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ramanda88 February 8th, 2012 11:17 AM

Implantation bleeding or not? I am so confused!
Hello. I am just curious if anyone has experienced what I am going through or not. On Sunday which was 3 days ago I had sudden cramps. They were just as bad as my period cramps, but what got me was that there was still 10 day until my period. With these cramps I had some spotting. It was a lighter red color and seemed almost watered down. By monday the bleeding had picked up some, but nothing like my normal period( almost not enough to even use a "light" tampon). I was starting to get worried since none of this was normal for me and I just plain felt like ****! I was constantly nauseated all day, which I still am. I felt weak, tired, and light headed. I had by yesterday decided I should probably got to the hospital. I was just getting worried that this wasn't normal. I know I am 23 and things can change, but for it to be a 10 change in my monthly cycle was just odd. It is usually just a day or 2 difference.

When I went to the hospital they said that there it could be implantation bleeding, a miscarriage, or my normal period. They did a pelvic exam and and cultures. I am waiting to see what those tests say, but they took a urine sample and said I wasn't pregnant. My concern is that I have read that it could be too early still by that time for a urine sample to detect a pregnancy. I looked up the different types of urine tests they use at the hospital for preganancy and they say that it only detects at 25mUI. Which would me I would still need a couple of days to know.

Has this happened to anyone? Have you gone to the doctor and been told you are not pregnant, but then a little while later learned that you in fact were? I am having a hard time since they said that this could just be my period, but if it isn't and one still doesn't come at my normal time, I don't want to not know I am pregnant.

PLease I would love to hear what your opinions/ experiences are. Thank you

HappyHippy February 9th, 2012 07:49 PM

Re: Implantation bleeding or not? I am so confused!
It could be too early, or it could be ovulation spotting, which can be common. Normally at the Doctors office the urine tests are pretty accurate, yes they can be taken too early, but they can be taken a lot earlier than a home pregnancy test. If they thought you would have been too early they would have made an appointment in a week to re-test. Sometimes when we ovulate the egg coming out of the fallopian tube will cause some bleeding and it will make us spot. If you had 10 more days until your period started, it is likely that you ovulated.

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