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lelila April 22nd, 2014 02:52 PM

Holy Sore Boobies Batman! My desperate update
DS2 nurses and after a minute or two starts stretching and tugging on my nips. He pulls so hard, it feels like they are going to come off! I'm SO sore! I think he has gas and he's trying to get it out, but I'm not sure, but he won't keep still. This has been going on for a few days now and I'm really starting to not like giving him milk from the tap.

Any ideas?

geogeek April 22nd, 2014 03:06 PM

Re: Holy Sore Boobies Batman!
Ouch. Sorry. Have you tried different positions? I know in the standard across the chest position Dorian does that, but not when in a side by side lying down position.

lelila April 22nd, 2014 05:58 PM

Re: Holy Sore Boobies Batman!
Hmmm, I haven't tried a new position. Cross cradle is all I do. I'll try Football and lying down. Thanks for the suggestion!

Boos Moo April 22nd, 2014 08:28 PM

Re: Holy Sore Boobies Batman!
Sounds like gas or a burp. But yea try some other positions. Good luck,

AnnaBonana April 23rd, 2014 12:26 AM

Re: Holy Sore Boobies Batman!
No suggestions but sympathy! That is no fun!

lelila April 23rd, 2014 08:55 AM

Re: Holy Sore Boobies Batman! My desperate update
Ugh! I tried to post an update and it didn't go through so I'll try again.

Last night DS2 nursed from 7 to 11. I couldn't nurse the left breast it was too painful, so I pumped it and gave him a bottle and nursed the right side. But by 11 pm, I was pretty drained and little man was screaming, stretching his legs and pulling off his latch every minute or so.

I took out the formula for the first time. He didn't like it at first. He spit out the nipple and cried but then took it and drank nearly all of it. Once he burped, he looked around and fell asleep. That was about 11:30. He slept until 5 this morning.

I feel guilty that I couldn't keep up with his eating needs, but I'm glad I had a back up.

EverydayJoy April 23rd, 2014 10:53 AM

Re: Holy Sore Boobies Batman! My desperate update
I wouldn't feel bad at ALL about the formula. I had a lot of pain in the beginning with Kody because he seemed to always have a shallow latch (still does, sometimes). So I did bottles for awhile...maybe about a month or so? And he did fine. We did some formula, some pumped BM. Give your nipples a break!

On a side note, is it maybe that he's pulling because he doesn't get letdown as fast as he would like? When he starts pulling on you, is it before or after letdown?

melissalaw April 23rd, 2014 11:09 AM

Re: Holy Sore Boobies Batman! My desperate update
I don't really have any advice for you. I know with Jackson we had a terrible time nursing at first so I did alot of pumping and feeding out of the bottle. So you might try that some and then nursing some but give your boobs a bit of a break on the nursing until they heal. I wouldn't feel bad about the formula. Could also be a growth spurt is the reason he is wanting to nurse so much. 4 hours of nursing would be hard even if he did have a good latch.

Ame C April 23rd, 2014 12:54 PM

Re: Holy Sore Boobies Batman! My desperate update
Toren does this to me all the time! I call it niplash (whiplash for the nips). It could be for any reason... gassy, trying to trigger another letdown, fighting sleep, playing, bored. Toren sometimes pops off, smiles at me or giggles then latches back on just so he can pop off again, little stinker. It sounds like Colt was hungry. I know around 6 weeks they do that a LOT to let your body know he's growing and therefore your body will know to produce more ounces during each feeding. It hurts at first (I'm used to it now so it doesn't bother me) but try to let him do it if you can handle the pain that way your "girls" know to produce more milk. I recommend drinking a bottle of water when he is doing that. Sometimes when my breasts are empty, baby is popping off and I drink a bottle of water, it is enough to trigger another letdown. Definitely don't feel bad about the formula!!! Little man was hungry and filling his belly made him happy and able to sleep. Hang in there xxx

lelila April 23rd, 2014 04:07 PM

Re: Holy Sore Boobies Batman! My desperate update
Thanks ladies for the reassurance. DS was definitely hungry, and I spoke to the Pedi today and she thinks the popping off and on is most likely from gas. He starts to cry while nursing, then starts to push, stretching his legs, then grunts hard, pops off his latch, gets red in the face and latches back on. This goes on for 20 or so min and then he fills his diaper or releases gas.

EverydayJoy April 23rd, 2014 08:44 PM

Re: Holy Sore Boobies Batman! My desperate update
Poor little guy. Their little digestive systems are still figuring everything out, I guess. Maybe too he hit a growth spurt so he is taking in more at each feed, and his intestines are processing it faster so he's getting more gas. I recall even fairly recently a few times where, for a few days or a week or so, Kody would grunt and bear down every time he nursed. I never did figure out what was with that, it's like, before that he was fine, and then he got to grunting and pushing when he ate. *shrug* who can tell? Too bad at L&D, instead of delivering the afterbirth, it couldn't be a individually-tailored, baby-specific manual? That would be so awesome. Then you would just look in the giant index in back for, "Grunting while feeding", or "Pulling at nipples".

On a side note, Kody started biting me a bit about oh, 4 or 5 months into it, almost like to tell me he was done or he didn't want it when I was offering it. I was thinking ahead to when he got teeth and was freaked that he would do that when he got older, so I would tap him firmly on the nose and say "no" when he'd do that. Of course he'd cry, poor guy. But it did get the message across, and he doesn't do that at all now, thank God! Because he has teeth and it would HURT. It hurt even when he had no teeth. Anyway, you, Melissa, and Amy's babies are awfully tiny to do that at this point. But maybe if he still does it when he's bigger, you might try some gentle admonishing.

Boos Moo April 23rd, 2014 10:31 PM

Re: Holy Sore Boobies Batman! My desperate update
After reading your other post I was going to suggest maybe he's hit a growth spurt and trying to get more. I agree though, don't feel bad about supplementing or taking a little break to help your boobs ;)

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