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babies October 28th, 2005 09:51 AM

Okay guys, I am really starting to believe that miracles can happen. As each day progresses my symptoms get stronger and stronger. I woke up this morning feelng like I was hit by a Mac Truck. And you know what, I was happy. I was happy that I had some sign that my baby was with me another day.

When I lost the baby in September I felt pregnat, but I didn't FEEL it like I feel it with this baby. Like the gas was there but the symptoms were not intense at all...and they did not get worse, they just disappeared.

This time I am starting out very strong and as physically draining as it is I welcome it with open arms because all it means is that my baby is growing inside me and feeding off of me and I feel blessed to be able to be he source of life for our baby.

Like, I keep thinking to my feeling this morning, I was hot, felt like I was sweating for no reason, when I had the first big shift in hormones with my May-July angel baby I had the same hot flashy feeling and it warmed my heart.

My skin also feels so WARM. Like I can FEEL the heat radiating from me, its CRAZY. DF and DD have slept next to me and they both complain about how extra hot I make them :P

I am just so happy and I just want all of you to have all of your dreams come true like mines are right before my eyes. Thank you so much for being such an mportant part of my journey. :dothug: :dothug: :dothug: :dothug: :dothug: :dothug: :cry: :dothug: :P

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