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hollypop February 15th, 2007 06:34 AM

Hi there folks!

Little intro - I'm Holly, 27 year old SAHM to Lucy who's 3 and wife to Ewan for 4 years. We live in Oxfordshire in the Uk. I miscarried in the middle of December a 6 weeks after 4 weeks of light bleeding. AF came back mid Jan so we started trying right away and we've been lucky enough to fall pregnant right away. I thought I'd be ok with this but I SO am not, lol. No bleeding as yet and have tender breasts. Everytime I got to the toilet I'm looking for blood, ugh - I'm SO worried and of course can't get an appointment til I'm at least 6 weeks.

Anyone got any suggestions on how to keep sane?! I guess I just need to remember that regular pregnancies happen all the time.


cassiek February 15th, 2007 06:38 AM

Congrats on your BFP!! I know you from the Oct DDC. What I do is try and take it one day at a time.I have also been known to call the Dr a 101 times when I think anything is wrong. Luckily they haven't yelled at me yet :D .

melliemama February 15th, 2007 06:51 AM

Welcome and congratulations! I still go to the bathroom looking for spotting as well. I'm not sure that will ever stop. :lol:

lauraec20 February 15th, 2007 07:49 AM

Hi Holly,

Congrats and welcome! I understand exactly what you are feeling. I worry about every little thing. I just posted somewhere that I am going to have to just let it go and learn to enjoy this pregnancy. It is harder said then done though. I worry if my boobs don't hurt as bad one day or I don't feel as nauseous one day. All kind of little things. I really don't have an easy answer, but you are definelty not alone in feeling the way you do. Joining JM and communicating with other women who understand what I am feeling has really helped.

Nykoal February 15th, 2007 08:50 AM

:welcome: and Congrate's!!!

You've come to the right place! My best advice is to take each day, or hour for that matter, at a time. Try to enjoy every minute and remember to celebrate this baby. It's only been in the last week that I stoped looking at the TP after every bathroom visit. :rolleyes: It's completely normal to feel like that.

hollypop February 15th, 2007 08:56 AM

Thanks Ladies :)

It helps knowing I'm not the only one going through this, my sis thinks I'm nuts, urgh.

Congrats to all of you on your BFP's also :)

CassieK - Nice to see a familiar face :)

4iris February 15th, 2007 09:06 AM

Congrats and welcome! You're right where we all started. The first trimester is the hardest. I was well into the second trimester when I realized I wasn't checking the TP every time (just every 2-3 times :lol: ). I still check occasionally and I'm only 6-8 weeks from delivery. Glad you're here!

jessjillmama February 15th, 2007 12:48 PM

Congrats and welcome to our group!! I am so sorry for you loss. Its very normal to feel that way. I still worry but as each week goes by it gets a little better.

hollypop February 15th, 2007 01:33 PM

Thank yopu for the lovely welcomes, it really means the world to me :) None of my friends have ever miscarried so they really can't relate - I feel so much better now that I've found you lovely ladies. :cheer:

Here's to us all having easy pregnancies :)

Gaby&Emmy'sMama February 15th, 2007 01:42 PM

Lucy is gorgeous!!! I love her hair!

LOL now that that is out of the way, CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy. I understand how hard a pregnancy after loss can be - I had a m/c in Nov 05, and got pregnant again in Jan '06 - my DD is now 16 weeks old. My pregnancy with Gaby was quite emotionally hard, especially the first trimester, but I foudn it was a little easier if I didn't think of the ENTIRE 40 weeks of pregnancy, I would just 'aim' to get to certain milestones.

my milestones were making it to:
5w4d (when I had my miscarriage)
10w (when I experienced my first loss in 2001)
12w & first scan
20w & second scan (finding out the sex)
23w (viability outside the womb)
27w (3rd tri)
38w (considered full term)

............ and then everyday past 40w... all 14 of them, before Gaby decided to arrive!

hollypop February 16th, 2007 02:10 AM

Hehe, thank you - she got my mass of hair. It's not been cut yet but now I'm starting to feel like a bad mother so will prob have to get her hair trimmed in the summer, lol.

Now the milestone idea is wonderful, I think I might mark them one by one on the calander. Meet one, write the next. Thank you so much for that :)

Gaby is adorable, belated congrats :) She's a sweetie :)

Vickey February 16th, 2007 02:20 AM

first off...WELCOME!!!

The milestones are the only thing that keep me semi normal...I am counting days again and it really does help.

hollypop February 16th, 2007 02:31 AM

Thanks Vickey :) Yeah - I've already stuck 6 weeks on the calender :) It's the whole bleeding paranoia that gets me, drives me round the twist, that and the over-analysing every little tweak and pain. Lol - will I be a nervous wreck at 8 months?! Lol :rolleyes:

Vickey February 16th, 2007 02:40 AM

i think for some it gets easyer for some they can't help but worry...i am a worry wart but these ladies are great to help calm the nerves and everyone understands what you are feeling. So feel free to vent on bad days and rejoyce on good days!

hollypop February 16th, 2007 02:46 AM

Hehe, thank you!! I'm SO glad I found you all, it really does help knowing you are all here :) Just aiming for 6 weeks now I guess and today I'm pretty good - everytime I got to pee it's like 'Yeay! No blood!!" hehe. I start my phone calls to Mum and Hubby at work with 'I'm still pregnant' hehe - gotta love it!

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