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Boos Moo April 25th, 2014 12:42 PM

My aunt
I just don't know where to start, this year has been very crazy and bittersweet. I haven't been on lately because now my aunt is passing away. Her son said they don't expect her to make it through today. She was in the hospital (some of you may remember), then got released to the rehab/convelesant house, well then they decided she could not be sent home as she wouldn't be able to live on her own again. So last week she got a new home care situation worked out and it was time spent getting her moved quickly. She hasn't been in great health for a long time, but this last month she's declined and this last week even more. I don't mean to be a downer, but just wanted to update on why I haven't been on here and I've been missing so many joyous births. I don't know when I'll be on again, but congrats to all the new mommas and hug those sweet little ones. On another note I did get the report from the ME about my brother. His heart basically couldn't keep up with him, he had liver scarring, obesity, and a heart condition which all lead to his death.

MelChicago April 25th, 2014 02:03 PM

Re: My aunt
Big hugs, Therese. You sure have been through the ringer this year. I'm so sorry about your aunt's passing- it's clear she's so important to you. I hope her last moments are peaceful, and that you and your family get the comfort and support you need.

humnck April 25th, 2014 02:17 PM

Re: My aunt
I am so sorry, Therese. I will keep her in my thoughts, as well as you.

EverydayJoy April 25th, 2014 03:14 PM

Re: My aunt
Wow Therese, that has got to be so hard for you on the heels of your brother's death. I'm sure "hard" is not a strong enough word. I'm so sorry your aunt has taken a turn for the worst.
I'm glad you have your precious Truely right now, otherwise (if it were me anyway) all the hard times would be unbearable. I hope she helps cheer you up in the midst of all this sorrow.
I imagine hearing what the cause of death was for your brother helped with a sense of closure somewhat. Not that it makes it any better, but at least you know what happened. I hope you can find some consolation in that.

Ame C April 25th, 2014 03:51 PM

Re: My aunt
I think the others said it beautifully. We love you and will be here. Take all the time you need. I'm so sorry (((hugs))) xxxx

lelila April 25th, 2014 07:20 PM

Re: My aunt
Oh Therese, I'm so sorry. So much sadness in your life the last few months. You are in my thoughts.

AnnaBonana April 25th, 2014 09:30 PM

Re: My aunt
Huge ((hugs)) Therese. I'm so sorry for all that is going on.

Boos Moo April 26th, 2014 04:49 PM

Re: My aunt
Well here it is almost 4 in the afternoon on Saturday and I'm just now getting a chance to have a few minutes to do anything other than sleep or take care of Truely (DH had to be gone today). And I haven't heard from my cousin about my aunt so I will call him soon (as soon as I'm sure Truely is down for a nap so I can actually talk without her crying in the phone). Thanks so much for the kind words. I will keep you posted when I find out. It does help having Truely here, but at the same time I feel like maybe I didn't get to mourn my brother as much as I would have otherwise. She is a ray of sunshine, even with the colic issues, since she is our little miracle baby.

EverydayJoy April 27th, 2014 09:56 PM

Re: My aunt
I understand what you mean about maybe not being able to mourn as much as you would have. Even though it's nothing like losing a brother, when I miscarried, I felt like I wasn't able to mourn as much because I needed to take care of my older one (who was 3 at the time). I had to keep it together for him. I hope that as time goes on you can find moments to let it out when you need to, and that you remember it's ok to be sad even though you have a precious little one. Yes, she is wonderful, but she doesn't replace your brother. I'm glad she is able to be your little sunshine though. She is precious.

Boos Moo April 28th, 2014 11:06 AM

Re: My aunt
I felt the same way when I lost our little girl at 20 weeks. I kept it together as much as possible during the day because DS was only 8 then. But at night it was waterworks for a very long time. DH and I are going out to the cemetery this week to see his headstone and leave flowers. When the memorial service was they only had the temporary marker. Thanks for all the kind words. I'm still waiting to hear from my cousin.

melissalaw April 28th, 2014 01:17 PM

Re: My aunt
Therese I'm so sorry about your Aunt. You have had a very tough time lately. I'm so glad that you have your little ray of sunshine in Truely. Sending you lots of prayers and hugs. Hope your doing ok.

Boos Moo April 29th, 2014 02:04 PM

Re: My aunt
Thanks Melissa. To be honest I'm not doing so well, but I'm sure I'll pull through. Last night was pretty rough for me, but daylight always seems to make things better. My aunt did pass away on Friday, I got the call from my cousin that the service is this Friday. DH had Thurs/Fri off so we'll be able to make it. My 'sister' who lives up near there (it's 2 hours away) has another funeral that day and won't be able to watch the girls for us, so I guess we'll take them with us and if Truely gets noisy DH will take her outside. With the exception of Truely being here I can say 2014 has really sucked for me, but I'm hoping the second half of the year will be amazing. Right?

MelChicago April 29th, 2014 04:15 PM

Re: My aunt
Sending you big hugs. I'm so sorry Therese.

2014 can't get much worse, right? (knocking on wood).

Schofield06 April 30th, 2014 12:46 PM

Re: My aunt
I hope the rest of 2014 is amazing for you. :hug: So sorry. We're all here for you.

Boos Moo April 30th, 2014 12:55 PM

Re: My aunt
That's what I'm hoping for, a great rest of the year. But until little bug outgrows this colic it's going to make for a hard time. My cousin said there was a problem with the cemetery and services had to be moved to Monday. And I don't know (won't know until tomorrow) if DH has Monday off. He may be able to switch with someone if he doesn't, but it's to late to ask for it off. If he isn't able to get the time off I can't see myself going since it would mean taking both girls. And while DD1 would be fine, I can't see trying to deal with Truely if she gets colicky on such a big trip.

Schofield06 April 30th, 2014 01:08 PM

Re: My aunt
Oh man! I really hope he has or can get Monday off!!

Boos Moo May 1st, 2014 11:47 AM

Re: My aunt
Me to because I can't think of anyone close by I'd leave her with. Other than DH the only people I'd leave her with is my 'sisters', one who lives up by where my aunt lived (2 hours away) and the other in Oregon about 20 hours away.

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