 2014 11:13 PM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
Hey Cassie! I have been thinking of you and hoping that everything was ok. Glad the spotting stopped. My cramping has been like a period and it comes and goes. I too have the crazy fear. The other night I took a freakin cbe digi with weeks estimator just to see the 3+ (Which I never got with my last mc) and I knew I shouldn't because I had my blood drawn 3 days before and it was almost 3000.. So it was over where the 3+ mark is! But I took it and it said 2-3 I was devastated. I told my husband that it most likely over and I cried. I called my doc and she ordered a stat beta (so an hour later I went in to have my blood drawn) and she called me yesterday am and said my hcg was 9000. Stupid mc's! Stupid fear! It's so hard to feel ok.. I am praying for all of us who are dealing with fear and uncertainty! Praying for our peace and for happy healthy pregnancies!

Oh I take an aspirin (81mg) everyday. I have taken it since my TIA in 2006. I was monitored during my 4th pregnancy by my hemo and ob and advised to take it until 30 weeks gestation. Also I have been using the progesterone cream from gnc. They said online you can use it until 16 weeks and it shouldn't be a problem.

As for bm's I agree with the pp! Don't hold it because while I understand your worry... Being backup causes lots of muscle spasms in your intestines which are sometimes hard to distinguish from uterine cramping. I eat activia and flax seed to help everything go smoothly and help the bacteria in my gut!

momof8lopez February 1st, 2014 07:52 AM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
Welcom Casie, and congrats on your pregnancy! PAL is super hard, and I wish none of us knew what it felt like. I also had pretty intense bleeding/cramping with my last 4 baby's. I had 3 m/c's prior to them in a row as well. My cramping with my last two baby's was worse than AF cramps, by FAR! Remember, after having been pregnant, even for a short while, your going to cramp worse and worse with each new pregnancy. It does such when the thoughts of m/c consume your life, the way you live, the way you function.......every day! It does get somewhat better as you make it through some milestones, like seeing the h/b, making it to the second trimester, viability and for some of us, all the way to delivery.....hold on to some positive thoughts, were all hear rooting for you!!!

MrsHopeful February 1st, 2014 06:15 PM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
You ladies don't realize how much every single one of your reassuring and kind words helps so, so much! :heart: Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of you that are taking the time to comment and give me some hope in the midst of all of my fear and paranoia!

The spotting has stayed away still!! Woohoo! Cramps are still around and go from almost non existent to probably about what I would consider bad period cramps. When they're like that, they only last for maybe 5 mins off and on and then they're gone. That only happens maybe 1-2 times a day.

I definitely do think the avoiding the bathroom wasn't helping..so I've been doing better with that, lol! I did start drinking fiber and I am going to plan on drinking it once a day to help me out in that department so that I know that I really do need to go and it's not just pressure. hah ;)

Boobies are still sore.. and I'm still getting slightly darker lines everyday so I'm trying to stay positive. I would've started my period today. So I'm still super early, which isn't helping my fear. I think once I get past these next couple of months I'll start feeling more confident.

I also feel like I might have or am getting a bladder infection. My mom and sister both had them throughout their pregnancies.

We told my parents today. We brought our pup over to their place for dinner and had a bandana on him that said "this guy is going to be a big brother" :) they were very excited, obviously.

I hope I get some more reassurance when I got to my new doctor on Friday..and I hope she is very kind and open-minded! My first pregnancy, I had a midwife. I am very determined to have as little intervention as possible with my pregnancy. After the loss, my husband made it clear he would feel more comfortable if I went to a traditional doctor. So I really want to find one that is still open-minded and not pushy at all and very good about explaining the purpose and reasoning behind things!!

Thanks again, ladies!! :) You are all AMAZING!

lelila February 1st, 2014 06:37 PM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
Welcome and Congrats on your pregnancy. I had plenty of cramping for weeks and weeks during this pregnancy. I only had implantation spotting. Honestly, I don't think any of it means anything. My last two pregnancies I had zero cramping and zero spotting and both resulted in MCs. I don't want to scare you, but really there isn't any way of knowing, and the spotting and cramping, especially really early, is completely natural.

It is SO hard to remain calm and optimistic. But you are in the right place, the ladies here have saved my sanity. I hope you get good news and have a good visit with your new OB.

MrsHopeful February 1st, 2014 09:10 PM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
Thank you so much, and don't worry, you're not scaring me anymore than I already am. It's good to know that there's really nothing I can look for or expect. And that even if my worst fears do come true and I see bright red blood...it doesn't absolutely positively mean it's over. You ladies are making me realize that there's lots of things that can happen. Thank you!!

This is what keeps my hopes high!! :D 14DPO tests today after only a 2.5 hour hold! (I will probably test the entire first trimester, lol)

...so beautiful.

geogeek February 1st, 2014 09:16 PM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
I didn't get those lines until a good 18 DPO! I am so happy for you!

MrsHopeful February 1st, 2014 09:25 PM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
Thank you sooo much!! :D I was shocked to see them that dark as well!...my grandpa was a twin, so ya never know I suppose! ;)

I'm not really sure how much you can go off of lines as far as their darkness determining how well things are going or not but they're definitely making me feel better, lol.

kaylakay February 1st, 2014 10:08 PM

Re: Joining you from TTCAL...Brown CM and dull cramping @12dpo? :(
I had horrible cramping with my current pregnancy from like 4-9 weeks... I seriously felt like it was over. But here I am 19 weeks and my little boy is kicking me like crazy. I have had 3 losses so I know how scary it can be.

Your lines look fabulous. Fingers crossed for a sticky bean!!!!

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