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k.kelly06 February 5th, 2013 11:24 AM

DNC Thursday
At first I couldn't believe that I actually got pregnant the last cycle. The first ultrasound and the empty sac did concern me but it was still so early that I really didn't think too much about it. The second one did concern me and caused me to be a little less attached then this last one it was determined that it was in fact a blighted ovum. I can't believe it! How could this happen to me??

My MD was very comforting and explained to me that actually 60% of pregnancies end with miscarriage. That made me feel slightly better. He told me that I could do this one of three ways 1)wait for this to happen on its own 2) Have a DNC 3) take cytotec to speed the process.

I opted for the DNC because I was afraid if I did it at home with the cytotec I might end up with a DNC anyway in case everything didn't come out of me like it was supposed to.

Please don't just read this and not respond. I would really like to know if anyone as been through this? What should I expect after/during my DNC? When should I expect my cycle again?

Thanks for your time!

Please if you read someone reaching out, please reply to them! It breaks my heart to see a post where someone is reaching out and it has 200+ views and no comments!

MoonAngel702 February 5th, 2013 11:45 AM

Re: DNC Thursday
(((Hugs))) I'm so sorry for your loss :( I've never had a DNC but I know many women who have. I think you should copy this and paste in on the main board so everybody will see it and I know somebody can help you. Just click here on this link to get to the main board Trying to Conceive after Loss - JustMommies Message Boards

momology February 5th, 2013 11:51 AM

Re: DNC Thursday
First of all I am so sorry you are going through this - it can be such a difficult time. :hug:

I had a D&C at 12 weeks (on 1/11/13)

A few suggestions for the D&C:

- You can not wear any contacts during the surgery so if you have glasses I would wear them or bring them and bring some way to store your contacts for after.

- You can not wear any jewelry in the OR so I suggest leaving it all at home. DH did not like having to worry about having my wedding ring in his pocket he had other things on his mind.

- Wear comfy/easy to put on clothes and slip on shoes. After the surgery I was very soar and stiff and had a little bit of a hard time getting dressed after.

- You can not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your surgery (this includes water!) I was confused on the water part. . . so just wanted to warn you.

For after the surgery:

- Buy some pads for after the surgery. You will likely have some bleeding and will not feel much like pad shopping afterwards. The hospital should send you home with one or two.

- Drop off the prescriptions for the painkillers on the way home and wait for them if you can. You can not be alone for several hours after the surgery and I did NOT feel like going back out with DH to get the pills later.

- Rent some movies at a Redbox or something or get a good book to read. The days following can be a little tough. For me I was in quite a bit of pain and they want you to pretty much stay in bed and relax for a bit so being set up with some distractions is nice.

-Pick up something you like to drink for after. I ended up having a full tracheotomy so my throat was very very very soar after. I drank some hot tea and honey and that helped quite a bit.

Some things to remember
It is okay to cry or to be nervous. It is a sad time and everyone around you will understand don't worry about how you are making them feel it is all about you.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions or if I have left anything out. Best of luck to you on Thursday - and again i am so sorry!

k.kelly06 February 5th, 2013 12:14 PM

Re: DNC Thursday
Thank you SO much for replying ladies! I really appreciate it! Momology! Thank you so much for the info and I am sorry for your loss as well :( Were you asleep for your DNC? Were you very groggy when you woke up?

Daisee37 February 5th, 2013 12:53 PM

Re: DNC Thursday
Sorry you're going through this! I've had 2 D&C's, and they were both different.

D&C #1: I had a blighted ovum (like you), had a D&C around 7 weeks. I was groggy, but not asleep for it. It wasn't really painful or anything. However, I did have some retained tissue afterwards, so I bled lightly on and off for 2 MONTHS before the tissue finally came out on its own. So it was really frustrating, but not that bad pain-wise, and at least I didn't need a repeat D&C to get the retained tissue out.

D&C #2: After a rollercoaster of a pregnancy, we lost it at 9 weeks (no heartbeat anymore). Different doctor performed this D&C (we were traveling at the time so I wasn't near my normal OB). This time I was given heavier meds so I was actually asleep for the procedure. Again, not much pain afterwards. I only really bled that day and the next, and then no bleeding after that. I got AF about 5 weeks later.

The hardest part about the D&C's wasn't the procedure itself, or the pain (since there really wasn't much pain), but it was the emotional aspect. The "now you're pregnant - now you're not" thing. It took a little while to mentally adjust to not being pregnant anymore. It's really tough, but hang in there. The gals on this board are great, too.

Like someone above said, though, you might want to post on the main board so more people can read and respond to it. I missed your post the first time!

momology February 5th, 2013 12:54 PM

Re: DNC Thursday
I was under complete anesthesia for my surgery so I was asleep. Anesthesia affects everyone differently. For me I woke up and was fairly awake but the girl next to me was having a very difficult time waking up.

Shortly after I woke up they gave me Demerol for the pain and I really didn't feel too much after that emotionally or physically. But it did make it a little more difficult for me to get dressed.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you like!! I wish I had checked in here before my surgery but for me at all happened so fast I didn't even think about it really.

momology February 7th, 2013 09:26 AM

Re: DNC Thursday
I hope it all goes alright for you today - just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you. Feel free to come back here for support after, we will be here.

k.kelly06 February 7th, 2013 03:37 PM

Re: DNC Thursday
Thanks so much, I am embarrassed to say, but I chickened out! I was so terrified! I couldn't do it. I guess I will be waiting for a natural miscarriage. :(

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