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iamkc August 14th, 2006 02:11 PM

Sorry I haven't written much lately. Been feeling like absolute hell and have been taking care of my MIL a bit still. Using the computer, taking a shower, 5 minutes alone with DH--all luxuries. Good thing we already did the baby-makin'.

I'm 37w1d today. I had an appointment last week at 36w2d and my cervix was completely closed, hard, and doing absolutely nothing. Over the past couple of days, I could tell that something was happening, but didn't think much of it. At my appointment this morning, my doc was talking about her upcoming vacation and said that I'd be getting rid of her for a little while. I asked if it would be a vacation for fun. She said, "Well, I'm on call the 20th and 24th, but can leave right after that!" As she had her WHOLE hand up there (I'm "deep"), she asked what I'd be doing over the next couple of weeks, passing the time. I told her that my husband's bday was coming up and we'd be planning a party and such. Doc: "When?" Me: "The 23rd." Doc: "You might give him an early birthday present." Me: "Well, we don't really exchange gifts." She lifted her head up and tilted it, said, "No, I mean a BIG one." 6 days ago, nothing at all. AT ALL. She predicted going to term. Today, 1.5-2cm dilated and 40% effaced, and I'm pretty sure that all happened over the past 2 days. A few minutes ago, I finally had to pee again and there was a lone, small, bloody clot and then lots of brownish blood, but not mucus. I called L&D and they said that it could be the pelvic, but of course, I'm paranoid now.

Anyway, that's my update. My in-laws were leaving for a small trip in the morning and have decided to cancel it!!! I told them that all this external pressure on my cervix was going to force me to go to 42 weeks! So, who knows? Could be tomorrow, could be weeks. We don't have *anything* done--we haven't even bought the carseat. No name, either. We're bad parents...

I'm also wondering, though, what the rapid change means. I know that it can mean nothing sometimes, but my doc seemed to think that I might be in labor before my next appointment--on TUESDAY! Anyone have any experience with this?

*~Candy~* August 14th, 2006 05:32 PM

I repiled on Sept. DDC but YAY FOR PROGRESS :) I hope this means things are going to happen soon for you!

Gaby&Emmy'sMama August 14th, 2006 09:53 PM

sounds like things are starting to move forward a bit!

1234rachael August 14th, 2006 10:11 PM

;) Sorry you've felt like hell!! I do know what you mean though. Sounds like things are moving quickly??
from going from completely hard, to soft etc... thats good.!!!!

Its strange how we know when we feel 'different' like "something is happening" I feel that way as well. Though I went to the doc last Tue and he said 'no dialaiting' or effaced but my cervix was soft. But I think something has changed lately?? Maybe I am just analyzing too much?? I go tommarow so well see the progress then. if any at all, but lately the only progress is ON THE SCALE! :frown: :frown:

I see how you'd be paranoid, but just stay in tune with your body and L&D on speed dial. It was probably a good idea to cancle your trip-even though you might of wanted to go. The first time I was pregnant, like 8weeks, I almost cancled my trip to Alaska which had been planned for 1 year- I am glad I didn't I would of missed out on alot. (i ended up w, a mc later on)

Your not bad parents-- don't think that, just get a car seat soon thats all. O and as far as a NAME--

YOUR NOT ALONE!!!!! I don't have one either.! :wacko:

I cant tell you about all the rapidness, but I'll just wish you luck This will be my first, so I have no experience to share with you sorry


Ethans_Mommy August 15th, 2006 10:13 PM

All I have to say is enjoy every minute of this because things will fly by so fast now! Even if it is 2 weeks away, you'll look back and wonder where the time went!

And as far as picking a name, I am a bad parent too! Both Ethan and Leah didnt have a name til I was leaving the hospital and we needed to fill out the birth certificates!

hopin4a4rth August 16th, 2006 07:00 AM

Yay for dialating!!! Sounds like it could be soon :)

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